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FANTASY BOOKING: ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds, Global Wars, & Best in the World 2015

With the announcement of their being FOUR joint shows between ROH & New Japan Pro Wrestling coming up in May, I've decided to have some fun and fantasy book all four events. It's actually been awhile since I've fantasy booked anything so I'm really excited to do this because like I've said before, as soon as things like this are announced, ideas start running through my head as to what will be booked. One thing is for sure, these events will likely be dream matches galore and my fantasy bookings for each event will reflect that. However, I understand that both promotions will probably want to have some reocurring stories going throughout the events therefore I have included that to. I've yet to share any of these ideas with anyone so I'm excited to do so now.
As I always state before any Fantasy Booking, to avoid ANY confusion, this is purely FANTASY. It's not what I think will happen, it's not the rumored cards for these shows, it's CERTAINLY NOT the official card for these shows. It's purely what I would like to see happen and how I would book the shows if I somehow was given a chance. This is just for fun, so I hope you enjoy reading it.
The format will be the same as some of my previous fantasy bookings as I will discuss the build to each event and develop a full card in the process, reveal the full card lineup, discuss the aftermath of the event then lead in to the card for the next event and so on. Now, let's get started!
Build towards War of the Worlds Night One:
Heading into the first night of War of the Worlds in Philly, I think there's only one match that should main event. It's a bout that I've heard ROH wanted to do at the 13th Anniversary show. It's Jay Briscoe vs. AJ Styles. There's one big difference between how I'd book it and what the rumor of this match was though. This match will be for BOTH titles. Yep. ROH World Title AND the IWGP Heavyweight Title on the line. This would be a major draw. Briscoe has been undefeated for two years and seemingly unstoppable. And AJ Styles is AJ Styles, the phenomenal one and now two-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion. It's MONEY!
The co-main event for the second night of this event is a six man tag pitting the Bullet Club's The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega against The Kingdom of Adam Cole, Matt Taven, & Mike Bennett. It's the two biggest stables in both promotions and while one is more popular than the other, this would be a fresh match up and definitely deliver. PLUS this is part of a story that I believe ROH is hinting towards doing. That being tensions between The Kingdom and The Bullet Club. At the 13th Anniversary Show Taven & Bennett pinned Karl Anderson. It could just be coincidence, but it hopes it's not, hence why I'm running with it in this article. Buckle in for the ride!

The second top singles match on this show is a dream match for strong style fans - Michael Elgin vs. Tomohiro Ishii. The premise is simple, let these two behemoths go to war and beat the shit out of each other. Nothing more, nothing less. This would be epic.
Between the ROH & NJPW rosters there are alot of tag teams which makes for many possible match ups on these shows. I think a great match to have on Night One would be ACH & Matt Sydal against Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA to represent the junior heavyweight style while Hanson & Ray Rowe could go against Gallows & Anderson to represent the heavyweight style of tag team wrestling.
Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta are set to make their debut as a team in ROH prior to these events so I think the first night of War of the Worlds would be a great place for them to have their first singles matches in ROH. I'd put them against the tag team stalwarts of O'Reilly and Bobby Fish. Since O'Reilly & Trent have a history of great matches together (at PWG BOLA 2013), I'd put them in a bout against each other while Rocky Romero & Bobby Fish have a technical/submission based bout. Both have alot of promise and are likely to deliver. Good way to test the waters of ReDragon/Rocky & Trent without giving the match away just yet.
In the opening contest, I think it'd be cool to throw together a couple of guys who can put on a crazy match and give them about ten minutes. I'd pick Cedric Alexander, Adam Page, Moose, & Mark Briscoe from ROH and Kota Ibushi & Rysuke Tagachi from NJPW. This would be an exciting six man mayhem match to get the evening kicked off.
