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Fantasy Booking: The Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Championship at Payback

This week on Monday Night Raw, the WWE Title Match between Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, & Roman Reigns scheduled for Payback got a new dynamic added to it as Dean Ambrose earned himself a spot in the match. Many people expected us to get a Shield Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam so when news came that we'd get it early, everyone went nuts including myself. This excitement turned into me coming up with many different scenarios in this match and I've decided to share them with you here.

This will be different than my other Fantasy Bookings in that I've never done one particular match before. Usually I do months worth of storylines and while I'm contemplating booking the summer, I had so many ideas for the complete layout of this match that I decided to do this instead/first.

If you've read my fantasy bookings before, you pretty much know what to expect. If not, I always like to give a bit of introduction and disclaimer. This is NOT what is rumored to happen, this is NOT what I expect to happen, this IS how I would book this match if given the opportunity as well as how I think it should be done. As the title suggests this is purely fantasy. I will go through this match and discuss certain moments/exchanges that I would have take place all the way through the finish. Buckle up, this is set to be a wild ride.

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton - WWE Championship Match
The bell rings and all four men are each in a corner. Immediately, the faces (Orton, Ambrose & Reigns) begin targeting their enemy, Seth Rollins. They corner him and the men begin exchanging words. In the weeks leading up to this match, Rollins tried to hint at his Shield brethren helping him eliminate Orton so they could figure out who the best from The Shield really is. Ambrose & Reigns both shrugged it off.. until now. Ambrose & Reigns look around and realize the numbers game and turn their attention to Orton. Ambrose & Reigns followed by Rollins start walking towards Orton. Orton starts smirking and mouths "You've got to be kidding me, you're gonna listen to him?" Out of nowhere The Shield strikes! They attack Orton and back him completely into the corner. They beat him down viciously. The crowd goes crazy as this is reminiscent of The Shield's old beatdowns. They hit a few of their old double teams before sending Orton into the buckles. As the fight goes on, Rollins begins backing away. Ambrose & Reigns are still working over Orton in the corner when they realize Rollins has disappeared. They slowly turn around to find Rollins in position to strike just like he was the night he turned on them. Rollins puts his hands up and tries to say it's not what it looks like. Ambrose & Reigns disagree and nail Rollins with a double clothesline. They take Rollins out and the crowd erupts. Ambrose & Reigns both amp the audience up before returning to the center of the ring where they come face to face. Before they can come to blows or anything, Orton interrupts with a clothesline on both men at the same time. Orton throws Reigns to the outside and follows him to the floor. Orton slams Reigns into the barricade and starts delivering boots to him. Ambrose comes to his senses in the ring and sees Orton beating on Reigns. Ambrose goes for a dive on Orton. Orton moves, AMBROSE HITS REIGNS! Ambrose's jaw drops as he realizes what he did. He turns around, RKO OUT OF NOWHERE ON THE FLOOR! Orton is PUMPED!! Rollins is back in the mix though and nails Orton with a chair to the back! Rollins throws Orton into the steel steps and then back into the ring to isolate one of his challengers. Rollins works over Orton for several minutes meanwhile Ambrose & Reigns begin to stir on the outside. Both men come to their feet and Reigns immediately shoves Ambrose and confronts him about the dive. Ambrose tries to explain what happened. Rollins notices this and comes to the ropes and starts laughing & pointing at them. Meanwhile Orton is back to his feet, he rolls up Rollins from behind!! 1...2... AMBROSE & REIGNS PULL ORTON OUT OF THE RING! AMBROSE & REIGNS JUST SAVED ROLLINS! Rollins is in shock at everything that just occured. He nearly lost his title and Ambrose & Reigns saved him. The Shield insticts of Ambrose & Reigns must have kicked in because they immediately start assaulting Orton and send him into the ring post. Reigns sends Orton flying over the announce table. Ambrose clears the announce table. Are we about to see the signature powerbomb? Reigns sets Orton up and Ambrose goes to assist him, but Reigns brushes him off. REIGNS POWERBOMBS ORTON THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Reigns roars, but his roar is cut short as Ambrose lifts up the steel steps and nails Reigns in the head with them! AMBROSE TOOK THE FIRST SHOT! Ambrose drops the steps and stands over Reigns and begins muttering words and flailing his hands. Rollins is in the ring laughing once again when Ambrose lays his eyes on him. Ambrose charges the ring and Rollins scoots out. Ambrose starts chasing Rollins around the ring. Rollins turns the corner, Reigns is up, ROLLINS LEAP FROGS HIM USING THE STEEL STEPS, Ambrose doesn't have time to react, SPEAR TO AMBROSE IN MID AIR!!! Reigns begins assaulting Ambrose before posing for the crowd once again. Rollins takes this opportunity to assault