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Lucha Underground Review - "Ancient Medallions" (May 13th, 2015)

I wasn't able to get together a review for last week's show although I did tune in. It's something worth talking about so I'll give my thoughts here in short by saying this - watch it. Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron put on a match that is being hailed as a classic and I can't find an argument to counter that claim because it was simply fantastic. It's honestly one of the best matches I've seen from either man and that's something considering both guys are former WWE Superstars.

That leads us here to this week's episode of LU. The news of Jack Evans debuting had me excited to tune in as well as the big #1 Contender's Match between Alberto El Patron & Hernandez. Therefore, let's talk about my pre-show thoughts no more and get right into tonight's happenings!

1) Jack Evans vs. Aerostar
Oh boy! Jack Evans in the temple? This is HYPE and it was solified by the monsterous reaction he recieved. It comes as no surprise considering that outside of Mexico, California is where Evans did most of his work in the US in promotions such as PWG and WAR back in the day. Now he's on my television and I'm stoked for him. Despite the beloved reaction he got when he entered, it didn't last long as his cockiness got the better of him. He still put on a show though as he nailed a 450 splash off the railing that proved to me that he was here to leave a mark. Jack didn't come out on top although he certainly made an impression. Aerostar picks up a victory that he really needed after coming off a big loss to Drago in their series. Great, high impact opener.

Match rating - ***1/4

2) Fenix vs. Cage vs. Mack vs. Killshot vs. King Cuerno vs. Sexy Star vs. Pentagon Jr
This match was for Dario Cuerto's Aztec Medallion. What that is, hardly anyone knows, but it promises big things for the winner. With that being said, these seven competitors put it all on the line here. There were several reocurring storylines in the match, most notably that of Pentagon Jr & Sexy Star still having issues. They touched on it throughout and even played it into an epic finish. Before I mention that however, I have to mention some of the insane exchanges that took place here. The first that comes to mind is Fenix going for a dive only to be caught by Cage in position for suplex! That man is a fucking machine! He waits too long though, KILLSHOT WITH A DIVE TAKING OUT BOTH MEN! That brought me out of my seat! Back in the ring, Pentagon Jr begins cleaning house. He ends up getting Fenix set up for the package piledriver, Sexy Star interrupts and OH MY GOD HE LIFTS HER UP AND HANGS HER FROM HIS SHOULDERS. What's gonna happen?! He hooks the arms of Sexy Star with his, picks up the legs of Fenix and PACKAGE PILEDRIVER WITH SEXY STAR ON HIS BACK! Jeez! Fenix got his head spiked into the mat and Sexy Star's took the full brunt as she was spread across his back. He goes for the pin, but its broken up. In the end, Fenix would recover and pick up the victory out of nowhere with a vicious reverserana on Pentagon Jr. Awesome multi-man match.

Match rating - ***3/4

3) Alberto El Patron vs. Hernandez - #1 Contender's Match

This didn't go AT ALL like I expected. I thought it was odd that they were only gettin ten minutes however I never guessed we would see Johnny Mundo run down and attack Alberto. At first, I was like man, guess Mundo's going to be a heel now, as he DDT'd El Patron. Then he proceeded to take this entire thing to the next level by throwing Alberto THROUGH THE WINDOW of the boss, Dario Cueto's office!!! Note, this didn't call for a DQ because Dario made it where this match could only end via pin or submission. Wonder why? This match left us with alot of questions. Alberto is rolled back into the ring with his face covered in blood. Hernandez covers him for the three count. Phenomenal angle! Mundo is 100% hated, Hernandez is the official #1 contender, and we have one hell of a cliffhanger heading into next week.

Overall thoughts: Once again, Lucha Underground delivers a quality professional wrestling program. You got awesome action and great storyline progression. From the opener with Jack Evans debut to Sexy Star & Pentagon continiuing their issues in the insane seven way bout to the shocking ending with Johnny Mundo entering a new phase in his career, this was everything you could ask for from a wrestling show. As usual, I highly recommend this week's episode if you missed it. And I have to mention that a Trios Title Ladder Match was scheduled for next week - UNBELIEVABLE! Can't wait for next week's show!

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