War of The Worlds Night One:
  • Jay Briscoe vs. AJ Styles - ROH & IWGP Heavyweight Title Match
  • Adam Cole, Matt Taven, & Michael Bennett vs. The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega
  • Michael Elgin vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  • ACH & Matt Sydal vs. Timesplitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA)
  • Kyle O'Reilly vs. Beretta
  • War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs. Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson
  • Bobby Fish vs. Rocky Romero
  • Cedric Alexander vs. Kota Ibushi vs. Adam Page vs. Ryusuke Tagachi vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Moose
War of the Worlds Night One Outcome:
1) Kota Ibushi wins the six man mayhem opener. The Decade bullies Adam Page after the match for his loss.
2) Rocky Romero defeats Bobby Fish
3) Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson defeat War Machine (Hanson & Rowe)
4) Kyle O'Reilly defeats Beretta
5) Timesplitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) defeat ACH & Matt Sydal
6) Tomohiro Ishii defeats Michael Elgin. This would be one hell of a match although I think Ishii would win since he's the NEVER champion.
7) The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega defeat Adam Cole, Matt Taven, & Michael Bennett
8) AJ Styles defeats Jay Briscoe to become the ROH World Champion AND retain the IWGP Heavyweight Title after a distraction from Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson. I don't think this match should have alot of overbooking, but I think there should be a bit of controversy. Make it look like Briscoe just CAN'T put Styles away so HE resorts to cheap tactics by calling Mark Briscoe down to the ring with a chair. Before he can hand it to him, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson run down and attack Mark. Jay is distracted and turns around to a enziguri from Styles. Briscoe is stunned, AJ sets him up, STYLES CLASH! One..Two..JAY KICKS OUT! No one kicks out of the Styles Clash! The place goes nuts. Anderson & Gallows are stunned and decide to resort to some dirty tactics of their own, they grab the chair Mark Briscoe had and go to hand it to AJ when out runs Matt Taven & Michael Bennett with Adam Cole in tow. The Kingdom brawls with Anderson & Gallows in the crowd. In the ring, Briscoe is back up to his feet barely and agging Styles to bring it on. The two go face to face. Where are they getting this from? They've been battling for 20 minutes, but neither will go down. In the end, it's two of AJ's now signature spike piledrivers followed by another Styles Clash that FINALLY puts Briscoe away. I think this is the best way to do this because it accomplishes a ton. You get the title off Jay with him still looking strong and also teasing a heel turn by his actions early on. You set up the basis for a match Jay has been hinting at since their loss last year, a rematch against Gallows & Anderson, PLUS you have The Kingdom involved which continues the story of them being against Bullet Club and also foreshadows some things for future shows.
Build to War of the Worlds Night Two:
I think everyone who has thought about possible match ups for these events has had the idea of an All Stars Match including myself. I decided to take a step futher though by raising the stakes. In an All Stars Elimination Match, Team ROH (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, & Jay Lethal) will take on Team NJPW (Hiroshi Tanahashi, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, & Kota Ibushi) with the winner getting a shot at any title of their choosing. You encompass a ton of dream matches into one bout plus that combined with the high stakes basically guarantees this to be a classic.
AJ Styles is now the ROH AND IWGP Heavyweight Champion and he will be issuing an open challenge for the ROH Championship on this night. Who will accept his challenge in his first title defense?
I think everyone can agree that the most impressive Junior Heavyweight wrestler in ROH is ACH so with that being said, I'd put him against the Jr Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. They had an awesome match in PWG and I think they could top it if given the chance.
The NWA World Tag Champions, Davey Boy Smith & Lance Archer are two hard hitters that represent NJPW, on Night Two of War of the Worlds, they will face off against the sluggers of ROH, Hanson & Ray Rowe.
One man I think should be included on atleast one of these events is Alberto El Patron. Seeing him against some NJPW talent would not only deliver, it would also serve as a very special attraction. I'd put him up against Hirooki Goto on Night Two of War of the Worlds.
With Goto in singles action, I'd put his partner Shibata up against Roderick Strong. If you've ever seen either of these men compete, you understand the appeal this match would have.
Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta see their first taste of tag team action during War of the Worlds weekend as they face off with The Young Bucks in a non-title match.
