Monday, December 14, 2015

ROH TV Review - December 13th, 2015

It's the final show before Ring of Honor returns to Pay-Per-View with arguably their biggest show of the year, Final Battle. Jerry Lynn will appear, War Machine is in action, plus ACH & Matt Sydal face off with Roppongi Vice! That's a lot to cover so let's get right to it!

1) Adam Cole vs. Corey Hollis
HOLLIS! Glad to see him still getting a shot in ROH. For those that don't know, he's been in NXT recently too so although he may be unknown to some, his stock is fairly high at the moment. It's nothing compared to someone like Adam Cole right now, though. This was pretty much a prolonged squash, but a good one. Hollis had his moments including countering out of Cole's neck breaker on the knee with an ace crusher. The crowd gave him a nice pop for that one. Cole puts him away with a superkick and the aforementioned neck breaker after a good fight. Post match, Adam Cole gets on the mic and vows not only to win on Friday night, but also to end Kyle O'Reilly in Ring of Honor.

2) War Machine vs. Two Guys

I'm sorry for the extremely dull description. Kevin & Nigel only acknowledged their names once and mixed them up during the match. This was an exhibition for Hanson & Rowe and it was the best. I've really been digging War Machine as of late. Between their work in ROH and in Beyond Wrestling, they've become one of my favorite teams to watch this year. Not to mention their recent run in NOAH! None the less, if you like them you'll want to watch this. They finished things off in a matter of minutes and looked badass in the process. Squashes can be fun, folks.

3) Dalton Castle vs. Mike Posey
I never thought I'd see three squash matches in a row on a Ring of Honor show, but BAH GAWD it happened here. I'm not complaining, though. Everything was done with a purpose and it was done in the most entertaining fashion possible. Posey had an entourage of random people with him and he did a rap on Dalton Castle only to get slayed by the peacock minutes later. After the match, Castle calls out Silas Young. He gets the Boys instead and SILAS RUNS IN FROM BEHIND! Cheap attack leaves Dalton laying to end the segment. Castle & Young go one on one once again at Final Battle on Friday night.

Kevin Kelly is in the ring to interview Jerry Lynn about the ROH World Title match coming up at Final Battle. He asks him who he picks to win and he can't come to a decision due to how good both Lethal & Styles are. This brings out the World Champion himself. Lethal immediately turns to disrespect and says "Turn your hearing aid up, old man, he asked you a question!" I'M DONE! Lethal is so fucking good. He proved himself once again in this segment. He says he's going to kick Jerry's ass then backs off only when Lynn brings up his parents. Lethal goes off completely on Jerry, throws the mic down, and leaves after yelling the final line in his speech - "And I am professional wrestling!" Goodnight.

4) ACH & Matt Sydal vs. Roppongi Vice (Rocky Romero & Trent Baretta)
Jeeeeeez! I almost fell over when watching this thanks to a spot near the end with ACH & Rocky Romero colliding in mid-air so pardon me if I sound out of it. This started off fairly slow/average with Sydal getting isolated. ACH got the hot tag and things started picking up. Slowly, but surely and soon enough, this became insanity. The crowd's hypeness built up as the action did which made for a hot finish. Great match that is worth seeing for the aforementioned mid-air spot with ACH & Rocky alone, you won't see it coming. Also, Alex Shelley was on commentary which was cool. He teams with ACH & Sydal on Friday at the Final Battle PPV to face Daniels, Kazarian, & Sabin!

Match rating - ***1/4

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