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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - November 14th, 2002

WWE Smackdown Review
November 14th, 2002
Columbus, Ohio 

Marc Lloyd catches Paul Heyman backstage to ask for an update on Brock’s condition after being thrown off the stage by Big Show last week. Heyman say he has a broken rib and has been coughing up blood but unlike Undertaker he will be at Survivor Series to defend the title, he just won’t be here tonight per doctors orders and his orders. Show walks up and says if Brock does show up tonight, he’s gonna call him out. 



1) Edge vs. Chavo Guerrero 

Smackdown is so ahead of Raw it’s insane. During these two’s entrances, they announce a triple threat tag for the titles at Survivor Series between Edge/Mysterio, Angle/Benoit, and Eddie/Chavo so hell fucking yes. Edge and Chavo lock up here and start working holds. Chavo creates separation with a drop kick and world over Edge for a while. He goes for a crossbody off the rope and EDGE CATCJES HIM WITH A DROPKICK IN MID AIR. Edge for a spear, but Chavo moves and hits a spear of his own for a two count. This was honestly way better than I expected. After a little more back and forth, Edge wins with the Edgecution ddt. 

Match rating - **3/4 

Rey Mysterio backstage interview on his match with Eddie Guerrero. In the middle of it, Brock Lesnar shows UP TO THE ARENA HOLY HELL. Rey asks him how he’s doing and seems concerned (another sign of the Brock face turn). Brock says they’re fine and then Lloyd asks him and he tells him to get out of his face hahaha. 

Dawn Marie and Al Wilson contemplate inviting Torrie Wilson to their wedding. Dawn wants it, Al is nervous. 

More Brock & Paul confrontation stuff backstage. It’s awesome as usual. Paul says he has an idea to get them out of this situation with Big Show and wants him to listen to him as we go to break. 

2) Matt Hardy & John Cena vs. Rikishi & Tajiri

This was decent, but the finish was weird as fuck. Tajiri and Hardy both went for the same move.. a face buster of sorts and they land and Hardy’s hand is slightly over Tajiri’s chest and the ref counts 3 but Hardy kicks out and the ref rings the bell and Hardy/Cena win.. idk. 

Match rating - *3/4

Angle & Benoit are arguing backstage. Angle says “watch your mouth young man” when Benoit mentions how many times he’s beaten him and they trade insults about teeth and hair. 


Heyman enters Show’s locker room and tries to convince him not to call Brock Lesnar out tonight since he’s already hurt. 

Eddie & Chavo run into Edge & Mysterio backstage and Eddie asks Rey if he thinks he’s gonna “find his nut” in their match tonight in reference to the blind squirrel finding a nut every once in a while. Lmao. 

3) Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Oh fuck yes. Eddie/Rey for the first time in WWE. I got worried for a minute because Edge & Chavo ran down and started brawling around ringside but they sent them to the back and this match got the time it deserved. It’s not a classic, but it’s definitely a worthy first meeting for the two in WWE. Rey hits a fucking slingshot senton thing to the floor at one point. Eddie taps him out the lasso from El Paso after going back to the knee Rey tweaked on several occasions during the match. 

Match rating - ***3/4 

Torrie Wilson tells her dad she can’t attend the wedding and that he’s getting PLAYED. AINT NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOL. Damn. 

4) Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) vs. Billy Kidman 

This is a PPV match they’re giving away on TV a few days before which doesn’t really make sense but ok. Kidman wins after a few minutes of back and forth. Decent little match even though the booking of it made no sense. 

Match rating - **1/4 

Brock is pissed that Heyman told Show not to call him out and they start arguing again. 

Kurt Angle is out to cut a promo. Los Guerrero’s end up coming out. Edge & Mysterio come out. Everybody is trying to one up the other verbally heading toward the big triple threat at Survivor Series. Angle says he has more talent in his pinky finger than any of them and invites the two teams to sit at ringside for his match with his partner, Chris Benoit. 

5) Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit 

This ends in a DQ but is fun before that and in the DQ itself. All the participants for Sunday’s tag title match are at ringside so in between action Angle is taunting them. He & Benoit bust out all their moves then the DQ happens and all the teams are brawling. Rey & Edge hit a double ankle lock on Angle which rules. I’m so excited for the triple threat at Survivor Series, these teams never disappoint and have made Smackdown the best thing about WWE in the past 2-3 months. To hype it up even more, following an intense stare down, Angle & Benoit seem to make amends with a handshake and a hug. 

The show closes with Brock Lesnar calling out The Big Show. Heyman keeps telling him not to. For weeks now, “Brock can’t beat Big Show” etc and on this night, Brock fucking destroyed Big Show. A slam into the steel steps that cut open his arm and multiple chairs shots that busted open his forehead. Show is bloody and beaten. Heyman is in shock. This is awesome. Brock/Show at Survivor Series in 3 days. Hell fucking yes. “You want my belt? Come get it.” -Brock to a bloody Big Show laying at his feet. This whole story was booked perfectly. It’s also worth noting that Lesnar leaves on his own without Paul as Paul stands staring at Show. Hint hint. Goodnight. 

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