In the opening contest of the evening, I'd have two guys who have been unable to reach that next level in their respective companies face off - Silas Young and Shelton Benjamin. I think they could provide a fun opening match to get the night off the right foot. Plus, both guys are deserving of a slot on this show to showcase their talents.
War of the Worlds Night Two:
  • Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, & Jay Lethal vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura, & Kota Ibushi - All Stars Elimination Match - Winner gets ROH or IWGP Title shot at Global Wars
  • AJ Styles Open Challenge Answered by Adam Page & The Decade
  • Kenny Omega vs. ACH - IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Match
  • Davey Boy Smith & Lance Archer vs. War Machine (Hanson & Ray Rowe)
  • Alberto El Patron vs. Hirooki Goto
  • Roderick Strong vs. Katsuyori Shibata
  • Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta vs. The Young Bucks
  • Silas Young vs. Shelton Benjamin
War of the Worlds Night Two outcome:
1) Silas Young defeats Shelton Benjamin.
2) Hirooki Goto defeats Alberto El Patron. El Patron isn't a mainstay in ROH so I think a strong performance from him would be enough to do the job here.
3) The Young Bucks defeat Rocky & Trent.
4) Roderick Strong defeats Katsuyori Shibata. If I was ROH, I'd be interested in building Roddy back up so I think he should pick up a win here.
5) Davey Boy & Lance Archer defeat War Machine despite a valiant effort from Hanson & Rowe.
6) Kenny Omega defeats ACH to retain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title.
7) AJ Styles' ROH World Title Open Challenge is answered by young upstart Adam Page. Page comes out on his own without the Decade and says he's been overlooked all of 2015 with the likes of ACH getting all the big matches. Page says now is his opportunity to prove he can hang with people like Styles. This brings out The Decade who ask Adam Page who told him he could come out and answer this open challenge. Jimmy Jacobs, who recently challenged Jay Briscoe for the World Title at a live event, says Page is completely out of AJ's league. After a bit of arguing between Page and Whitmer & Jacobs, the Decade says to hell with it and tells Page to go ahead and embarass himself. The match gets going and goes the total opposite of how Whitmer & Jacobs expected. Page goes back and forth against Styles, taking everything he has for 15 minutes. Page even hit a few flurries and nearly got a three count. In the end, Styles picks up the win, but it's clear Page earned his respect as he goes for a handshake after helping him to his feet. Whitmer & Jacobs stop Page from shaking AJ's hand. Page shoves Jacobs down and shakes AJ's hand before leaving. ---- I think Adam Page is a star just waiting to break out and I think this would be the perfect opportunity for him to do so. At the least, this will be a test to see how he does in a big match. I have a feeling it would deliver and shock many people.
8) In the All Star Elimination Main Event, it comes down to Adam Cole and Kazuchika Okada as the final two men. They go back and forth for nearly 15 minutes before Cole is finally able to put him away and earn himself a title shot. Cole gets on the mic and says "I could challenge for any title I wanted, that means I COULD challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight Title or maybe the ROH World Title or maybe both. Yeah, I could do that. But I'm not. Because I don't give a DAMN about the IWGP Championship. I'm Ring of Honor. Do you hear me? I AM RING OF HONOR WRESTLING, not AJ Styles. Just like I don't care about New Japan Pro Wrestling, AJ Styles doesn't care about ROH. This is just all nostalgia for him. He comes back from wasting his time away in that shitty company in Orlando all these years and thinks he's better than everybody because he was on TV and managed to get lucky by finding success in Japan. I'm sorry AJ, that's my role. I, yes, I am better than everybody because I am the king of this place. I am the leader of the Kingdom and I am the next ROH World Champion because I'm going to take it back from that crossbreed traitor known as AJ Styles. And best believe, the last image you will see coming out of Global Wars, will be me standing tall with what is MINE, the Ring of Honor World Championship."
