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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Monday Night Raw Review - September 2nd, 2002

WWE Raw 
September 2nd, 2002
Milawaukee, Wisconsin

TONIGHT: Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam + an interview with Shawn Michaels

Eric Bischoff is here and I am so sick of his ass. He has a briefcase in hand. He says Brock couldn't handle the competition on Raw so he went to Smackdown. Eric says Raw deserves a champion, however and he brings out Triple H. Bischoff presents H with the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Ric Flair comes out and says H may have held it once, but he's held it 16 times and every time he earned it by busting his ass in the ring -- it wasn't gifted. This leads to Eric making Flair vs. H for the newly christened title later tonight. H cheap shots Flair on his way out of the ring, after refusing to shake his hand.

Backstage, H passes Bubba Ray and asks him if he's jealous and says there's no need to be because he'll get his shot if he just stands in line like everyone else. Bubba fires back with a great promo and says one day he will become world champion and slap the smug look off his face. This makes me wonder why they never pushed Bubba to a singles run, especially considering what he'd go on to do about 10 years later as a singles competitor. He didn't sound out of place in a verbal exchange with Triple H. 

1) Bubba Ray Dudley & Trish Stratus vs. Chris Nowinski & Molly Holly - Tables Match

These series of matches are just... so repetitive. But this is the fIrSt eVeR iNtErGeNdEr taBleS match and it's pretty funny bc Nowinski puts his own dumbass self through a table as he misses a frog splash on Trish then Bubba put Molly through one. 

Match rating - **1/4

2) Booker T vs. William Regal 

Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - August 29th, 2002

WWE Smackdown
August 29th, 2002

Steph is out to address what happened at the end of Raw. Brock and the Undisputed title are Smackdown exclusive and tonight we will have a tournament to crown a #1 contender starting NOW

1) Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero 

Rematch from the “greatest summer slam ever” as Cole & Taz flaunt it. This has a lot more of a fiery pace to it compared to the SS match where Eddie really worked over Edge. Eddie tries to here but Edge is pushing hard through the pain and starts going for big shit showing urgency with the stakes of this match. Eddie pulls one of his infamous moves by bringing two chairs in, using the distraction of first chair to use the other one when Edge goes for a spear. Nice play off the SummerSlam finish.

Match rating - **3/4

Backstage, Matt Hardy tries to insert himself into the title tournament thing but Steph doesn’t seem interested.

2) John Cena vs. Reverend D-Von Dudley

Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Monday Night Raw Review - August 26th, 2002

WWE Raw 
August 26th, 2002

Eric Bischoff shows up and announces stuff for the night and introduces BROCK. The new WWE Champion and the youngest of all time at 25 years old is here with Paul Heyman. Shawn Michaels music hits and Triple H comes out instead. H wants a shot at Brock Lesnar and the title. Undertaker comes out next and says he gets first shot "at the youngblood" and questions if Brock is the next big thing or "the next big bitch" Brock and Taker staredown and H attacks Taker. Soon, its all three of them fighting and TAKER comes out on top. 

1) Booker T vs. Christian

This happened. The tag title match at SummerSlam was hot, but these run of the mill Raw matches don't amount to much and are starting to become repetitive, not the fault of the guys involved because they rule, but what can ya do with 4 minutes and lots of interference? Booker wins to regain some momentum for the babyfaces as he and Goldy lost at SummerSlam. 

Match rating - **

2) Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley vs. William Regal & Chris Nowinski (w/ Molly Holly)

Nowinski is still trying to sleep with Molly and take her "virginity". This was whatever. Nowinski saves Molly from getting put through a table by Bubba after the match and gets thanked by her afterwards as she says "at least there are some gentlemen left in the world"

Match rating - **

Bischoff brings out his aforementioned special legendary guest. It's Jimmy Snuka. He pulls the three minute card on him and Rosey & Jamal come down and beat him up. Snuka got some fight in at first, but eventually suffered the same fate as everyone else they've attacked. 

Back from commercial, Snuka is being helped up by refs as Chris Jericho comes down to the ring for his match. Jericho LOCKS HIM INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO OH MY GOD. This kinda ruled. Jericho gets the mic and lays an insane promo down. Jericho airs the footage from SummerSlam of Flair tapping at the same time he grabbed the ropes. Jericho is pissed that he ended up losing bc the match wasn't called after that tap out and says he's gonna take his frustration out on Jeff Hardy tonight.

3) Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

Another "controversial"/screwy non finish here. Match itself was okay, but it clearly wasn't too motivated given what the finish ended up being. Good story with vicious Jericho working over Hardy and Hardy fighting from underneath, but it all felt pointless when the finish rolled around.

Match rating - **1/4

Test, Christian, and Lance Storm have a blow torch and an american flag. They plan to burn the flag in the middle of the ring. A Kane promo vid airs and scares them. They try to continue, but Booker T and Goldust run down for the save. The numbers are too much, though. Booker and Goldust are down and Test goes to burn the flag again and BAH GAWD KANE. HE IS HERE AND THIS FUCKIN RULES FOR A MINUTE. Kane clears everyone out and the crowd is hot. Booker gets the mic and does a spinarooni and he goes to leave, but Kane grabs him and does a... spinarooni.. I did not expect that what in the world 

4) Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer - Intercontinental/Hardcore Title Match

The titles are being unified. A very fitting end to the hardcore title, honestly can't think of a better end for it. Although I've hated it in recent months, this was very cool and fun. Dreamer gets emotional at the end as he hugs RVD then leaves him to celebrate his victory.

Match rating - ***

Howard Finkel tells Stacy Keibler she's "interfering" with "something" in his trousers. Alright. Now time for a tuxedo vs evening gown match. Not even gonna talk too much about this because jesus.. Trish, Stacy, and Lillian end up stripping Howard to his underwear. Poor bastard. 

5) The Undertaker vs. Triple H - #1 Contender's Match

TIME 2 play DA GAME. Yeah this was boring. Crowd seemed dead as shit and only got half enthused near the end. Brock runs down and clocks Taker. H hits a low blow and is able to get the victory to become #1 contender for Brocks title. UNLESS...

Match rating - *1/2

Backstage, Steph pops out of a limo and Eric is waiting. Steph basically announces Brock is Smackdown exclusive and so is this the WWE/Undisputed Title because he elected to only compete on one brand. Raw has no World Champion. Brock Lesnar is Smackdown exclusive. Awesome cliffhanger to close the show with.

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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE SummerSlam 2002 Review

WWE: SummerSlam 2002
Uniondale, New York
August 25th, 2002

Commentators: Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross (RAW) + Michael Cole & Tazz (Smackdown)

1) Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio

WOOWW. Fucking great opener. Angle is the perfect base and challenge for Mysterio. They play off the Mysterio being in Angle's head super well with Mysterio springboarding in from behind while his music is playing instead of making his entrance up the ramp. This set the tone for a rapid fire match that saw Angle eventually put away the newcomer, but not after a hell of a match. Sub 10 minute gold.

Match rating - ***3/4

2) Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

For Ric Flair to have bled on the go-home episode of Raw in the name of this match, it was pretty lackluster and there isn't really much to talk about. They do a funky finish where Flair gets his foot on the ropes, but is also tapping. Jericho breaks the hold and gets low-blowed and locked in the figure four and is forced to submit.

Match rating - **

3) Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge

Guerrero goes after Edge's shoulder and works it all match in great fashion like only Eddie can. They do a couple false hope comeback attempts including a big facebuster from the top rope from Edge to Eddie. Nothing works, though. UNTIL Eddie walks the top rope for more shoulder work only to be swung down and he runs into a spear out of nowhere. Edge takes the win after a super solid contest.

Match rating - ***1/4

4) Christian & Lance Storm (c) vs. Booker T & Goldust - WWE Tag Team Title Match

Crowd is into this mainly because of the american sentiment. They work over Goldy and do some spots where the ref doesn't see the tag. Teasing the hot tag to Booker heavy and it works. They go as far as to bring chairs in behind the ref's back and attempt a conchairto. They miss and it's the break Goldy needs. Hot tag to Book. Clears house. Test runs down and clocks Booker allowing the Unamericans to retain. I'll be damned. Guess it gives Test more heat headed into his match with Taker later, though?

