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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Raw Review - November 4th, 2002

WWE Monday Night Raw
November 4th, 2002
Boston, MA

The hidden camera thing is live to start the show. Bischoff is watching a VHS tape replay of his appearance on Smackdown where he was disguised as Vince and ended up de-masking & kissing Stephanie. He looks himself in the mirror and looks... confused I guess?? I don’t fuckin know 



1) Jamal & Rosey (w/ Rico) vs. Jeff Hardy & Bubba Ray Dudley 
JEFF HARDY IS A MAD MAN. Flying around like a crazy motherfucker and giving this a hot start. Bubba gets in, but gets isolated leading to the Jeff hot tag. Rico gets invovled so Spike Dudley runs down to help out and nails Rico with the DUDLEY DAWG on the floor. It isn't enough help though as Jamal gets the best of Jeff Hardy for the win.

Match rating - **1/2

Backstage, Ivory is back on Raw. Victoria is happy and starts talking about how she's gonna brutalize Trish in their hardcore match at Survivor Series. Ivory says there won't be anything left of her because she faces her next. Victoria walks off talking about putting "scars and bruises" on Trish's "pretty little body" 

2) Trish Stratus vs. Ivory

This was fine enough. Victoria came down for commentary, but was being creepy as fuck, just staring and not saying a word. Trish gets the win and comes to confront Victoria and they get into a lil brawl on the stage that has to be pulled apart by officials. Victoria also slapped Jerry Lawler in the process and we love that so yeah.

Back from commercial on the hidden camera, Victoria beats Terri's ass in the dressing room for "not thinking she's pretty enough" and strips her down to her panties.

RANDY ORTON pops up for another injury update.

THEN we head to Bischoff's office where he fires some guy. Wow. What a wild 45 seconds of transitions that was. Triple H & Flair hit the room and H is pissed about how he's been treated. He thinks someone is influencing Bischoff to screw him and Flair plays the Steph tape from Smackdown... uh oh. "I put on a mask to screw a mannequin, you put on a mask to kiss my ex wife.. so who's screwing who?" is H's closing line as we go to commercial. 

3) William Regal & Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer & Al Snow 

Regal & Storm are out first and a Scott Steiner hype video airs. I thought it was his debut at first and got all riled up. Dreamer comes out in his ball cap again and it’s still so hilarious I had to GIF it for you since I’m on my computer tonight. Dreamer & Snow are partners after being opponents last week with no explanation. Snow gets isolated and Dreamer gets the hot tag. Shit breaks down and Regal kicks the hell out of Dreamer’s head while the ref has his back turned and Storm gets the pin on him.

Match rating - *1/2


Stacy Keibler shows up with all of Test’s “fan mail” to prove that her marketing plan is working. The next step is cutting his hair.. 

4) Batista vs. Justin Credible 

Batista looks crisp and like a monster. Amazing squash and Raw debut. 

Match rating - **

Triple H comes out to call out Shawn Michaels despite Ric Flair saying it may not be a good idea. Shawn doesn’t come out, but Booker T does. Book says he’s tired of seeing H as WHC and H says Book couldn’t hold his jock. Book promises to take the title from Trips at Survivor Series. Chris Jericho comes out and is tired of being called a sucka. This whole segment hyped up the chamber match a little but also the main event for later which is H/Jericho v Book/Kane. Jericho & H attack Booker and Kane makes the big save.

5) Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. The Hurricane 

TEST REALLY GOT A HAIRCUT. Looks fresh tho! Another extended squash for Test. I hope this leads to something but really don’t believe it will. Post match, Stacy convinces him to say “I love my testicles.” 

ELIMINATION CHAMBER preview video. It’s the first look anyone has gotten and it’s basically just a blue print of what the chamber looks like. 

Chris Jericho music video to hype up the release of the WWE Anthology CD Volume 4 airs. 

Jericho and H talk about their match later and potential HBK interference. As they walk away, Shawn was watching from behind the entire time. 

6) Rob Van Dam vs. Christian  

So if Christian wins this, he will get RVD’s spot in the Chamber match at Survivor Series. Lots of cool shit from Van Dam in this. Christian was a solid opponent for him as he is for almost anyone. Van Dam wins with the frog splash. 

Match rating - **1/2

Mannn. I thought it was main event time but Christopher Nowinski is here. I was disappointed at first but this turns out pretty cool. Nowinski runs down the crowd and the town, Al Snow comes out and before he can say or do anything. Maven slides in behind Nowinski and Snow says he brought him here. Maven lays out his former fellow tough enough graduate to a huge pop. 

Goldust tries to show Kane breathing techniques and ends up getting almost chokeslammed. Booker comes up to get him calmed down, but focused on their match up next. 

7) Triple H & Chris Jericho (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Booker T & Kane 

Solid main event that was all about the finish with HBK finally making an appearance and super kicking Triple H which helps Booker & Kane get the victory. Post match, Shawn says he will be in the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series and will leave with the title.

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