Build towards Global Wars Night One:
Recently on Twitter, it was noted by The Bucks that they would like to have a Ladder Match with ReDragon. I think the first night of Global Wars would be the perfect time and to raise the stakes of even higher, it will be for both the ROH World Tag Team Titles as well as the IWGP Junior Tag Team Titles. Ladder Match. ReDragon. The Young Bucks - The Rivalry Continues.
With AJ Styles facing Adam Cole in the main event of the final night of the ROH/NJPW shows, they both will be allowed to pick each other's opponent for the first night of Global Wars. Adam Cole will face AJ's Bullet Club bretheren, Karl Anderson while AJ Styles will face Adam's Kingdom brethren Michael Bennett.
On Night One of Global Wars, Tommaso Ciampa hits the ring before the main event and is outraged about not being booked on any of these shows and demands an opponent because he's a psycopath and he needs someone to destroy. This brings out none other than Minoru Suzuki! Ciampa/Suzuki goes down in an impromptu match on the first night of Global Wars!
ACH has been getting ALOT of opportunites so far in 2015 and I think Night One of Global Wars is the perfect time to give someone new a big chance. That person being Cedric Alexander. I'd have him face off in a non-title match against Junior Heavyweight Champ Kenny Omega.
In six man tag action, The Decade of Adam Page, Jimmy Jacobs, & BJ Whitmer will face off against Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, & Takahashi of The Bullet Club.
With Mike Bennett in a big match with AJ Styles, it's only fair that Taven gets a singles match of his own. His opponent - former IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion Rysuke Tagachi.
In the opening bout of Global Wars Night One, I'd have Canada's own Ethan Page & Josh Alexander return to ROH after their short run during the summer, to take on Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta. It would be a fresh match up and yet another chance for Monster Mafia as well as Rocky & Trent to impress.
Global Wars Night One:
  • ReDragon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs. The Young Bucks - Ladder Match for the ROH & IWGP Junior Tag Team Titles
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Minoru Suzuki
  • Adam Cole vs. Karl Anderson
  • Timesplitters vs. Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian
  • AJ Styles vs. Michael Bennett
  • Kenny Omega vs. Cedric Alexander
  • Adam Page, Jimmy Jacobs, & BJ Whitmer vs. Bad Luck Fale, Takahashi, & Tama Tonga
  • Matt Taven vs. Rysuke Tagachi
  • Monster Mafia (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta
Global Wars Night One Outcome:
1) Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta defeat Monster Mafia
2) Matt Taven defeats Rysuke Tagachi
3) Bullet Club defeats The Decade after Adam Page walks out on The Decade
4) Kenny Omega defeats Cedric Alexander. I think Cedric would leave this match looking even better than he walked in.
5) AJ Styles defeats Michael Bennett. Big chance for a breakout match from Bennett.
6) Timesplitters defeat Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian
7) Adam Cole defeats Karl Anderson after The Briscoes, of all people, came down and distracted Anderson allowing Cole to roll him up for the victory. After the match, The Briscoes who haven't been seen since Jay lost the ROH Title at War of the Worlds, circle the ring. They cross paths with Adam Cole first, but just stare him down as he walks on. Karl Anderson is in the ring alone as Jay & Mark attack. It's not long before Doc Gallows hits the ring to run them off. Jay gets on the mic, furious, saying Karl & Doc have been a needle in his side for nearly a year now and they really crossed the line by causing him to lose the ROH World Title. The BC stalwarts respond by saying they just stopped Mark from interfering so the odds would be even. Jay denies that Mark was trying to interfere which in turn gets The Briscoes even more heel reactions. Their turn will be solidifed after these events are over. Jay recalls their loss to Karl & Doc at last year's ROH/NJPW event and says ever since then he's wanted to avenge his loss, but after last night he just wants to hurt them. Briscoe says if they're as bad as they think, they'll face he & Mark in a Fight Without Honor match tomorrow night with the IWGP Tag Titles on the line in the final evening of Global Wars. Karl & Doc accept.
8) Minoru Suzuki defeats Tommaso Ciampa in a strike filled battle.