Match rating - **3/4

5) Chris Benoit (c) vs. Rob Van Dam - Intercontinental Championship Match

This is a big one because this is Raw's only chance to get the IC Title back from Smackdown after Benoit dipped out with it. Benoit beats up Van Dam all match and Van Dam is forced to fight from underneath. This was kinda missing something for me, though. Van Dam fires back and hits a frog splash and brings the title back to Raw.

Match rating - **1/2

Bischoff is backstage and tells Steph she can catch the IC Title every Monday if she misses it. Steph laughs and walks off... hmm..

6) The Undertaker vs. Test

So much bullshit ends up going on here, but I struggled to care. I liked that they played off Test pinning Taker clean on Raw a few weeks ago and the crowd popped huge when Taker kicked out this time. Test goes for a chair, but Taker catches him with a BAHGAWD TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER.

Match rating - **1/4

7) Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels - Unsanctioned Match 

Been looking forward to this one especially since the last few matches on this show were lackluster. BUT it changed here as this felt super important and was a great, bloody grudge match. Crowd popped hard seeing HBK slowly come back into himself. It lagged a moment or two in the middle, but overall kept me invested the entire time and they really tore into each other with chairs and even a table bump. It makes sense that they didn't completely all out in a chapter closing type scenario as this feud would continue far past this. HBK goes for the superkick finally, H blocks and goes for a pedigree, HBK reverses into a pinning predicament and gets the three count. Post-match, H nails HBK with the sledgehammer and he leaves on a stretcher while JR talks about how sadistic Triple H is. Best match on the show.

Match rating - ****

8) The Rock (c) vs. Brock Lesnar - WWE Undisputed Championship Match

This was WEIRD. Crowd was sorta split? I have seen this match a few times as it was on the History of the WWE Title DVD comp that I got as a kid, but I don't remember much from it and honestly feel like I enjoyed more as a kid than during this re-watch as a 24 year old. Crowd was split and it felt very run through the motions. Not bad, but just there. The best thing about it for me was the start with Rock running to the ring and charging Brock. From there it went into basic territory. Hearing the crowd chant for Brock and seeing the shift was definitely a sight to behold though. Brock wins and becomes the youngest WWE Champion of all time. 

Match rating - ***

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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - August 22nd, 2002

WWE Smackdown
August 22nd, 2002
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Last Smackdown before SUMMERSLAM.

Brock and Paul are out. Paul talks about the similarities between the fallen hero Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock. And also, how The Rock will suffer the same fate. Paul promises us that Brock and Rock will collide tonight. Brock gets the mic and says he feels just how he felt on the night he fought Hulk Hogan. He says he will make the Rock cry like a b*tch BLEEPED OUT AND ALL. And... THE ROCK IS HERE. Rock says Brock has refused to bring it in the past few weeks so he's gonna bring it to him. Rock makes a B line for the ring, but Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit attack the champion. Benoit has Rock in the crossface and refuses to releases it. Fit Finlay and the referee gang are out to separate shit. Brock and Paul laugh as all this goes down.

Back from the break, The Rock had to be helped to the back following the attack.

Edge has just arrived to the arena and BENOIT & GUERRERO ATTACK HIM!! WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK. Johnny Ace helps make the save with the refs this time.

1) The Hurricane & Shannon Moore vs. Jamie Noble & Tajiri (w/ Nidia) 

Run of the mill crusers match. Finish was HOT with Moore getting a pin on the cruserweight champion Jamie Noble with a monkey flip. Matt Hardy comes out to celebrate with Hurricane & Moore and asks them to pick him up and he starts trying to steal their spotlight seemingly. Okay, this makes a little more sense than last week.

Match rating - *3/4

Backstage, Steph confronts Eddie & Chris about their assaults. She chews them out before Edge smacks Benoit with a chair. Edge demands a tag match for later. Edge/Rock vs Eddie/Benoit and Steph makes it official.

Matt Hardy is talking to Moore & Hurricane about his reaction and says he gets that reaction everywhere around the world. Hurricane says "hometown boy" and Hardy seems offended. Hardy says he bets his reaction will be double if he goes out there he does.

2) Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo interrupts Matt's love fest and calls him "white boy" and we have a match. Matt hits all his signature stuff. Side effect, leg drop, and he goes for twist of fate but PYRO HITS. FIRE. Kane tease AGAIN. Chavo uses this distraction to roll up Matt for the pin. Matt starts going off on the ref and says him screwing Matt in NC, is as bad as Earl screwing Bret Hart in Canada. WOW.

Funaki is doing a live documentary on the women's locker room. This turns into more Nidia stuff. Molly Holly doesn't like this. Nidia says when she beats her tonight for the title she's going to take her shirt off..

Kurt Angle says Rey tied his mask on too tight because there's no way he could ever hang with him. Angle says he will make an example out of Billy Kidman tonight and show Rey what will happen to him on Sunday.

3) Kurt Angle vs. Billy Kidman

This was solid. Angle let Kidman get a good bit in and they played off the story of Rey being in Angle's head super well as he appeared several times as a distraction. Never bought into Kidman potentially winning, but it was competitive for a minute. Angle puts him away after a hard fought match. Mysterio almost cost him though.

Match rating - **3/4

4) D-Von & Batista vs. John Cena & Rikishi

This was all about Batista officially turning on D-Von. FINALLY. Cena & Rikishi win after Batista snaps to D-Von yelling at him and gives him a spinebuster. Batista leaves and 1 2 3.

Match rating - *3/4

5) Molly Holly defeated Nidia to retain the Women's Title

I didn't watch this - sorry.

6) The Rock & Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit

FUCK. This was so good. Benoit & Eddie jump Edge before Rock is in the ring. Rock runs down to a huge pop for the save. They separate and work Edge over. Hot tag to The Rock. He gets worked over, injured ribs and all. Gets caught in the crossface again. He's eventually to get Edge in and it all blows into hell. Rock Bottom, Spear, Edge pins Eddie.

Match rating - ***1/2

Post-match, EPIC Brock/Rock confrontation. Rock tells Edge to leave as he can handle it. ROCK AND BROCK COME TO BLOWSSSSSS. Awesome shit. Rock gets the upperhand, but still made Brock look great with how he took the shoulders to the ribs. I am so ready for SummerSlam.

Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Monday Night Raw Review - August 19th, 2002

August 19th, 2002
Norfolk, VA

Commentators - Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross

Undertaker cuts a cringy pro-American promo to start the show. It ends up bringing the Un-Americans and Booker & Goldust out to set up a six man tag for later on. Best thing about this was Test coming out on a bike of his own to piss off Taker. That was sick.

1) Hardcore Title 7 Minute Battle Royal Thing

Ok I've been hating on the hardcore title but this was fun asf. Jeff Hardy flew around, Bradshaw clobbered people, a table bump or two. The finish saw everyone fighting for the pin as the 7 minute time limit ran out. Dreamer retains as the time runs out and we get another KANE tease.

Match rating - **3/4

Trish and Stacy are backstage throwing dirty accusations towards one another. Eric talks about women in wrestling only being good for sex appeal... OOF. He schedules a bra and panties match in the mud..

2) Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler

Stacy throws Trish off the stage into the pull of mud to start things off. This wasn't terrible despite being.. terrible? IDK. Trish wins with a roll up. The ref and Howard Finkel both end up in the mud.

The Rock is here. Paul Heyman sent him an envelope containing pictures of Hogan bleeding from Brock's assault on him a few weeks ago.

Triple H has a contract for HBK to take liability off him for the assault that occurs at SummerSlam. If Shawn doesn't sign it - "the match won't happen" H says he will send a message to HBK via The Rock tonight as their match is now NO DQ. H expects something in return from Brock for what he does to the Rock later on. '

3) The Undertaker, Booker T, & Goldust vs. Test, Christian, & Lance Storm

Good teaser for all involved parties' upcoming SummerSlam matches. The Un-Americans sneak another victory and make you wanna see them get beaten even more.

Match rating - **

Ric Flair gets blindside attacked by Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho busts him open and adds some fire to their SummerSlam match coming up on Sunday.

Backstage, Big Show is pissed that Van Dam gets to challenge Benoit for the IC Title and wants him in a match. Eric obliges, but insists the match has to be clean because he can't afford for Van Dam to get hurt.

