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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Monday Night Raw Review - August 19th, 2002

August 19th, 2002
Norfolk, VA

Commentators - Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross

Undertaker cuts a cringy pro-American promo to start the show. It ends up bringing the Un-Americans and Booker & Goldust out to set up a six man tag for later on. Best thing about this was Test coming out on a bike of his own to piss off Taker. That was sick.

1) Hardcore Title 7 Minute Battle Royal Thing

Ok I've been hating on the hardcore title but this was fun asf. Jeff Hardy flew around, Bradshaw clobbered people, a table bump or two. The finish saw everyone fighting for the pin as the 7 minute time limit ran out. Dreamer retains as the time runs out and we get another KANE tease.

Match rating - **3/4

Trish and Stacy are backstage throwing dirty accusations towards one another. Eric talks about women in wrestling only being good for sex appeal... OOF. He schedules a bra and panties match in the mud..

2) Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler

Stacy throws Trish off the stage into the pull of mud to start things off. This wasn't terrible despite being.. terrible? IDK. Trish wins with a roll up. The ref and Howard Finkel both end up in the mud.

The Rock is here. Paul Heyman sent him an envelope containing pictures of Hogan bleeding from Brock's assault on him a few weeks ago.

Triple H has a contract for HBK to take liability off him for the assault that occurs at SummerSlam. If Shawn doesn't sign it - "the match won't happen" H says he will send a message to HBK via The Rock tonight as their match is now NO DQ. H expects something in return from Brock for what he does to the Rock later on. '

3) The Undertaker, Booker T, & Goldust vs. Test, Christian, & Lance Storm

Good teaser for all involved parties' upcoming SummerSlam matches. The Un-Americans sneak another victory and make you wanna see them get beaten even more.

Match rating - **

Ric Flair gets blindside attacked by Chris Jericho backstage. Jericho busts him open and adds some fire to their SummerSlam match coming up on Sunday.

Backstage, Big Show is pissed that Van Dam gets to challenge Benoit for the IC Title and wants him in a match. Eric obliges, but insists the match has to be clean because he can't afford for Van Dam to get hurt.

4) Rob Van Dam vs. The Big Show

This doesn't go long before Show disobeys Eric and brings out steel steps to hit RVD with. Eric comes out and tells him to stop. He then sends good ol Rosey and Jamal to attack Show. 3 MINUTES or whatever. Van Dam safely makes it to SummerSlam to face Benoit and hopefully bring the IC Title back to Raw.

Jonathan Coachman has the Undisputed Champion The Rock backstage and lord, he goes nuts talking about Triple H. Another classic Rock promo. They say Paul Heyman sent him a video and Coach asks if they can air it. Rock says "What is it? Paul Heyman naked on a beach watching Brock Lesnar work out" LMAO. It's just a hype video for Brock and Rock says until Brock brings it, he will just be known as "the next big bitch"

Shawn Michaels faxed Eric Bischoff a signed copy of Triple H's agreement/contract regarding him not being responsible for what happens Sunday. Eric however says he isn't sanctioning the match. H says he doesn't care because it's happening regardless and it will be the most bRuTaL match of all time.

Fozzy performs. Jerry Lawler hypes it up the entire time terribly.

5) The Rock vs. Triple H - No Disqualification Match

FUCK. YES. The end of this show ruled. I don't think the match ever ended? But H wears down Rock. Rock starts coming back. H gets the steel steps and eventually the sledge hammer. This brings out SHAWN MICHAELS. THE CROWD IS GOING NUTS. HIS FIRST SHOTS ON H AND HIS FIRST ACTION IN YEARS. GOD DAMN. H ducks and HBK PUNCHES BROCK WHO WAS ON THE APRON. Brock ends up going after Shawn and SHAWN TAKES IT TO BROCK AND SUPERKICKS HIM OFF THE APRON. All hell broke loose and it ruled. Rock hits H with a Rock Bottom and chases after Brock in the crowd. HBK dives over the top rope onto Triple H and security. JR is going nuts. SEE YALL SUNDAY AT SUMMERSLAM.

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