Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lucha Underground - April 29th, 2015 Review

After last week left us with a serious MOTY candidate and unforgettable moment in the form of the finals of the trios title tournament, I'm pumped to see what's gonna happen next in the temple. The show begins with Dario basically going off on The Crew for disappointing him and losing in their impromptu entry in the trios title match. He says to never let it happen again.

1) Fenix vs. Killshot
Super exciting match to start the show. The action never slowed down and both guys impressed all the fans in the temple as the audience was rocking throughout the entire contest. We saw a number of dives, vicious kicks, and crazy manuevers in this high impact match up. In the end, it was a brutal piledriver from Fenix that put Killshot away. Extremely fun opener!

Match rating - **3/4

Backstage, Dario Cueto delivers two more quality segments as he talks with champion Prince Puma and thwarts off a "crazy fan" named Marti Martinez.

In the ring, a match between four men who were injured by the dominant Pentagon Jr got interrupted as Texano wreaked havoc on all the participants. He called out the guy from the crowd that attacked him last week to no avail. Although he never got any answers as to who he was, he certainly made a statement.

2) Cage vs. Hernandez vs. King Cuerno - #1 Contender's Match

This an interesting bout. The stakes here are high as it's a #1 Contender's Match plus Cage & Cuerno are former partners as they made it to the finals of the trios tournament last week. On top of that, it's Cage & Hernandez in the same ring - this is gonna rule! They kept things pretty short and to the point here which isn't a bad thing aside from the fact that we didn't get to see them all out. They made the most out of their time though. As with the opening match, there was alot of action and athleticisim, even in a match involving two powerhouses. The "fan" that Dario thwarted in a backstage segment earlier runs in and gets thrown out by Cage which distracts him and allows Hernandez to pick up the victory and become #1 Contender to the Lucha Underground title!

Match rating - **1/2

3) Prince Puma (c) vs. Drago - Lucha Underground Title Match
I said that the stakes in the #1 Contender's match were high however the stakes are through the roof in this one. Not only because this is a title match, but also because if Drago loses, he will not be allowed to enter the temple again. So essentially, Drago's career is in the hands of Prince Puma and his mentor Konnan. This match gets going at a fast pace and stays that way for the most part. Great athleticism from both men from start to finish as you'd expect. They busted out the big guns for the closing sequence as we got multiple false finishes that brought me to the edge of my seat. Things got interesting when Hernandez appeared and charged Puma only to hit Drago. What were his intentions? Considering he's friends with Konnan, most think he was going after Drago and just sending a message to Puma. Either way it's certainly an intriguing development. This distraction allows Puma to hit an INSANE spinning piledriver planting Drago on his head. 1...2....3.. - PRINCE PUMA RETAINS THE TITLE AND.. Drago is gone from Lucha Underground. "Thank You Drago" chants fill the temple as the show goes off air.

Match rating - ***1/2

Overall thoughts: Another quality episode of LU. There's not anything that's must see as far as matches go although I think this is a worthy episode to check out considering the vast storyline development. Many stories were advanced, new ones were created, and most importantly, we saw the final appearance of Drago in Lucha Underground. I think all those things warrant a recommendation for this week's edition of Lucha. They've got me reeled in as a weekly viewer and I'd suggest you do the same!

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