4) Rob Van Dam vs. The Big Show

This doesn't go long before Show disobeys Eric and brings out steel steps to hit RVD with. Eric comes out and tells him to stop. He then sends good ol Rosey and Jamal to attack Show. 3 MINUTES or whatever. Van Dam safely makes it to SummerSlam to face Benoit and hopefully bring the IC Title back to Raw.

Jonathan Coachman has the Undisputed Champion The Rock backstage and lord, he goes nuts talking about Triple H. Another classic Rock promo. They say Paul Heyman sent him a video and Coach asks if they can air it. Rock says "What is it? Paul Heyman naked on a beach watching Brock Lesnar work out" LMAO. It's just a hype video for Brock and Rock says until Brock brings it, he will just be known as "the next big bitch"

Shawn Michaels faxed Eric Bischoff a signed copy of Triple H's agreement/contract regarding him not being responsible for what happens Sunday. Eric however says he isn't sanctioning the match. H says he doesn't care because it's happening regardless and it will be the most bRuTaL match of all time.

Fozzy performs. Jerry Lawler hypes it up the entire time terribly.

5) The Rock vs. Triple H - No Disqualification Match

FUCK. YES. The end of this show ruled. I don't think the match ever ended? But H wears down Rock. Rock starts coming back. H gets the steel steps and eventually the sledge hammer. This brings out SHAWN MICHAELS. THE CROWD IS GOING NUTS. HIS FIRST SHOTS ON H AND HIS FIRST ACTION IN YEARS. GOD DAMN. H ducks and HBK PUNCHES BROCK WHO WAS ON THE APRON. Brock ends up going after Shawn and SHAWN TAKES IT TO BROCK AND SUPERKICKS HIM OFF THE APRON. All hell broke loose and it ruled. Rock hits H with a Rock Bottom and chases after Brock in the crowd. HBK dives over the top rope onto Triple H and security. JR is going nuts. SEE YALL SUNDAY AT SUMMERSLAM.

Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - August 15th, 2002

WWE Smackdown
August 15th, 2002

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out. Brock is in a Hulkamania shirt and they mock what he did to Hogan last week until Brock's opponent for the night, Rikishi, comes out.

1) The Hurricane, Shannon Moore, & Hardcore Holly vs. Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo, & Rico

The Hurricane/Moore-Billy & Chuck series of fun matches trend continues here with Holly and Rico thrown in. This is once again, real short and sweet. Matt Hardy makes his return for the save for the OMEGA / NC boys Hurricane & Moore here. Huge pop. This sorta makes no sense since Hardy just turned heel on his brother on Raw, but MATT V1 in the house baby. Holly looks unphased/confused by this as Hardy hugs his lil bros.

Match rating - **1/2

Dawn Marie apologizes to Steph for being dumb last week.

Matt Hardy is horned up about being back on Smackdown with TEAM OMEGA.

Kurt Angle mocks Rey Mysterio in a backstage interview. The classic "you gotta be this tall to talk to Kurt Angle" promo. Rey comes up and challenges Angle for SUMMERSLAM. LEGGO. Mark Henry then challenges Kurt for tonight. Angle "wants some action" so he accepts.

2) Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

This wasn't much. Angle wins after wearing down Mark's ankle/leg for five minutes and eventually tapping him out. Mysterio flies in post match and sends Angle reeling and also somehow busts his head open. FUCK.

3) Brock Lesnar vs. Rikishi 

Okay. Boring. Brock squashes Rikishi in a few minutes. Rikishi goes for a stinkface on Paul, getting distracted, and Brock takes advantage and destroys him.

Nidia tries to seduce Funaki during an interview attempt backstage. Meanwhile, Batista clobbers D-Von interrupting the interview. Alright! Maybe now we get Batista singles run???

4) Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia

This is an offshoot of the Kidman/Noble cruserweight title feud as these are their counterparts. They are both at ringside. This is a throwaway. Another Kane tease at the end of this 2 minutes of nothing.

5) Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

This was underwhelming considering what these men would go on to do in the coming months/year or so. But it still isn't terrible. Rey gets the hot tag and he & Edge clear house. Rey hits the 619 for the win and looks STRONG heading into SummerSlam against Kurt Angle.

