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AEW Dynamite Review - March 4th, 2020

AEW Dynamite Live on TNT
Bromfield, Colorado 
March 4th, 2020 
New AEW World Champion Jon Moxley speaks
Awesome classic opening segment here from the new champ. Had a real big feel to it. Moxley says AEW brought pro wrestling back and gives a rally speech about what led him here and what's to come. I got chills. The crowd is going nuts. This rules. Jericho comes out and is the perfect counterpart to the ultra babyface Mox as always. Jericho promises that Moxley won't leave the show on his own two feet and if he does, he will take a 2 month leave of absence from AEW.

1) The Dark Order vs. Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, & Scorpio Sky 

With all the teasing and suspicion surrounding who "The Exalted One" of the Dark Order will be, this is an interesting 8 man. Not to mention, the Daniels conspiracy also! AND this is Colt Cabanas debut! So much wrapped into one little eight man banger and it's a lot of fun. Everyone looked good and Colt had a fantastic debut getting the pin in very unique fashion. Uno gets on the mic after frustrated as soon as the bell rings and says this isn't how it was supposed to go and the exalted one will not be happy. 

Match rating - ***1/4 

2) Big Swole vs. Leva Bates

Britt Baker is back on commentary for more gold with Tony Schiavone. This is complete squash though. Swole gets the win and I'm assuming will be challenging Nyla soon. 

Cody speaks on his loss against MJF

3) PAC vs. Chuck Taylor (w/ Trent & Orange Cassidy)

Another good match from PAC in his epic week that began with the Ironman match with Omega then went to Revolution for the barnburner with Orange Cassidy. Now we're here. He teases going after Cassidy during the match which Chuck capitalizes on. They gave this more time than I expected but it's really fun. Chuck hits the awful waffle for a near fall and goes for a moonsault from the top turnbuckles. He misses and eats shit and gets tapped out by PAC.  

Match rating - ***1/4

Post match, PAC keeps messing with Chuck, Trent steps up only for Cassidy step in front of him and we get a staredown. Out of nowhere, Lucha Bros run down and double superkick Cassidy and we proceed to witness the formation of the "Death Triangle" as PAC calls it. This is pretty cool. Savage beatdown on Cassidy with Pentagon biting his ear as PAC holds his face like a trophy. "no one is safe" says PAC. 

4) Jake Hager (w/ LAX) vs. QT Marshall (w/ Brandi and Dustin Rhodes)

Honestly don't even remember what happened in the match because the post was so awesome. Hager & LAX start beating down Marshall. Dustin Rhodes hits the ring, he gets beat down. Cody runs down to save his brother. Cleans house until Ortiz nails him with a chair shot which brings down MATT JACKSON of the Young Bucks who gets taken out after a short hot run. Then out walks the star himself - HANGMAN PAGE. This was so perfectly done. Long slow walk and tease of whether he'd make the save or not. He eventually does and the crowd goes wild. Amazing Buckshot lariat spot. He comes face to face with Matt as the faces are celebrating and FLIPS HIM OFF. God. The heat is still there Jesus Christ. 

5) Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs. Darby Allin & Jon Moxley 

Moxley gets attacked on his way to the ring so Darby is left to fend for himself. The perfect spot for Darby Allin. The crowd is into him fighting from under and not backing down so this is hot through and through. Eventually the heels are too much for Darby and he gets pinned but the effort was valiant. 

Match rating - ***1/4

Post match, Moxley makes the big run in return to close the show. He gets outnumbered though and is powerbombed off the stage through a table by Jericho and the rest of Inner Circle who stand tall throwing middle fingers as Dynamite goes off air. 

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