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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Raw Review - November 25th, 2002

WWE Raw Review
November 25th, 2002
Charleston, South Carolina


1) Chris Jericho & Christian (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) - World Tag Team Championship Match 
Poor Spike already getting the boot now that D-Von is back :( but this match I’m pretty stoked on. Crowd is mad hot on The Dudleys being back together and Jericho & Christian have been hot and cold recently with one another. But this kinda uh was a bummer. D-Von is in first and it seems they’re building to a hot Bubba tag only to have Jericho catch D-Von in a pinning combo for three. Well....

Eric Bischoff is out next with Val Ven—- I mean, Sean Morley. Bischoff has named Sean the new Chief of Staff. Morley restarts the damn match and here we go. The restart only lasts a minute or two and The Dudleyz win and we have new Tag Team Champions... or not?

Sean Morley comes out and says Bubba wasn’t the legal man so the pin doesn’t count and they restart the match again. Alright this went from whatever to stupid as all of god damn fuck. Jericho & Christian win the third fall. 

Match rating - 1/2* (yes that’s a half star fuck this leave it to them to somehow make a Dudleys/Jericho & Christian match be bad) 

Triple H got hurt at Elimination Chamber so we won’t see him tonight or any time soon I guess? 

Terri runs into Shawn Michaels backstage to talk about his match with RVD tonight. Shawn has on a JESUS shirt. Shawn says no one deserves a shot tonight more than RVD. Shawn walks off and Jericho & Christian walk up and spray champagne on Terri asking her to join their celebration. They shit talk Scott Steiner and stuff and talk about giving the women of charleston some “vitamin C”. 

2) Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. Steven Richards

Test wins and thank god bc Steven Richards under this current gimmick is ANNOYING. 

Match rating - *

The Dudleyz steal Jericho & Christian’s bags while they are in the shower and then lock them out of the locker room so they’re just stranded in their towels lmao.

Stacy and Test share a happy moment only for Victoria to get weird as fuck and grab her by the mouth when Test walks off and says she likes her for a reason no one else does and she licks her and says “the taste of fear”.... 

Replay of Al Snow dying in that dumbass hardcore match last week. 

3) Chris Nowinski vs. Maven 

AW HELL. The tough enough boys finna collide. Well not quite. They brawl before the bell and Maven gets “knocked out” with Nowinski’s book. 

Jericho yells at some dude in the hallway still in his towel. Meanwhile, Christian found some clothes for them to put on and it’s 3MW’s OMG HAHAHAHA. Rico bucks up and acts tough to them and they cower. Weird seeing Rico do that, but I guess it works because Jamal & Rosey were there too. 

4) Victoria (c) vs. Trish Stratus - Women’s Title Match

Wow this actually was decent. Not great, not overly good, but most stomachable thing on this show so far. Just a clean cut, to the point match with the crazy gimmick of Victoria getting played up well. Vic retains with the widow’s peak finisher. 

Match rating - **

Shawn Michaels is backstage looking for RVD and finds him. Michaels says RVD reminds him of a young HBK but thinks he’s missing one important thing. Van Dam says “enlighten me” and HBK SLAPS HIM AND RVD SLAPS BACK. THE FUCK? Shawn says “now you’re speaking my language kid” and they stare down as we go to commercial. 

TONIGHT: Batista vs. Kane 

Jericho & Christian are still looking for their bags or some clothes. Christian is worried about “shrinkage” and they stumble upon Regal and some others watching Bubba & D-Von on the screen heading to the ring with their bags and start scrambling to go after them. The Dudleyz begin giving away Jericho & Christian’s clothes and throwing them in the crowd. Jericho & Christian come out and end up getting their towels pulled down by Spike and they are butt ass naked running back behind the curtain, but the camera pans out so you can’t really see anything. Ok that was kinda funny!

5) Jeff Hardy & The Hurricane vs. William Regal & Lance Storm 

They continue to pair Hardy and Hurricane individually with random other baby faces so it’s no shock they’ve ended up teaming together now. Also the NC affiliation is cool in their regard as a team too. Anyway. This wasn’t much. Storm taps Hurricane out to a sharpshooter. Hardy gets a flurry post match but is taken out by Regal & Storm. 

6) Kane vs. Batista 

Ric Flair comes out and allows Batista to attack Kane from behind without making an entrance. All this happens before the bell. Things get going and they hype up this being Batista’s first big test. Kane gives him hell, but Flair hits him with a chair and it allows Batista to nail with a sit out powerbomb, what would become known as the Batista Bomb, for the win. 

Backstage, Morley and Bischoff talking over the trade which was himself, Ivory, Maven, & D-Von for Big Show. Bischoff says Show leaving Raw and becoming Smackdown on champion is embarrassing and Scott Steiner being on Smackdown next week is too. Morley says he can guarantee Steiner on Raw next week before we are interrupted by another Randy Orton cringe injury update. 

7) Rico vs. Goldust 

A nothing match. Goldust wins. 

8) Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Rob Van Dam - World Heavyweight Championship Match

I admit this feels kinda big. Shawn’s first match on Raw since December of 1997. And it’s a dream match of sorts and a World Title defense. HBK works the leg of RVD and Van Dam fires back, taking aim at the back of Shawn. He hits an insane frog splash onto the fucking back of HBK from half way across the ring. Before things can pay off, though, Van Dam is pulled out of the ring by Triple H. DQ finish. Shawn retains.

Match rating - **1/4 

H grabs a chair and sets it up in the ring, but Shawn catches him with right hands! AWESOME trading of blows here with a hot crowd but H catches Shawn in a side slam and drops him back first onto the seat of the chair. OUCH. Show ends with JR yelling “WHAT HAS TRIPLE H DONE TO OUR CHAMPION??!” 

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