Match rating - **

6) The Rock vs. Chris Benoit

Good shit that plays off the end of last week's main event where Benoit made The Rock tap with Brock Lesnar taunting him from ringside. These two have awesome chemistry so this was pretty great, especially for a TV main event. After a back and forth slugfest - Benoit has Rock back in the same position he was in last week. The dramatic fight to the ropes and ROCK ESCAPES THIS TIME. Benoit is pissed and fires away, but Rock catches him ROCK BOTTOM for the pin.

Match rating - ***3/4

Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Raw Review - August 12th, 2002

WWE Monday Night Raw 
August 12th, 2002

The show kicks off with footage of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman walking through the crowd before the show went on air. BROCK HAS ON A HULKAMANIA SHIRT WOW. BRILLIANT considering he just obliterated Hulk on Smackdown. Brock & Paul have tickets and sit ringside.

Eric Bischoff catches wind of this and says if they interfere with the show at all they will be thrown out because they need to stay on Smackdown.

Triple H is out and starts tearing into Shawn Michaels and the fans. The Rock interrupts him for a pretty awesome verbal exchange. Rock wants to discuss Brock Lesnar who is sitting front row which pisses H off. Rock says "Do you wanna... go?" and H says "I would LOVE to go..." and I found that hilarious for whatever reason. This ends up breaking down no pun intended and Brock gets involved.

Backstage, Rock tries to pressure Eric into making him a match with Triple H.

1) Trish Stratus & Spike Dudley vs. Molly Holly & Chris Nowinski

Chris is still trying to butter Molly up to take her "virginity", Trish is an intergender matches almost every week and Spike has nothing better to do so here we are. Nowinski gets the pin on Spike after three minutes. Gross.

Goldust proposes that if Booker beats Storm tonight, they get a tag title shot at Summerslam, mini-dust humps Eric Bischoff's leg in the process.

Howard Finkel lays into Lillian and we get a Kane return tease that I got way too hyped for. We get nothing, though, just some nasty verbal jabs.

2) Booker T vs. Lance Storm

If Book wins, he & Goldy get a tag title shot at SummerSlam. This was simple enough and everything Booker does is hot so hell yeah. Lots of outside interference attempts, but Goldust is there to thwart it and Booker grabs the W!

Match rating - **

In Eric's embarassment segment of the week, mini dust gets destroyed by the samoans. So stupid.

3) Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. Ric Flair & Bubba Ray Dudley

This turned out to be quite a joy despite being real weird on paper. The Flair and Jericho stuff was red hot. Bubba clobbered Show at one point near the end and it was so badass but went virtually unnoticed. Flair somehow throws Show over the barricade. In the ring, Jericho locks the walls of jericho on Bubba for the win only to get PANTSED by Flair after the match. This was a lot of fun.

Match rating - **3/4

4) Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Stevie Richards - Hardcore Title Match

The dread I have as this begins. At least it's these two, though. Revisiting this match from a few months back where they went at it in a singapore cane match and Dreamer got busted open. This time around they both get to bring one weapon to the ring. Dreamer has a CANE and Richards has a chair. This only lasts like 4 minutes, though and Dreamer retains. Harmless, but meaningless.

Match rating - *1/4

5) Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam - Winner Faces Chris Benoit for the IC Title at SummerSlam

Routine five minute match with Matt Hardy turning on his brother in the most random occurrence ever. I didn't even know this ever happened! So weird. But with that in mind, RVD wins with the frog splash and will challenge Smackdown's Chris Benoit at SummerSlam for the Intercontinental Championship in two weeks.

Match rating - *3/4

A Smackdown commercial apparently airs and Eric is pissed that Stephanie paid for run time on his show. So he storms into the production truck to see what happened. In turn, he announces Rock vs. HHH for next week to get him some RATINGZ.

6) The Rock, The Undertaker, Booker T, & Goldust vs. Triple H, Christian, Test, & Lance Storm 

This fucking ruled. Mad hot crowd and all these guys were running on all cylinders. Classic multi-man tag formula. Booker ends up getting isolating which builds to the Taker hot tag which made everyone explode. It breaks down from here into hell and Test clocks Taker with a running boot for the CLEAN PIN ADNSDIQQJQ. Best Raw main event in a minute.

Match rating - ***1/2