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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - August 15th, 2002

WWE Smackdown
August 15th, 2002

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come out. Brock is in a Hulkamania shirt and they mock what he did to Hogan last week until Brock's opponent for the night, Rikishi, comes out.

1) The Hurricane, Shannon Moore, & Hardcore Holly vs. Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo, & Rico

The Hurricane/Moore-Billy & Chuck series of fun matches trend continues here with Holly and Rico thrown in. This is once again, real short and sweet. Matt Hardy makes his return for the save for the OMEGA / NC boys Hurricane & Moore here. Huge pop. This sorta makes no sense since Hardy just turned heel on his brother on Raw, but MATT V1 in the house baby. Holly looks unphased/confused by this as Hardy hugs his lil bros.

Match rating - **1/2

Dawn Marie apologizes to Steph for being dumb last week.

Matt Hardy is horned up about being back on Smackdown with TEAM OMEGA.

Kurt Angle mocks Rey Mysterio in a backstage interview. The classic "you gotta be this tall to talk to Kurt Angle" promo. Rey comes up and challenges Angle for SUMMERSLAM. LEGGO. Mark Henry then challenges Kurt for tonight. Angle "wants some action" so he accepts.

2) Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

This wasn't much. Angle wins after wearing down Mark's ankle/leg for five minutes and eventually tapping him out. Mysterio flies in post match and sends Angle reeling and also somehow busts his head open. FUCK.

3) Brock Lesnar vs. Rikishi 

Okay. Boring. Brock squashes Rikishi in a few minutes. Rikishi goes for a stinkface on Paul, getting distracted, and Brock takes advantage and destroys him.

Nidia tries to seduce Funaki during an interview attempt backstage. Meanwhile, Batista clobbers D-Von interrupting the interview. Alright! Maybe now we get Batista singles run???

4) Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia

This is an offshoot of the Kidman/Noble cruserweight title feud as these are their counterparts. They are both at ringside. This is a throwaway. Another Kane tease at the end of this 2 minutes of nothing.

5) Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie & Chavo Guerrero

This was underwhelming considering what these men would go on to do in the coming months/year or so. But it still isn't terrible. Rey gets the hot tag and he & Edge clear house. Rey hits the 619 for the win and looks STRONG heading into SummerSlam against Kurt Angle.

Match rating - **

6) The Rock vs. Chris Benoit

Good shit that plays off the end of last week's main event where Benoit made The Rock tap with Brock Lesnar taunting him from ringside. These two have awesome chemistry so this was pretty great, especially for a TV main event. After a back and forth slugfest - Benoit has Rock back in the same position he was in last week. The dramatic fight to the ropes and ROCK ESCAPES THIS TIME. Benoit is pissed and fires away, but Rock catches him ROCK BOTTOM for the pin.

Match rating - ***3/4

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