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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - November 21st, 2002

WWE Smackdown 
November 21st, 2002
Hartford, Connecticut 

Brock Lesnar is pacing in the garage waiting on Big Show & Paul Heyman to arrive following the screw job they pulled on him at Survivor Series.

1) Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble

For some reason, Rey, a wrestler who has never competed on Raw, is on the cover of Raw magazine this month.. and Taz has a copy of it on Smackdown promoting it. The logic doesn’t exist. But yeah this might be the best sprint/squash ever??? Like Rey was amazing at these in 02 but this one was for real flawless. 

Match rating - **3/4 

Brock is still pacing backstage. He goes into the men’s locker room and I don’t even know what’s funnier. John Cena’s reaction or Brock throwing Matt Hardy through a fucking wall when he tries to give him advice on what he could have done better at Survivor Series. 
Eddie Guerrero & Chavo check on Matt and say they feel unsafe with Brock throwing Matt through the wall. Steph says she will handle it. 

Nidia and Jamie Noble backstage. Noble says he is gonna have to call his “crazy cousin” Nunzio to get his life back on track since losing the cruserweight title. Nidia begs him not to.

Steph tells Brock if he lays hands on Heyman, Show or anyone else he will be suspended. 

2) Billy Kidman (c) vs. Tajiri - Cruserweight Title Match

Kidman’s first defense since becoming champion. It’s ok. Not much to really write home or gripe about as it’s pretty short. He retains with the SSP.

Match rating - **

Show & Heyman show up and mock the fact that Brock can’t touch them without getting suspended. 

3) Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero 

This stems from Chavo being the one who hit Benoit with the belt at Survivor Series which ended up costing he & Angle the match. Mike Chioda sends Eddie to the back before things get started here. Benoit starts out with suplexes early. Chavo escapes the trio, but a minute or two later finds himself trapped again. This whole match was essentially Chavo trying not to get eaten alive by Benoit and failing. Off a dive off the top rope, Benoit catches Chavo in the crossface for the submission win. 

Match rating - **1/4

Steph lets Brock know that Show & Heyman are about to head to the ring, but he has stay in the back for his own safety and health. Brock says THATS BULLSH*T.

Paul Heyman comes out .. to.. Brock Lesnar’s.. music. Huge “asshole chants” and by the end of this they should be even bigger. He puts Show over and then announces that before the match at Survivor Series, he tweaked the contract and added a no rematch clause to it.. so no rematch for Brock :/ 

As Heyman & Show are leaving, Brock snaPS AND NAILS SHOW WITH A CHAIR BEFORE GETTING RESTRAINED. Steph yells at him after the break, but doesn’t suspend him. 

4) Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero 

Chavo was banned from ringside here like Eddie was earlier. Although, he tried creeping his way back down and managed to interfere here and there which sorta became the story of this as Angle kept overcoming it. Chris Benoit came out onto the stage, but never came down to help. Angle catches Eddie on the rope and nails an avalanche Angle Slam for the win. 

Match rating - **3/4

SCOTT STEINER VIGNETTE. He will be on Smackdown next week.  

FUNAKI SMACKDOWN NUMBER ONE ANNOUNCER interviews Edge about his match with Big Show later. It’s Edge’s first ever WWE Title match. He makes a Godzilla reference. 

Cena and Rikishi come out for their match and are interrupted by Al Wilson & Dawn Marie inviting everyone to their wedding.

5) John Cena vs. Rikishi 

CENA HAS A TITAN TRON VIDEO NOW! The slow transformation continues. Cena beats his chest and tells Rikishi this is his house but gets put away moments later with a belly to belly throw. Rikishi goes for a splash post match but SOMEBODY ATTACKS RIKISHI POST MATCH. It’s... BULL BUCHANAN AND CENA YELLS “THATS MY DAWG!” 

Big Show tells Heyman he can’t wrestle tonight because of Brock’s chair shot to his back. 

Taz hypes up the Shut Your Mouth! video game and the clips they show are all of Brock beating up Big Show LOL.  

Heyman tries to get Steph to cancel the match with Edge but she refuses but promises to suspend Brock if he interferes. Heyman brings up that she didn’t last time and if she doesn’t this time he will sue her and her family. 

6) The Big Show (c) vs. Edge - WWE Championship Match 

Show slings Edge around for a while. Edge gets a small flurry and hits a spear but Heyman pulls the ref out of the ring for what should’ve been a three count. Show takes back control and looks to put Edge away. Heyman stops Show from pinning him when shit is clearly over and tells him to “treat Edge like he’s Brock Lesnar” and he chokeslams him repeatedly and OUT COMES BROCK. F5 TO BIG SHOW TO A MASSIVE POP. HEYMAN IS RUNNING OFF AND BROCK IS ON THE HUNT. Heyman escapes in a limo just in time. 

The closing question - Will Stephanie suspend Brock next week?

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