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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Raw Review - October 28th, 2002

WWE Monday Night Raw

October 28th, 2002

Okay so first 18 minutes of this show is classic 2002 in the worst way. 10 minutes of more Katie Vick garbage aka Triple H having a mannequin in a casket pretending its a dead girl. Hurricane comes out and has H’s face photoshopped on a dude getting stuff pulled out of his ass in the hospital. Idk I enjoy dumb stuff that is fun in wrestling but this isn’t fun or funny, it sucks. And is embarrassing. 

Then we get a hidden camera in Trish Stratus’s locker room and Jerry is being all horny and annoying.

1) Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer vs. William Regal & Lance Storm 

Dreamer has on a baseball cap and I don’t know why but that’s funny as shit to me. This is decent, ends with a screwy finish as Dreamer gets hits with the flag pole behind the ref’s back. Regal & Storm win.

Match rating - **

Eric Bischoff is bitching out Rico, Jamal & Rosey backstage. He’s tired of being disrespected. Bischoff says they need to go make some impact tonight or their three minutes are up.

Stacy Keibler proposes that Test start calling his fans “testicles”... 

Bubba Ray & Spike come out to challenge Jericho & Christian for the tag titles. Jamal, Rosey, & Rico attack them though so that shit ain’t happening. 

2) Goldust vs. Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) 

This barely lasts a few minutes. Test wins with the boot. Goldust looked awesome as always. 

Match rating - **


Bischoff tells Bubba he can still have his tag title match later even though Spike can’t compete, he just has to find himself a new partner.

Replay of Shawn Michaels promo last week from Times Square. 

Randy Orton interrupts to tell everyone to send him get well emails so he can get better sooner and return to perform for us how sweet <3

3) Chris Jericho & Christian (c) vs. Bubba Ray Dudley & Jeff Hardy - World Tag Team Title Match

This was pretty wild. Lots of outside interference and ref bump type shit but I enjoyed it a lot. Jamal & Rosey came down about a quarter of the way through things and Bubba dove off the top turnbuckle to the floor onto them and Jericho. Awesome moment. Things break down around the halfway point. Bubba & Jeff teaming is cool considering the history and seeing them do signature Dudley spots is even more dope. It looks like they are gonna win, but 3MW is back and they’re holding Spike by his legs. Bubba runs to make the save leaving Jeff alone but he holds his own and SWANTON. 1..2..CHRISTIAN PULLS THE REF OUT. This is enough to allow Jericho to hit Hardy with the belt and subsequently get the pin. Really fun shit!

Match rating - ***

Triple H gets interviewed by Coach then goes back into his locker room where another hidden came... the “F-cam” it looks like they’re calling it captures H talking to Ric Flair on the phone and apparently his flight can’t make it bc of weather. H is stressed about his casket match tonight. 

Al Snow tells Chris Nowinski he’s an ass and Nowinski says he’d be a success whether he was on tough enough or not and that he can beat anyone Snow puts him against tonight. 

Eric Bischoff is out in the ring. He announces that SCOTT STEINER is coming to Raw very soon. Plus, he got multiple people from Smackdown in the trade for Big Show that he made with Steph. He announces the competitors in the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series, but doesn't announce the details of the match/ He just says it's a combination of War Games, Survivor Series, and the Royal Rumble and he will announce more next week. Booker T interrupts and basically tells Bischoff to leave and then calls out Chris Nowinski's "harvard ass" lmao. 

4) Booker T vs. Christopher Nowinski (w/ Al Snow)

Book whoops on Nowinski before Nowinski goes after Snow. Snow attacks Nowinski causing a DQ so technically Chris wins.

Match rating - *3/4

5) Trish Stratus (c) vs. Jacqueline vs. Molly Holly - Women's Title Match

Victoria is watching from backstage. They try some innovative stuff here. Especially given the time period. The finish is sick as Trish takes out both women with her finisher and retains the title.

Match rating - **

6) Triple H vs. Kane - Casket Match

This happens and it's H/Kane so it is pretty dull, but not absolutely terrible. The biggest moment of this match is Shawn Michaels making his big return by popping out of the casket at ringside and laying waste to Triple H. The place came un-fucking-glued and it was a sick moment. Shawn superkicks H and Kane chokeslams him into the casket to win. HBK dances on the casket that H is laying in to close the show!

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