9) The Young Bucks defeat ReDragon in an insane Ladder Match main event to once become the ROH and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. After three straight losses to O'Reilly & Fish, The Bucks put some points on the board once again on one of the biggest shows of the year.
Build Towards Global Wars Night Two:
The main event for the grand finale was set on Night 2 of War of the Worlds as Adam Cole last eliminated Okada to become #1 Contender to any title of his choosing. That being, the ROH World Title. Can Cole defeat Styles or will he fall to the phenomenal one like he did at All Star Extravaganza 6 last year? This is the big question heading into the match as Cole claims that his loss to AJ last year sent him on a downward spiral with losing to Briscoe at Final Battle and getting injured. For that reason, this match isn't just about the ROH Title.. it's also personal.
The co main event of the show also has alot of build as The Briscoes try to exact revenge, bring punishment, and avenge last year's loss to the Bullet Club as they challenge Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson in a Fight Without Honor for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.
In a dream match that has never happened before, an all time great of ROH - Christopher Daniels, battles an all time great of NJPW - Jushin Liger.
With Donovan Dijak recently coming under Jay Lethal's wing since winning the Top Prospect tournament, he will team with his mentor to face the veteran and future duo of NJPW in the form of Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada.
In another dream match, Kota Ibushi faces off with Matt Sydal.
The Timesplitters and Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta face off in a #1 Contender's Match for the IWGP Junior Tag Team Titles.
One of the hardest hitting men in ROH, Roderick Strong faces off against the King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura.
Moose competes in his biggest match yet against Tomohiro Ishii.
And in the opening contest, the newly formed team of "The Last Real Men" consisting of Silas Young, Tommaso Ciampa, & Michael Elgin face off against Katsuyori Shibata, Hirooki Goto, & Minoru Suzuki.
Global Wars Night Two:
  • AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole - ROH World Championship Match
  • The Briscoes vs. Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson - Fight Without Honor for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
  • Christopher Daniels vs. Jushin Liger
  • Jay Lethal & Donovan Dijak vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada
  • Kota Ibushi vs. Matt Sydal
  • Roderick Strong vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta vs. Timesplitters (Alex Shelley & KUSHIDA) - #1 Contender's Match for IWGP Tag Team Titles
  • Moose vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  • Katsuyori Shibata, Hirooki Goto, & Minoru Suzuki vs. Tommaso Ciampa, Silas Young, & Michael Elgin
Global Wars Night Two Outcome:
1) The new stable of The Last Real Men pick up a cheap victory over Shibata, Goto & Suzuki by using the ropes after a crazy slugfest six man tag.
2) Tomohiro Ishii defeats Moose.
3) Rocky Romero & Beretta defeat the Timesplitters and become the #1 Contender's to the IWGP Jr Tag Team Titles.
4) Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Roderick Strong.
5) Matt Sydal defeats Kota Ibushi.
6) Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada defeat Jay Lethal & Donovan Dijak
7) In a dream match the caliber of Daniels/Liger, it's hard to pick a winner so I'll just say that this match goes to a draw.
8) The Briscoes defeat Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows in a wild Fight Without Honor match to become the new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. It's been noted that The Briscoes, particularly Jay have wanted a run in NJPW and I think having Jay drop the title in the fashion he did to AJ Styles then turning heel & reuniting with Mark to defeat AJ's Bullet Club stablemates to win the IWGP Tag belts and head to Japan defend them is the best way to make this happen.
9) Adam Cole defeats AJ Styles to become the new ROH World Champion. I truly think this match could be a five star classic. With the build/backstory to it which I discussed earlier combined with the amazing match these two can have (see their All Star Extravaganza encounter), I think this could be one for the ages and career defining moment for Cole as he solidifies himself as one of the best ROH stars EVER by defeating someone the likes of AJ Styles.
Build to Best In The World PPV:
As a bit of a bonus, I decided to fantasy book from the ROH/NJPW events to ROH's next big PPV that will take place a month after on June 19th - "Best in the World."
