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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Monday Night Raw Review - August 26th, 2002

WWE Raw 
August 26th, 2002

Eric Bischoff shows up and announces stuff for the night and introduces BROCK. The new WWE Champion and the youngest of all time at 25 years old is here with Paul Heyman. Shawn Michaels music hits and Triple H comes out instead. H wants a shot at Brock Lesnar and the title. Undertaker comes out next and says he gets first shot "at the youngblood" and questions if Brock is the next big thing or "the next big bitch" Brock and Taker staredown and H attacks Taker. Soon, its all three of them fighting and TAKER comes out on top. 

1) Booker T vs. Christian

This happened. The tag title match at SummerSlam was hot, but these run of the mill Raw matches don't amount to much and are starting to become repetitive, not the fault of the guys involved because they rule, but what can ya do with 4 minutes and lots of interference? Booker wins to regain some momentum for the babyfaces as he and Goldy lost at SummerSlam. 

Match rating - **

2) Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley vs. William Regal & Chris Nowinski (w/ Molly Holly)

Nowinski is still trying to sleep with Molly and take her "virginity". This was whatever. Nowinski saves Molly from getting put through a table by Bubba after the match and gets thanked by her afterwards as she says "at least there are some gentlemen left in the world"

Match rating - **

Bischoff brings out his aforementioned special legendary guest. It's Jimmy Snuka. He pulls the three minute card on him and Rosey & Jamal come down and beat him up. Snuka got some fight in at first, but eventually suffered the same fate as everyone else they've attacked. 

Back from commercial, Snuka is being helped up by refs as Chris Jericho comes down to the ring for his match. Jericho LOCKS HIM INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO OH MY GOD. This kinda ruled. Jericho gets the mic and lays an insane promo down. Jericho airs the footage from SummerSlam of Flair tapping at the same time he grabbed the ropes. Jericho is pissed that he ended up losing bc the match wasn't called after that tap out and says he's gonna take his frustration out on Jeff Hardy tonight.

3) Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

Another "controversial"/screwy non finish here. Match itself was okay, but it clearly wasn't too motivated given what the finish ended up being. Good story with vicious Jericho working over Hardy and Hardy fighting from underneath, but it all felt pointless when the finish rolled around.

Match rating - **1/4

Test, Christian, and Lance Storm have a blow torch and an american flag. They plan to burn the flag in the middle of the ring. A Kane promo vid airs and scares them. They try to continue, but Booker T and Goldust run down for the save. The numbers are too much, though. Booker and Goldust are down and Test goes to burn the flag again and BAH GAWD KANE. HE IS HERE AND THIS FUCKIN RULES FOR A MINUTE. Kane clears everyone out and the crowd is hot. Booker gets the mic and does a spinarooni and he goes to leave, but Kane grabs him and does a... spinarooni.. I did not expect that what in the world 

4) Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer - Intercontinental/Hardcore Title Match

The titles are being unified. A very fitting end to the hardcore title, honestly can't think of a better end for it. Although I've hated it in recent months, this was very cool and fun. Dreamer gets emotional at the end as he hugs RVD then leaves him to celebrate his victory.

Match rating - ***

Howard Finkel tells Stacy Keibler she's "interfering" with "something" in his trousers. Alright. Now time for a tuxedo vs evening gown match. Not even gonna talk too much about this because jesus.. Trish, Stacy, and Lillian end up stripping Howard to his underwear. Poor bastard. 

5) The Undertaker vs. Triple H - #1 Contender's Match

TIME 2 play DA GAME. Yeah this was boring. Crowd seemed dead as shit and only got half enthused near the end. Brock runs down and clocks Taker. H hits a low blow and is able to get the victory to become #1 contender for Brocks title. UNLESS...

Match rating - *1/2

Backstage, Steph pops out of a limo and Eric is waiting. Steph basically announces Brock is Smackdown exclusive and so is this the WWE/Undisputed Title because he elected to only compete on one brand. Raw has no World Champion. Brock Lesnar is Smackdown exclusive. Awesome cliffhanger to close the show with.

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