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AEW Dynamite Review - February 12th, 2020

AEW Dynamite Live on TNT 
February 12th, 2020
Austin, Texas 

Commentary - Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, & Excalibur

Word on the street is that this is the best top to bottom episode of Dynamite in 2020 so far, and possibly since it's inception. I haven't watched in a week or so, so let's find out :-)

If the opening video package is any indication than I'd say most definitely bc wow it made it seem like so much is going on and lots of character development I LOVED it. 

1) Kenny Omega & Hangman Page (c) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) (w/ Christopher Daniels) - AEW World Tag Team Title Match

Before the match, Dark Order appears on the screen saying they're watching. Chris Daniels goes backstage to investigate. They continue to tease where Daniels' allegiance lies. The match ends up getting started and it RULES. Crowd is hot. They tease both teams getting their finishers only to get cut off. After the hot start settles, SCU isolates Omega and builds to the hot tag for Page. It all pops off all over again and Omega & Page debut the v trigger/buck shit lariat combo finisher to get the win and retain the titles. Kazarian reaches for the bottom rope right at the three count which was an amazing touch. 

Match rating - ***3/4

Post match, The Dark Order surrounds the ring. It turns into a huge tag team showdown since there's a big battle royal with all of them next week. Best Friends, Jack Evans & Angelico, Butcher & Blade all come out. Young Bucks are the Babyface save. Big brawl goes down and the Bucks stand tall. The Dark Order doesn't get on my nerves as much as they do to most other people. 

Jim Ross' pre taped interview with Santana of LAX airs. It's really good and hypes Santana's match with Jon Moxley later. Moxley attacked Santana last week in retaliation to Jericho's attack on him by stabbing Santana in the eye. Santana took it personally bc his father was blind. He says he will show Moxley what it's truly like to live in the dark tonight. 

2) Sammy Guevara (w/ Jake Hager) vs. Dustin Rhodes 

Had to let the hometown hero get his shit in. Last time Sammy beat Dustin thanks to Jake Hager. This time Dustin gets his revenge and hits another damn destroyer which is nuts. 

Match rating - **3/4

After the match, Dustin asks "Jericho's bitch" Jake Hager if he's ever gonna step in the ring because "You broke my arm and I want a piece of your ass at Revolution" OH NY GOD. Hager paces towards the ring only to walk away with Guevara. 

Apparently Britt Baker pulled Yuka's tooth out last week? What the hell did I miss? She actually cuts an awesome promo here with Tony Schiavone and I am so glad she turned heel and is salvaging this character. She had the Austin, TX crowd in the palm of her hand. YESSSSS. Bad ass. So wild that JR's cue out was "we've gotta take another break, this is terrible" lmao. 

3) Riho (c) vs. Nyla Rose - AEW Women's Title Match 

Very good match here with a simple story.  Nyla lost to Riho in the initial match to crown a women's champion and then proceeded to go on an undefeated warpath while Riho was busy defending the title. Now they meet here again after Nyla attacked Riho inspired by PAC as a way to spite Riho's friend Kenny Omega. This was everything good about both women. Just your perfect big vs small match with Riho fighting from under and hitting some crazy moves you'd never expect like several of Omega's suplex variations even attempting a v trigger which was a nice touch to part of the backstory. Nyla even attempted a one winged angel. But in the end, a huge sit out powerbomb ended it. New Women's Champion! 

Match rating - ***3/4

The New Women's Champion, Nyla Rose steps backstage to a hug from Tony Khan and a disappointed Kenny Omega standing by. Nyla is pissed that no one applauded and no one was there to greet her aside from a disappointed Omega and 5 of her future contenders who just stared. Nyla tells Kenny that this is just getting started.. 

Backstage, Chris Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle are being interviewed. Jericho announces JEFF COBB is the newest member of Inner Circle and is coming for Moxley next week. WILDDDD, that is so sick and I can't wait to see what Cobb can do in AEW.

They replay Cody being brutally whipped by MJF last week as Brandi Rhodes joins the commentary team for the next match. 

4) MJF vs. Jungle Boy

They gave these two a good amount of time to work and it was a nice change of pace. MJF is a new star but already super established so Jungle Boy almost got a rub from this by being the babyface in peril standing up to arguably the most hated man in AEW. This match really kinda showed me how well AEW has done in developing new names/characters. MJF's big lackey Wardlow came down when MJF started having trouble and gave him a ring which MJF used to punch Jungle Boy and led him to victory. 

Match rating - ***1/4

Next week: Cody Rhodes vs. Wardlow in a Steel Cage Match 

And ALSO next week T-Hawk FINALLY debuts with CIMA as part of the tag team battle royal.

An ad also airs hyping a 30 Min Iron Man Match between Kenny Omega and PAC in two weeks in Kansas City - WOWWWWW 

Chris Jericho, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara enter the skybox to watch the main event. The crowd sings along to Jericho's theme song. I love that. 

5) Jon Moxley vs. Santana

"eye for an eye" as they billed it. This was a fun brawl. Moxley continues to kill it in 2020, the aurora and hype around him is so sick. I also love LAX's theme music. Anyway this was just a simple enjoyable brawl. Mox wins with the dirty deeds. 

Match rating - ***

Post match beatdown ensues and we get the debut of JEFF COBB. Great reaction and debut for him. The Inner Circle is looking good and that match next week is gonna pop off if it happens (Mox/Cobb). 

Awesome show. 

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