With Adam Cole truly solifying himself in the ROH history books at Global Wars by defeating AJ Styles, he also put a huge target on his back. The man that is after him may surprise you, though. For months, Jay Lethal has been priding himself as the greatest first generation wrestler of ROH and as the #1 Champion. So, when Jay Lethal interrupted Adam Cole during his victory celebration on ROH TV, many weren't surprised. Lethal congratulated Cole on his victory and said that he sees alot of himself in him. Lethal says so much so that he's beginning to feel threatened and that's not a good thing for Cole. Lethal continues by saying that alot of people wondered why he didn't go after Jay Briscoe when he was ROH Champion and explains that it's because he knew Briscoe couldn't hold a candle to him and he knew that deep down, all the fans thought the same. Lethal goes on to say that's the same reason he didn't go after AJ Styles, because he's overrated too. Lethal says that leads him to Cole. And Cole isn't overrated. Lethal sings the praises of Cole which makes him feel good about himself then Lethal tells him not to get too happy because all this means one thing, "I want you one on one in the ring at Best in the World." Lethal says that Adam Cole is the only man in ROH that can come close to being as good as he is and that as long as he's champion, no one will take him seriously so he wants to put all the doubters to sleep by putting Adam Cole to sleep with the Lethal Injection on live PPV in front of the world so he can once and for all claim the crown of being THE man in Ring of Honor and prove that the ROH World Television Championship supercedes the ROH World Championship any day of the week. Cole responds by saying that Jay is a man he has alot of respect for, but NO ONE comes into an ROH ring and claims to be the MAN when he's around. Cole mocks the fact that Lethal could never win the big one in TNA so he stuck with the X Division belt just like he never could win the big one in ROH so he stuck with the TV Title. Cole says Jay is one layer beneath him, but for once, he's going to go down to that level and push Lethal even further down the line. Cole accepts Lethal's challenge and at Best in the World, it will be Cole vs Lethal - Champion vs Champion.
After defeating ReDragon for the ROH Tag Team Titles in the Ladder Match on Night One of Global Wars, The Young Bucks will make their first defense in a triple threat match against ACH & Matt Sydal and Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta.
Speaking of ReDragon, things aren't going too well for them coming out of Global Wars. The two come to the ring on ROH TV to address the fans and decide where to go next. The two speak about how 2015 was supposed to be their biggest year yet as they came in with the ROH & IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Titles around their waist now they stand in the ring with nothing. Kyle seems to be taking things harder than Fish and Bobby notes that in his promo. Kyle says he feels like they've lost it and are just wandering with no direction since losing the two things that meant most to them. Fish tells Kyle to calm down because they have a rematch clause and can issue it to The Bucks at Best in the World and reclaim what is their's. Fish tries to get him to cheer up, but Kyle starts shaking his head and pacing. Fish keeps asking him what's wrong when Kyle explodes and pushes him back. "You know what's wrong? The fact that we have lost a step and all you want to do is put us in another situation to embarass ourselves. Yeah, we beat The Bucks a handful of times, but you know what, Bobby? When it counted the most, WE LOST! When we had the chance to end this rivalry and become the #1 Team in the World, WE COULDN'T DO IT! It's making me question whether or not this team is even worth having anymore." *crowd boos at that statement* Kyle continues "See, that's what we need to find out, Bobby. We don't need to find out when we can get a rematch. We need to find ourselves again. We need to find what we are truly made of. We need to find what made us the ROH & IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions! We need to find that again And I know just the way to find it... Me vs You at Best in the World. A match that isn't to see who's better, but for the spirit of competition and to bring out the BEST in each other. We've lost that killer instict we once had and we need to knock it back into each other, whatta you say?" Fish hesitates and says he doesn't want to fight his own partner. O'Reilly responds with "What's that? Is big MMA tough guy Bobby Fish backing down from a challenge? THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! We used to back down from no one and now we're backing down from each other." Fish looks away. "ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!" O'Reilly slaps Fish and tells him to wake up. "We are two of the finest professional wrestlers in the world and we've lost a step. It's what everyone thinks, it's what I think, and deep down it's what you know so how about we go out at Best in the World, steal the whole damn show, overshadow The Bucks, bring back the fire we once had and find out if we are as good as we think we are!" Fish says "You know what, you're right. The only reason I didn't want to accept the match is because I know you can't take a loss and I don't want you going nuts like this when I beat you." Things turn a tad personal at this point as O'Reilly is offended that Fish thinks he has the match won. The two end up shaking hands on the match as O'Reilly leaves somewhat pissed at Fish's statement. ReDragon will collide one on one for the first time ever at Best In The World - will it make them close or draw them further apart?
