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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Raw Review - October 14th, 2002

WWE Monday Night Raw 

October 14th, 2002

Montreal, Canada

Replay of H announcing the Katie Vick accusations toward Kane last week. This is followed by the double champ himself being asked about the accusations by Coach. Kane yells “THATS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS” and he & Hurricane head to the ring.


1) Kane & The Hurricane (c) vs. Christian & Chris Jericho - World Tag Team Title Match

Pretty high energy match here. Jericho & Christian use cheap and sly tactics to knock off everyone’s fav tag team HURRI-KANE and I am sorta sad but I’m sure a rematch will happen. Kane was up the ramp going after Christian and couldn’t break up the pin Jericho got on Hurricane using the ropes. New tag champs. 

Match rating - **1/4 

2) Al Snow vs. Lance Storm 

Another week, another insanely random pop for Al Snow. Or maybe I’m missing something. Regal is on commentary to support his UnAmerican partner Storm. He ends up trying to toss him the brass knuckles. It fails but he serves as enough of a distraction to cause Snow to lose. 

Match rating - *1/4 

Coach is with Victoria. She says when she & Trish were models and WWE hit them up, Trish talked about how great it would be for them both to be divas together but things are different now etc. Trish comes up and slaps the hell out of Victoria. 

SPIKE and JEFF HARDY backstage chillin. Spike rules in these segments. RVD walks up. They talk about how crazy last weeks TLC match was and talk about Bubba Ray’s condition. Bischoff walks up laughing but says last week was phenomenal and Bubba will be fine. He shows a video package highlight reel of it and tells Jeff to go get ready for his match with Rico. Bischoff tells Spike to take a hike and announces to Rob that he faces Ric Flair at No Mercy. Tonight though, he has a lumberjack match with Triple H. 

Triple H and Flair backstage pretty pissed about those announcements. He says since Eric wants to ruin their night, he’s gonna start ruining people’s nights starting with Kane and says he’s giving him until the end of the next match to come clean about Katie Vick. 

3) Jeff Hardy vs. Rico 

This happened. Jeff was fun and sold his injuries from last week well. Rico sucks. 

Match rating - *1/2 

After a talk with Jackie, whom pushed him to just be open and honest, Kane comes to the ring and tells the Katie Vick story. I’m not typing this shit out. He accidentally wrecked and killed a friend of his years ago. H comes out and this gets weird he says Kane’s semen was found on her body and that Kane is a murderer and hints at him forcing her to have sex with him. 

4) Trish Stratus & Jacqueline vs. Victoria & Molly Holly - Special Ref: Stacy Keibler 

This is fine, the Trish/Victoria stuff has fire and they face off at No Mercy on Sunday after weeks of going after one another. I don’t even remember who won this, though, it was pretty dull.

Match rating - *3/4 

Bischoff brings out Pat Patterson for a tribute video. Patterson gets attacked by the 3 minute crew afterwards. Gerald Brisco runs down and gets beat up too. Big Show runs down with a strap for the save followed by Jeff Hardy and D Lo Brown. This was pretty funny and a good tease for the lumberjack strap match later. 

5) Tommy Dreamer vs. Chris Nowinski 

Why did this happen? I gotta go. 

6) Booker T vs. Big Show - Falls Count Anywhere Match 

The best part of this was Triple H casually driving by on a forklift in the background while Book and Show brawl backstage. Book breaks out the fire extinguisher which was also pretty funny as he blew it in Show’s eyes. The pin ends up taking place in the women’s shower after interference from Jericho. This was a spectacle to say the least. 

Match rating - **

Triple H is hanging out with Flair by his forklift. He has blocked a bunch of the lumberjacks behind a door. 

7) Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam - “Canadian” Lumberjack Strap Match 

This sucked. Crowd hated it. I didn't care about it. Kane comes out post match and cleans house on everyone to close the show. In all honesty, I forgot to write a review for this, but trust and believe I will not be re-watching it.

No Mercy is the Sunday following this and I am not excited at all for the Raw side of things.

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