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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - November 7th, 2002

WWE Smackdown Review
November 7th, 2002 

TONIGHT: Edge & Rey Mysterio challenge Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit for the tag team titles in a 2/3 Falls Match

1) Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson vs. Jamie Noble & Nidia 
The couples collide here to open the show. Noble & Kidman have a fun exchange to begin, Nidia tags herself in and starts beating on Billy despite the rules of men fight men and women fight women. Billy tags Torrie in. But when all is said and done the classic shooting star from Kidman gets the win. 

Match rating - **

Back from commercial, Torrie Wilson is backstage following her match. Her dad Al catches her and says tonight he is doing something for himself and hopes she understands. Oh boy..

Funaki has John Cena backstage. Cena raps again, this time about his match with Rikishi. Rikishi returns the favor and kinda outdoes him. They face off later.

Steph is re-watching the kiss between her & Eric from last week when the Guerrero’s walk up. They say they should be in the tag title match tonight. Steph says they lost the #1 contenders match but since they wanna be in the ring with a championship, Eddie will face Brock Lesnar in a non title match tonight. 

2) John Cena vs. Rikishi 

Cena is starting to get his footing a little more. Some stuff is still awkward but you can see spurts of what made him a star here for the first time since his debut back in June. Rikishi gets the win here, but still PROGRESS for the future goat. 

Match rating - **

Matt Hardy is backstage chastising Shannon Moore for drinking coffee. Hardy says to watch him handle business with Brock in his locker room in a few minutes. Aye aye aye, this shit again?

Al and Dawn tease Al asking her to marry him later. 

Hardy finds Brock’s locker room. Heyman is outside and Hardy offers to fight Big Show for Brock later so he can soften him up for them. Paul loves the idea and goes to share it with Brock and he isn’t happy because he wants to face Big Show. Heyman tells him he’s the negotiator here and there’s no reason to face Show until Survivor Series. They are really building the tension between Brock & Paul now.

Here comes Al Wilson... Taz is roasting him from the jump and he continues to through this whole segment. Al asks Dawn Marie to marry him. She hesitates. He says if she doesn’t say yes he will.. kill.. himself..? Jesus. Taz & Cole are literally making fun of this as it happens. Dawn says yes and they leave as the roasting continues. 

3) The Big Show vs. Matt Hardy

SQUASH. More stuff to solidify Show for Survivor Series against Brock. Backstage Brock smashes a TV in response to this dominant showing. 

4) Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit (c) vs. Edge & Rey Mysterio - 2/3 Falls Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles 

Rematch from the classic that went down at No Mercy with an added stip. Mysterio outwrestles Angle with his speed early to start. Edge gets in and Benoit isolates him. He fires back and he hoists Benoit up and Rey hits an avalanche west coast pop for the first fall which was fucking sick. Angle attacks Rey immediately and this thing doesn’t slow down cause Angle & Benoit are pissed now. Benoit has Rey on the top turnbuckle but gets a big ass bulldog to the mat for his troubles. Hot tags for Edge and Kurt LETS GO. Edge tears into Kurt even hitting a fucking belly to belly suplex. Edge goes for a spear, misses and gets a belt shot from Benoit behind the ref’s back. This traps him in a predicament aka the ankle lock and he’s forced to tap so both teams have a fall now. Third fall is high drama. Mysterio & Angle tear it the fuck up in the final few moments. Crazy crazy offense from Rey. He catches Angle in a pinning predicament for the 3 count but Angle has the rope so the ref is giving them one more fall/restarting the match. They work over Rey for a few minutes until kicking it into high gear once again with an Edge hot tag. Awesome stuff all around here. Benoit accidentally head butts Angle following a spear and Edge gets the pin. NEW TAG CHAMPS. 

Match rating - ****1/4 

SUPER TUESDAY ON UPN NEXT WEEK featuring Edge vs. Benoit vs. Guerrero and 10 man tag from Raw. Really hope that’s on the network or I can find it somewhere. 

Eddie and Chavo run into Paul Heyman backstage. Eddie says he doesn’t think Brock can beat Show either and he doesn’t think Brock can beat him tonight either. Brock BUSTS OUT OF TJE LOCKER ROOM AND TRIES TO TEAR INTO EDDIE’s ASS. PAUL IS YELLING AND HOLDING HIM BACK. “IM SICK OF THIS SH*T!” Heyman goes into a full blown amazing promo and tells Brock to go face Eddie without him and become “the braun without the brains” damn this kinda hurts.
5) Brock Lesnar vs. Eddie Guerrero 

Cole calls Brock “the lunatic fringe” during his entrance. Shout out Dean Ambrose. But yeah Eddie goes to the floor and taunts Brock at the entrance way and this thing gets going. I really really liked this, very different from any other Brock match so far. Eddie works on his legs and works him over for a little while before Brock fights through and nails an F5 for the win.

Match rating - **3/4

So, without Paul, Brock wins, but post match, Big Show press slams him off the stage just like he did Taker last week. DAMN. 

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