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ROH TV Review - October 18th, 2014

ROH TV Review - October 18th, 2014

1) Hanson vs. The Romantic Touch
This was an odd match up from the start. Hanson is a big, powerhouse guy and Romantic Touch is the weirdest character on the ROH roster. Hanson took the fight to Romantic Touch and finished him off pretty quickly. This was a pretty dull opening match aside from Hanson's always impressive agility. I hope Ray Rowe returns soon because he & Hanson are a great tag team. As for this bout, it was just a prolonged squash.

Match rating - *3/4

Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, & Maria Kanellis made their way to the ring for a promo at this point in the show. The main objective of this segment was to note the tension between Cole & Bennett heading into Bennett's World Title Match with Jay Briscoe next week. They did a fantastic job of selling that frustration and we were left with the question of what did Maria tell Adam Cole to calm him down? Good segment.

2) Adam Page vs. Tadarius Thomas - No DQ Match

Jimmy Jacobs set this match up as a way to see what both guys had. It was really enjoyable while it lasted because both of these guys are great athletes and they executed some jawdropping spots such as a german suplex onto two chairs. Unfortunately this one didn't have a finish because Tadarius Thomas turned face by nailing Jimmy Jacobs wih a chair. All around great segment/match here. The action was top notch and the storyline development was superb.

Match/segment rating - ***

3) Adam Cole vs. Cedric Alexander
After a short feeling out process, Alexander gained the early advantage simply by using his speed to outquick Cole. However, Cole would recover and gain control thus slowing the match down to a much more methodical pace. A perfect example of this was when Cedric went for a dive only for Cole to run back in and catch him in a sleeper hold. Although the match slowed down for a bit there as Cole took control, things really picked up near the end as both guys threw everything they had at each other in the form of superkicks, figure fours, and various other manuevers. In the end, it was a Twist of Fate from Cole that would put Alexander away. Despite losing, this was another impressive big match performance from Cedric Alexander. He continues to prove himself as a future top star in Ring of Honor. Great main event match.

Match rating - ***3/4

Overall thoughts: This week's episode of ROH TV was really a mixed bag. You had the dull squash match to start the show that can easily be skipped. Then you had two solid segments from The Kingdom & The Decade and a No DQ Match that delivered in every aspect despite being too short to be labeled as something special. The main event match between Cole/Alexander is the only noteworthy match from this week's show, but everything else is worth checking out as well aside from the opening bout. Solid episode of ROH TV.

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