The Briscoes went to Japan and successfully defended their IWGP Tag Team Titles after their victory over the Bullet Club at Global Wars, and now they return home to defend them against the team of Hanson & Ray Rowe. A feud that began in the summer/fall of last year gets re-lit at Best in the World!
With the formation of the Last Real Men stable at Global Wars - Michael Elgin, Silas Young, & Tommaso Ciampa have been running rampant on ROH by bullying anyone they see as "not man enough to be in their ring". Their first victim was Romantic Touch and their second victim was Cedric Alexander. The difference between the two being that Cedric Alexander wouldn't go down without a fight. This led to Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian hitting the ring to make the save. Silas says that act just proved how sissy all three men are and how they don't belong in ROH. Daniels is especially offended as he says he built Ring of Honor and if it wasn't for him Silas wouldn't even have the chance to be here so who is he to say that he shouldn't be allowed in an ROH ring. The tension continues and three singles matches are made for Best in the World: Christopher Daniels vs Silas Young, Frankie Kazarian vs. Tommaso Ciampa, & Cedric Alexander vs. Michael Elgin. Who will come out on top? The self proclaimed "Last Real Men" or the newly formed alliance of rookie Cedric Alexander and veterans Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian?
At War of the Worlds & Global Wars, we saw Adam Page come into his own and ultimately leave the Decade.. or so we thought. Jacobs & Whitmer come out with the claim that once in the Decade, always in the Decade. They refuse to leave Page alone which results in a No DQ Match being made between the two for Best in the World. The stipulation being if Page wins, he can leave, but if he loses, he's in the Decade forever.
The Bullet Club/Kingdom tension is still lingering after the ROH/NJPW events and it will come to one final head at Best in the World as Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows battle Matt Taven & Michael Bennett in an attempt to avenge their loss at the 13th Anniversary show when Taven pinned Anderson.
Best in the World Card:
  • Adam Cole vs. Jay Lethal - Champion vs Champion Match
  • The Young Bucks vs. ACH & Matt Sydal vs. Rocky Romero & Beretta - ROH World Tag Team Title Match
  • Kyle O'Reilly vs. Bobby Fish
  • The Briscoes vs. War Machine (Hanson & Ray Rowe) - IWGP Heavyweight Tag Title Match
  • Michael Elgin vs. Cedric Alexander
  • Adam Page vs. Jimmy Jacobs - No DQ Match - If Page Wins, He Can Leave The Decade
  • Silas Young vs. Christopher Daniels
  • Matt Taven & Michael Bennett vs. Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Frankie Kazarian
Final thoughts: First off, thanks for reading. I do things like this purely out of passion for the wrestling business and because I enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed reading this Fantasy Booking article and encourage you to follow my blog on Twitter @ThePWTruth if you did. You can also follow my personal account @EthanPWT. Feel free to share this article with all your wrestling fan friends! War of the Worlds, Global Wars, & Best in the World are sure to be one hell of a ride whether it's booked like this or not, I just did this because I couldn't resist thinking of what we could see go down in the coming months. What do you think about my ideas? What do you think will actually happen? What dream matches do you want to see at these events? Tweet @ThePWTruth on Twitter with your answers or comment below! And once again, thanks for reading!

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