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TNA Impact Review - February 13th, 2014

TNA Impact Review - February 13th, 2014

by Ethan Lewis

The show started with Dixie Carter, World Champion Magnus, EC3, and Rockstar Spud. They delivered a rather boring promo until MVP interrupted accompanied by Samoa Joe. MVP announces that the main event of Lockdown will be Samoa Joe challenging Magnus for the World Championship. This brings out Gunner who still has the briefcase that assures him a world title shot. Gunner says he's cashing it in next week. Dixie objects and announces Gunner vs. EC3 with the case on the line tonight, but MVP counters that and announces Gunner vs. EC3 with the World Title and Tag Team Title briefcases on the line in a Ladder Match next!

1) James Storm & Gunner vs. Magnus & EC3 - Ladder Match

This match was originally just EC3 vs. Gunner and it was going good, but Magnus ran to the ring and interfered. I was pissed at first because I thought it would be just another overbooking situation from TNA, but MVP came out and made it a tag match. It was pretty good, I was most impressed with EC3. He's honestly been growing on me over the past few weeks. At first I didn't like him, but he's really impressed me lately. He delivered another solid performance here. He showcased alot of great moves such as a dropkick off the turnbuckle to the outside, kicking a ladder into Gunner and delivering a frog splash onto Storm on the ladder. Good match that got the show off to a great start.

Match rating - 7/10

2) Samoa Joe, Eddie Edwards, & Davey Richards vs. Zema Ion & The Bromans

Finally we got to see the Wolves debut on TNA and just as I expected, they put on a great performance. The fast paced team work that they are known for was showcased here. Joe was a fitting choice for their partner and they worked well together. This was a very fun and entertaining six man tag!

Match rating - 7.5/10

After this match, we got an awesome exchange between Eric Young and Abyss. Abyss came out unmasked. He's Joseph Park for anyone who doesn't know. The two went back and forth in a heated promo battle that left me wondering where this storyline would go from here. You should definitely go back and watch this promo if you missed it. Good stuff once again from both guys.

3) MVP vs. Rockstar Spud

Squash match. Nothing special here. This just happened so everyone could see Spud get his ass handed to him by MVP.

4) Chris Sabin vs. Velvet Sky

And here we have one of the greatest X Divison wrestlers of all time in a "match" with a woman when he could be competing against rookie X Division competitors such as Kenny King and Manik. Bad booking of Sabin, he's a really good wrestler. This segment did accomplish establishing a new knockout on the roster as a women attacked Velvet during the "match", so atleast it wasn't a complete waste.

5) Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson - Casket Match

Bully Ray and Anderson have been having outstanding hardcore matchups together since 2011. They've feuded various times over the past few years and their most recent feud has been just as good as their previous ones. They always deliver and what better way to settle this long time rivarly than with a casket match? This was a smash mouth brawl filled with physicality just like these two are known for. Anderson got a bloody nose around half-way through which just showed how physical this bout was. Various weapons were used such as chairs and tables and of course the casket. Great match, best one of the night by far.

Match rating - 8.5/10

Overall thoughts: I enjoyed this week's edition of Impact. There were several good match ups and some interesting storylines that progressed very well. While there were some duds (Sabin/Sky) and a squash match (Spud/MVP), the show was for the most part very entertaining. I'd say this episode is worth checking out if you missed it to see the Ladder Match, the six man tag, the Eric Young/Abyss promo, and the Casket match. All of those are quality matches and segments. There's honestly nothing I would say to skip because even in the dud segments/matches, storylines progressed well either by matches being announced or a new star debuting. Each segment and match accomplished something. That's always a good thing. Solid episode of Impact.

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