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WWE: 205 Live Review - October 9th, 2020

WWE: 205 Live Review 
October 9th, 2020 

This is the 200th episode of 205 Live. 

1) Ariya Daivari vs. Jake Atlas
Jake Atlas is the newcomer here as Daivari is one of the few people from the original 205 Live that began in 2016 that is still around. Daivari really dominates and cuts off every attempt Atlas made to get anything going. Until about 6-7 minutes in and Atlas starts mounting some offense and hits an awesome dive. It feels like things are about to get into hype territory when Tony Nese shows up and knocks the shit out of Atlas. Cool seeing Nese and it makes you wanna see the newcomer Atlas succeed even more, but damn this match felt like it was just about to start getting good when that happened. Atlas wins via DQ. 

Match rating - **1/2

Replay of Ashante Adonis’ last meeting with Brian Kendrick. Apparently there’s a story here as Adonis has lost to Kendrick twice. In the replays, Kendrick and Adonis shake hands as Kendrick tells an emotional Adonis that he’s a future star and he’s there if/when he needs advice. LETS GO. 

Back from ads, Nigel is dancing at the commentary booth lmao. We get replays of the AMAZING Scott/Escobar cruserweight title match from Takeover 31 a few weeks ago. That’s honestly the match that made me wanna tune back into 205 Live even though the title is technically a NXT thing now, a lot of these guys still compete on here so yeah. 

2) The Brian Kendrick vs. Ashante Adonis 

Paragraph before last is the backstory on this one. Adonis has been catching my eye lately so I was kinda stoked to see this and obviously it’s 205 Live so it’s never gonna be GREAT, but this was a solid little match that I’m sure was a milestone for someone like Adonis against a veteran like Kendrick. I have been a huge backer of Kendrick for a long time and think he deserves loads of appreciation for his body of work over the past 20 years so seeing him in this gatekeeper / veteran role in 205 Live working with all these younger talents is super cool to me. But yeah. He gave Adonis a bit of struggle here, but Adonis gets his moment in the end and pins Kendrick after a little back and forth. It could have been a lot more considering the significance I think they were going for, but the story was simple and the work was fine. I liked it. Kendrick and Adonis shake hands post match.

Match rating - **3/4

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