Ambrose himself. Reigns finds Rollins doing so and just stares at him. Rollins reminds him of their time as tag champs and coaxes him to work with him as he slings Ambrose in the ring. Rollins & Reigns being working over Ambrose. They do some damage to the Lunatic Fringe, enough that Rollins goes for a pinfall, but Reigns pulls him off and shakes his head. Is Reigns going to take him out? No! He says he wants to hit the superman punch. Rollins smiles and says "Line him up!" Reigns gets in the corner to set up for the manuever. Ambrose gets to his feet. Reigns charges, but changes course - SUPERMAN PUNCH TO ROLLINS OUT OF NOWHERE. Ambrose rolls up Reigns immediately - 1..2..KICK OUT! Both men are back on their feet. Reigns goes for a clothesline, Ambrose ducks and hits the ropes again, SUPERMAN PUNCH TO AMBROSE THAT STOPS HIM DEAD IN HIS TRACKS! Ambrose stumbles back, springs off the second rope, BRUTAL REBOUND LARIAT TO REIGNS! Both men are down! Everyone is down at this point. Orton is beginning to stir on the remnants of the announce table and he looks PISSED! He crawls back into the ring and starts pounding the mat. Reigns is first to his feet and RKO! Ambrose is up next and Orton attemps and RKO, but Ambrose shoves him off. Ambrose has him well scouted at this point since he got hit with one on the outside earlier. Orton won't be stopped though. Kick to the gut of Ambrose, Orton throws him across the second rope. Is it DDT time? YES IT IS! Rope assisted to DDT to Ambrose! Orton is back up and even more riled up. ROLLINS COMES OFF THE TOP ROPE OUT OF NOWHERE, FLYING KNEE TO THE SIDE OF ORTON'S HEAD! 1..2..ORTON KICKS OUT! Rollins is frustrated. He sets Orton up closer to the turnbuckle. Rollins climbs to the top rope. Is this going to be a Pheonix Splash? YES! He goes for the Phoenix Splash! OH MY GOD! RKO OUT OF NOWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PHOENIX SPLASH! Orton covers Rollins - 1...2...REIGNS IS IN TO BREAK IT UP!! Reigns lifts Orton to his feet and starts going through his moves. Clotheslines and slams. He lifts up Orton for the Samoan Drop and here comes Rollins. REIGNS GETS ROLLINS ON HIS SHOULDERS AS WELL! DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP TO BOTH ORTON & ROLLINS. Orton rolls to the outside, but Rollins is still in the ring. Reigns is ready to finish this thing. He sets up in the corner for the spear. Before he can nail it though, Ambrose pulls his legs out from under him and crotches him on the ring post. Ambrose climbs up the turnbuckles and reaches the top. FLYING ELBOW DROP ON ROLLINS! 1...2...ROLLINS KICKS OUT! Ambrose goes crazy! He rolls to the outside and pulls Rollins over near the apron before going under the ring! This is a Fatal Four Way which means there are no disqualifications! Ambrose pulls out a table from under the ring! As he's setting it up, Reigns is back to his feet and Rollins is leaning on the bottom rope. RUNNING DROPKICK FROM THE FLOOR TO ROLLINS! Reigns turns around and meets Ambrose with a uppercut/shot to the face. Orton is around on that side of the ring now as well. Orton goes to irish whip Reigns into the barricade, Reigns reverses and throws Orton near the time keepers area. REIGNS SPEARS ORTON THROUGH THE TIME KEEPERS BARRICADE! THIS IS INSANITY! Everyone is down once again except for Ambrose who is stirring. He goes back to Rollins and sets him on the table. Before he can execute the move, Kane runs down and pulls Rollins off the table. They back towards the entrance way. Ambrose turns in that direction and delivers a crossbody onto Kane! Rollins shoves Kane and moves out of the way to save himself thus avoiding the blow. Ambrose gets up and SUPERKICK FROM ROLLINS. Rollins runs over and picks up Reigns from the pile of rubbish in the time keepers area. He puts him in the ring and covers him - 1...2...KANE PULLS ROLLINS OUT OF THE RING! Kane is sick of helping Rollins and not getting the same in return! Kane sends Rollins into the barricade! KANE HAS SNAPPED! CHOKESLAM TO ROLLINS THROUGH THE TABLE! Kane picks up Rollins and throws him into the ring. Reigns sets him up for the spear. SPEAR TO ROLLINS! 1...2...ORTON PUNT KICKS REIGNS IN THE HEAD!! Orton is gonna win it! He sets up Reigns for the RKO ANDDD HITS IT! But here comes Ambrose - DIRTY DEEDS TO ORTON! This has got to be it for Orton, he's survived a spear through the barricade and the powerbomb through table. Ambrose covers - 1....2...ROLLINS PULLS AMBROSE OUT OF THE RING! ROLLINS COVERS ORTON - 1...2....3 - SETH ROLLINS RETAINS THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

I booked the ending like I did for multiple reasons. For one, neither Ambrose or Reigns got pinned. Two, Orton took the most punishment in the match therefore he was the most vulnerable. Three, the Kane bit sets up the match that's been building since the night after Mania - Kane/Rollins. I also booked this to make Rollins like even more like the sneaky, sly bastard that always escapes with the title. Kinda similar to Edge's heel run. I also wanted to make Ambrose & Reigns look really strong hence why Reigns got in several big spots and Ambrose basically got the victory taken right out of his hands by Rollins. After this, Kane & Rollins have the blow off to their long building feud at Money in the Bank while Ambrose, Reigns, & Orton all find themselves in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match vying for another title opportunity.

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