Sunday, February 14, 2016

ROH TV Review - February 14th, 2016

After a month of missing ROH TV, due to being so busy, I'm finally back and ready to hop into regular viewing. Thankfully, I haven't missed too much. The Top Prospect Tournament is underway and the build for the 14th Anniversary PPV which is a few weeks away has begun. We begin this week's show with the former as Lio Rush faces Jason Kincaid in a first round match in the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament.

1) Lio Rush vs. Jason Kincaid - Top Prospect Tournament Match
Lio Rush created quite the buzz in the latter part of 2015 so it's only fitting that he starts off 2016 with the biggest opportunity of his young career. Considering I hadn't seen him before, I was stoked to finally get that chance and I must say, the hype surrounding him certainly was justified as his one of a kind athleticism stood out from the sound of the bell. While Rush lived up to the hype, Jason Kincaid is who really left an impression on me here which I think is due to me having never heard of him before. Kincaid lit the crowd ablaze in his own right with moves like a dive through the ropes into a flipping ace crusher to the outside. Both guys busted out some insanely unique stuff that has to be seen to be believed. This was pretty much an exhibition, but that's what this kind of stuff is made for. Rush gets the win to advance after several minutes of super fun action.

Match rating - ***

TONIGHT: The Young Bucks vs. ACH & Matt Sydal

2) Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser vs. Will Ferrara & Caprice Coleman
I didn't have much interest in this despite being a Silas mark so it was whatever. It didn't go too long and did it's job so I can't complain. The Boys ended up coming down to cause a distraction, the Brusier goes after them, Ferrara capitalizes on this and hits a dive which he turns into a DDT on the floor. This leads to he & Coleman picking up the victory.

Match rating - **

BJ Whitmer / Steve Corino confrontation
A few weeks ago, Whitmer attacked Colby Corino, the son of Steve. This led to someone apparently telling Steve he wanted to fight BJ for him since he's suspended and injured on top of that. Corino comes out and tells BJ that he always needs to have eyes in the back of his head. IT'S ADAM PAGE! The time has come! Page and Whitmer get into a brawl that results in them having to be pulled apart. After that starmaking performance against Jay Briscoe last year, I've been waiting for Page to break out on his own so this was extremely exciting to see.

3) Mark Briscoe vs. Tim Hughes
Prolonged squash. Hughes bows up to Mark early on by refusing to shake his hand. They do stuff for a few minutes. Hughes gets one or two moments of offense before Briscoe hits a fisherman's buster followed by a frog splash to get the three count.

Match rating - *1/2

4) The Young Bucks vs. ACH & Matt Sydal
This is only the second Young Bucks match I've watched this year so I'm KIIIIINDA pumped. Sike, I'm super pumped and rightfully so because this ruled. Crazy spots, superkicks, flips, all that good stuff executed to perfection because The Bucks are the best at what they do and Matt Sydal is just as crisp, if not even more so. Then you have ACH who can more than hold his own as we would see here. Sydal managed to kick out of MBFYB which led to ACH nailing a diving foot stomp out of nowhere. This set up the finish with Sydal hitting the Shooting Star Press for the surprise win. The Bucks were IWGP Jr Tag Champs at this time so I wasn't expecting that, highly entertaining main event.

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