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NWA-TNA PPV #2 Review - June 26th, 2002

June 26th, 2002
Huntsville, AL

Clips from the Styles/Lynn/Ki/Psichosis main event

Commentary - Don West, Mike Tenay & Ed Ferrara

Replays air of last week's Jeff Jarrett shenanigans and before you know it, his music hits and he wants his match with Scott Hall RIGHT NOW BY GOD.

1) Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall (w/ Toby Keith & Jackie Fargo)

This was so much better than it had any right to be. Jarrett was such a good chicken shit heel. Focusing on outsmarting Hall/short cuts and rest hold. They tease the Toby/Jarrett stuff. It's soooo good then they do a stupid ass finish. Toby does a lowblow on Jarrett and he & Hall do a double team move on him and REFEREE SLICK JOHNSON slides back in and counts the pin with Toby standing right there.. alrighty.

Match rating - **1/4
CATFIGHT replay from last week. Don West is very excited about the lingerie battle royal.

2) Cheex vs. Frank Parker

"They're gonna need a dolly to get him up that ramp." -Don West

This is fucked. First off... "Cheex" second off.. Don West's comment during Cheex's entrance. Mike Tenay and Ed Ferrara are yelling about a tag match for next week. Anyway. I know nothing about Cheex but he seems like nothing more than TNA's imitation of Rikishi. He slams his ass into Parker's face minutes in and yeah I'm not writing anymore about this. Cheex squash.

Borash is paying off Alicia at ringside while the "TNA GIRLS dance" and Mike Tenay hypes up the tag title tournament next week.

Mike Tenay loves talking about Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler. Replay of last week airs. I want K-Krush/R-Truth to beat the shit out of both of them and Brian Christopher, this entire segment was so racist. I'm annoyed I had to see it again. Garbage.

3) K-Krush vs. Brian Christopher (w/ Sterling Marlin & Hermie Sadler)

This was fun then another dumb celebrity involved finish. I also don't understand the story of this and how K-Krush is the villain. Especially when he's out numbered here and they cost him the match by crotching him on the ropes. Everything about this, including last week, was backwards as fuck in so many ways but the action was fine and an easy watch.

Match rating - **1/4

4) Lingerie Battle Royal

Borash messes up the introductions and this is a mess. I skipped through most of it. Taylor Vaughn wins and is MISS TNA. Francine attacks her after the match.

Goldilocks is backstage to interview Apollo. Bobcat interrupts with David Young. Goldilocks cuts the interview.

4) Apollo vs. David Young (w/ Bobcat)

They hype this up like these two could be the future of TNA. Bobcat hops onto JB's lap at ringside and distracts David Young. Apollo wins.

Match rating - *3/4

5) James Storm & Chris Harris vs. The Rainbow Express (w/ Joel Gertner)

Aside from all the problematic, sketchy comments throughout, this was good. Storm & Harris are so perfect together despite this being their first actual time teaming. You can tell they're gonna be something special and I love it. They get the surprise victory here.

Match rating - **1/2

Ricky Steamboat is in the ring to introduce the new NWA Heavyweight Champion that was crowned last week.. Ken Shamrock. Shamrock gets the crowd going only for James Mitchell to come out and crash the party. Mitchell asks Shamrock if he has the guts to face one of his disciples with the title on the line next week. Mitchell brings out Slash. Only for Malice to slide in the ring behind Shamrock and throttle him with a chokeslam. I am stoked if they do a one on one match between them bc their final sequence in the battle royal ruled.

6) AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low Ki vs. Psichosis - Double Elimination Match for the X Division Title 

The X Division steals the show! The rules to this are a little confusing and deeeeefinitely some TNA shit, but the men involved are too good and given too much time for it to be anything less than fantastic. Psicosis & Low Ki are the first two eliminated. They got nice showings in before their eliminations, though. Things come down to Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles who proceed to absolutely tear the house down. It is just.. great fucking pro wrestling. The commentators chalk it up to being as awesome as Steamboat/Flair and other legendary NWA Title matches. I wouldn't go that far, but this is without a doubt the best match in the promotion up to this point and one of the standard bearer matches for years and years to come. The start of groundbreaking work from everyone involved. Styles wins after an array of nearfalls that had Huntsville on their feet. This is a special match for many reasons and the definite start to the legendary run that AJ would tread on for the next two decades. 

Match rating - ****

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