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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Raw Review - November 11th, 2002

WWE Raw Review 
November 11th, 2002
Cincinnati, Ohio 

TONIGHT: Triple H vs. Booker T 

Shawn Michaels is reading the newspaper backstage. 

1) Rob Van Dam & Kane vs. Chris Jericho & Christian (c) - World Tag Team Title Match 

Chris Jericho has new theme music and I don’t like it and I’m assuming this is gonna be temporary because I have never heard it until right now. Also didn’t realize this was a tag title match when typing the participant names so it’s ass backwards sorry bout it. Smackdown’s tag divison has had multiple ****+ matches in the past month, Raw has had uh barely a *** so yeah. Not that these matches are bad or couldn’t be good, it’s just the booking isn’t in their favor. This is a lot of fun. Some crazy bumping around and then Jericho nails Kane and RVD with a chair which calls for the DQ. 

Match rating - **1/2

Jericho backstage after the match explains that he did that because he is going to soften up every participant in the upcoming Chamber match. Jericho walks off and Christian says if anyone can’t compete, he gets their spot and if he gets in, he will even beat his own tag partner to win the World Title if he has to. Jericho smacks him with a chair from behind for that comment... don’t ya love how almost every team in WWE is feuding with one another? Angle/Benoit on Smackdown and this on Raw.. Lordy Lordy. 


Gregory Helms interview w Booker T. Book says he’s gonna beat Triple H’s punk ass tonight. Goldust walks up and we get the scoop that Goldust & Hurricane are teaming up tonight. 

2) Jeff Hardy vs. Lance Storm (w/ William Regal) 

It’s still weird to me how the Un-Americans team/stable thing so quickly dwindled down to just Regal & Storm. This is not so shockingly good. Storm busted out the wrasslin and wore down Jeff. Jeff makes the comeback and flies around like a nutcase. Regal tries to interfere but Tommy Dreamer runs down and stops him. Hardy wins with the Swanton. 

Match rating - **1/2

They replay Victoria beating up and stripping down Terri last week. Bischoff calls Terri into his office and announces a match between the two next. Terri doesn’t want the match but Bischoff basically forces her into it by saying he will fire her if she doesn’t go out there. 

3) Victoria vs. Terri

So this isn’t an actual match. Victoria smashes her with the mic and then strips her top off. Victoria poses with her top and Terri attacks her with her heel. She jumps on Victoria’s back but gets thrown down and the beating continues. The ref tries to get involved and gets kicked in the nuts. Poor Charles Robinson. Victoria grabs a ladder and Trish Stratus run down for the save and knocks the ladder into her face. This is all to hype their hardcore match for the Women’s Title at Survivor Series. JR yells “SHE IS SICK” in reference to Victoria and it’s pretty funny. 

Ric Flair introduces himself to Batista backstage. Batista doesn’t seem phased by it despite Flair saying “you might even be bigger than the champ” and wishing him good luck tonight. 

4) Batista vs. D-Lo Brown 

Batista is going by “Dave Batista” right now by the way. Thought that was worth noting. Anyway. Yeah he destroys D-Lo here hell yeah. Loving Batista so far in his debut run. 

Match rating - *3/4 

Shawn Michaels comes out to talk about his belief in god and his belief that he will win the World Title on Sunday at Survivor Series. Triple H comes out and we finally get this showdown. It’s also pretty funny cause H plays off the god stuff and says in this arena he is god. They end up exchanging hands and H pedigrees HBK and talks a bunch of shit to him on the mat. H tries to bring out the sledgehammer but security and refs and Arn Anderson and everybody pull him away from the ring. 

5) Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley (w/ Jeff Hardy) vs. 3 Minute Warning (Jamal & Rosey) (w/ Rico)

This Sunday at Survivor Series it’s a trios tables match between The Dudleys & Jeff and Jamal/Rosey/Rico. This is a teaser for that as they announce it during the entrances. Bubba slugging it out with Jamal & Rosey is fun. Rico & Hardy get into it on the outside. 3MW wins a short one. 

Match rating - *3/4 

Hardy cleans house on everyone after the match and ends it with a swanton on Ric... nope. Rosey pulls Rico out. They’re pulling out tables now so yeah some shit is about to go down. Jamal crushes Spike & Jeff with a splash off the top rope through a table. Six man tables match on Sunday leggooo. 


6) Christopher Nowinski vs. Al Snow 

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about this despite the not so bad build I guess? They trade shots and Nowinski wins using the ropes. 

Match rating - * 

Nowinski attacks Snow after the bell and Maven makes the save. 

Ok fuck. This show is dragging with filler. Hurry the fuck up. Bischoff is out to talk about Super Tuesday and gives us more details and another video package on how the Elimination Chamber match works. 

Stevie Richards walks into Stacy’s locker room and asks for the same marketing he’s helped Test with. She says she doesn’t have time but Stevie asks for some motivation for the match tonight and asks her to hit him with his kendo stick. Stacy obliges but Test walks up and he does it instead LMAO. 

7) Stevie Richards & Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. Goldust & The Hurricane 

Okay so the best part of this is Jerry Lawler in all seriousness and confusion saying “What is Stevie Richards doing???” Following that last segment I am dying. Test owns this match and gets the win for his team. Steven starts aggressively hugging Stacy and gets laid out by Test. Test says “don’t ever touch one of my testicles” and this is automatically less enjoyable. 

So this show has turned into garbage as almost every go home Raw before a PPV but the backstage segment between Triple H & Booker to hype their match rules. They go at it next. 

8) Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) vs. Booker T 

H wins with a pedigree after Book has a flurry that includes a scissors kick, a spinarooni and a double clothesline on Flair & H. Shawn Michaels comes down to attack H post match and this turns into all six men involved in the Elimination Chamber on Sunday coming down and brawling. Van Dam, Jericho, & Kane. Buncha moves. It comes down to H & Shawn again. HBK hits the pedigree on Hunter. Jericho hits HBK with a chair following that. This is just hell. Goodnight. 

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