Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Rev Pro TV: Episode 8 - Sydal vs Ospreay Review

After a few weeks without any RevPro related columns, I'm back with a review of the 8th episode of their YouTube series "Rev Pro TV". This episode features a rematch from last year as Matt Sydal takes on UK sensation and RPW Cruserweight Champion Will Ospreay.

If you keep up with alternative wrestling at all, I'm sure you've heard the name of Will Ospreay as he's been creating alot of buzz in 2015. His match with AJ Styles earlier in the year nearly topped our Match of the Month list for February. Now, his bouts with Matt Sydal are gaining him even more credibility. That combined with him being entered into the 2015 PWG Battle of Los Angeles Tournament is what has led me here. It's my first time seeing Ospreay and I'm really excited to see what the buzz is about.
The show opens with exceptional promos from both Ospreay and Sydal on what the match means to them and such. We don't hear Sydal do much talking these days so it was cool to see, for sure. The entire video package garnered more excitement for me in route to this match up.

After talk about the main feature of the show, the focus shifted towards the episode that was uploaded a week prior to this where Doug Williams picked up a victory over Josh Bodom despite interference from James Castle. This led to hype for the next episode with it being Anarchist vs Anarchist and Veteran vs Rookie as Doug Williams faces James Castle. They hype a few more things including a match between AJ Styles & Marty Scurll before returning back to discussion about Sydal/Ospreay. This leads us to the match itself.

Will Ospreay vs. Matt Sydal
Ospreay comes to the ring with his RPW Cruserweight Title despite this not being a non title match. The two start out with some feeling out in the form of mat work, arm drags, and such which leads us to my first moment of being wowed by Will Ospreay. They trade arm drags, Sydal goes for a running head scissors, OSPREAY CARTWHEELS OUT AND LANDS ON HIS FEET! Sydal turns around to a dropkick directly in the face. That was awesome!

One thing I was really interested in seeing here was if Ospreay was just really good at doing things or if he if innovated and made himself stand out. That first counter that I'd never seen was an early indication that he does have his own uniqueness about him. It's definitely something to look out for when watching this match. There's really no way you can miss it, but it's something to watch out for none the less.

Sydal begins working the leg at this point and Ospreay sold it extremely well. Many highflyers & junior heavyweights get flack for being nothing but MOVEZ however Ospreay threw that stereotype out of the window here by repeatedly going back to his injured leg, even when he began to mount offense. Sydal went back to it as well such as when Ospreay landed on his feet off a second rope phoenix splash attempt.
That leads us to our next GIF worthy moment as Ospreay lands on his feet off the phoenix splash, Sydal sweeps out his legs, moonsault attempt, Ospreay moves, SYDAL LANDS ON HIS FEET! Ospreay goes for a kick, Sydal catches his leg and throws him back down on his head, repositions him and NAILS THE STANDING MOONSAULT! Great exchange.

The big story in this match was that of Ospreay being desperate to prove himself and based off his ring presence, he seemed a little uneasy. This meshed perfectly with the finish of this bout which sees Sydal go for the shooting star press, the move he pinned Ospreay with in their first encounter. Sydal hits it and goes for the cover 1..2..OSPREAY COUNTERS INTO A BACKSLIDE PIN COMBINATION OUT OF NOWHERE! 1..2..3..OSPREAY PICKS UP THE UPSET VICTORY!
I loved just about everything about this match. The feats of athleticism, the leg work, the selling, the counters, and most importantly, the finish. This wasn't a MOTY candidate and it's not going to blow your mind and leave you talking for months about it. What it is however, is a perfect pre cursor for their 2/3 falls encounter. I'd definitely recommend checking it out. It's free on YouTube and is definitely worth your time.

Match rating - ***3/4

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