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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - July 4th, 2002

WWE Smackdown
July 4th, 2002
Boston, MA

Lillian Garcia opens the show with a rendition of the US National Anthem because it's July 4th and all. She's interrupted by fucking Christian, Lance Storm, & Test. The new Canadian coalition that hates America. This was brilliant. They lay it on thick and get booed out of the building before Rikishi rolls down.

1) Rikishi vs. Lance Storm

This was a quickie. Rikishi dominates and gets on the second rope for a splash. Test kicks him down and Storm gets the cheap win.

The Undisputed Champion The Undertaker is shown arriving at the arena after his star making abilities were put on display with Jeff Hardy on Raw a few nights earlier.

Backstage, Stacy Keibler tells John Cena that Vince wants to see him in his office. Aw hell.

2) Rev Devon Dudley & Batista vs. Randy Orton & Val Venis

Guess Randy traded in Farooq for Val after losing last week? Batista & Val are so randomly unnecessarily stiff here and it's pretty wild. Orton looks slick and great as normal. Batista, too. The focal point of this is both of them and Orton trying to get one back on him from last week, but he gets swatted down like a fly. Batista & Devon with the W.

John Cena finds Vince's office and unintentionally interrupts a convo between Chris Jericho and the boss. Jericho doesn't take kindly and asks John "what kind of Ruthless Aggression do you have, junior?" And Cena responds with the infamous slap that floors Y2J. 

Kurt Angle backstage and he shows his own highlight reel lmao. Dear lord. Angle says tonight on July 4th he will become the Undisputed Champion by defeating The Undertaker. 

Billy & Chuck are eating hot dogs backstage to celebrate the 4th, Rico tells them they need to get focused bc their tag title defense is NEXT

3) Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo (w/ Rico) (c) vs. Hulk Hogan & Edge - WWE Tag Team Title Match 

Crowd is hot as hell for Hulk. I could care less. But these two things are prob expected. Hogan starts to give the crowd what they want. Edge gets in and gets worked over for the eventual hot tag back to Hogan. Finishing run is good. Edge hits the spear then he & Hogan do a double boot and they both hit leg drops. Hogan & Edge are tag champs! 

Match rating - **1/2

4) Chris Jericho vs. John Cena 

Fun sprint with Cena seeming to have Jericho's number and with how last week went, the crowd really thought there was a chance Cena could get the upset so they bit on every pin attempt. Jericho wins but only with use of the ropes. He tries to cheap shot Cena after the match and it backfires bc Cena catches with him with what would become his signature spin out suplex. 

Match rating - **1/4

"Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble has been living .. 'high on the hog' so to speak" - from this statement I knew this next segment was going to be the best form of hell. Jamie Noble has bought Nidia a new trailer. He shows her around then they fuck in their first ever full size bed. 2002. 

5) Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler - Bra & Panties Match 

Torrie makes quick work of stripping Stacy down and gets the win. Torrie still shows off and strips down after the match though and shows off her American lingerie for a huge pop from all the horndogs! 

The Undertaker is backstage talking about what he is gonna do to The Rock next week and Kurt Angle tonight. 

6) The Undertaker (c) vs. Kurt Angle - WWE Undisputed Title Match 

Good main event here despite the non finish. Angle is at his A Game around this time so nothing is ever bad. And the tease of the ankle lock for three seconds during his attack on Taker last week sold me on this one completely. So when he locked that in here, the crowd popped super hard. They kinda just trade stuff but little things like that thrown in make it solid. Then there's a non finish but honestly not the annoying kind cause it just tells me there's more to come from this and they do a thing where Angle has Taker in a triangle choke so his shoulders are on the mat for a three count just as Taker taps. 

Match rating - **3/4

There's controversy on who wins and ultimately it's ruled a no contest so Taker retains. Angle attacks him after and has to be pulled off. The UNDISPUTED TITLE IS IN DISPUTE ~~~


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