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WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Preview & Predictions

Pro Wrestling Truth's Extreme Rules Predictions

Extreme Rules is tomorrow and as I scroll through the card before writing this article, I'm shocked at how solid it truly is. I admit that I've gradually lost interest in Raw as the weeks went on after WrestleMania. It hasn't been bad however it's not been as good as I expected. Despite that, I think this PPV will deliver and just look at the card, it has potential to be the show of the year. So, for new readers, it's in these posts that I give my thoughts on each match along with my predictions. For long time readers, you know the deal - let's do this.

1) Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs. Big E & Kofi Kingston - WWE Tag Team Title Match
Apparently this is going to be on the pre-show which is pretty bittersweet. It WILL get the show off to a great start, but it just makes you feel like these four will never earn a memorable rank. Then again, it's probably just because of how stacked this card is. Regardless, I think this will be a damn good match. Cesaro & Big E can deliver some stiff, hard hitting action, Tyson & Kofi can square off in some technical/high flying exchanges, and Cesaro & Kofi have great chemistry. Pair all that with how well both teams work together, particularly Cesaro & Kidd, this is bound to be a quality match. I fear that WWE may give New Day the belts as a way of continuing their character so I'm going to regrettably predict them to win. I'm still with you though, Cesaro & Kidd!

Who I think will win - Big E & Kofi Kingston
Who I want to win - Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

2) Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler - Kiss My Arse Match
What a stipulation. I honestly don't know what to make of it because I don't see anyone baring their ass in this day and age in WWE. One thing I do know though is that this will be a very good contest. I don't think there are two harder workers on the WWE roster than these two at the moment. They bring intensity and passion to the ring every single night and I think they will turn it up even more for this PPV considering it's Sheamus' first big match back. I see Sheamus getting the win here and continuing his dominance as he re establishes himself. However, I DON'T see the "arse kissing" taking place. I'm thinking Adrian Neville will interfere in some fashion to help Ziggler and stop the stip from taking affect. That will set up a Sheamus/Neville program for the next month or so.

Who I think will win - Sheamus

3) Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett - Intercontinental Championship Match
This match is up in the air due to DB's injury problems. It's such a sad situation for a guy who's as passionate about pro wrestling as he is. I fear that if he keeps having problems and making comebacks his fan support may waiver. I just hope he gets better and can be healthy even if that means retiring or toning down his in-ring style. So, due to the aforementioned issues, I can't really predict what will happen here so I'll just say this - Get well soon, Daniel.

4) John Cena vs. Rusev - Russian Chain Match for the United States Championsip
Every time I see this match advertised, I have flashbacks to the classic Cena/Umaga Last Man Standing Match in 2007. I know blood isn't common or expected in this era of WWE, but I feel like we should see them take things to a new level here. If this match embodies the intensity and brutality that it's bound to, this could be a classic although I'm not counting on it. I'm interested to see how they work this stipulation and whether it's brutal like I mentioned above, I'm sure it will still be a good contest. Cena just garners sympathy so well that seeing him take a vicious bloody beating from Rusev would be an unbelievable visual and do a ton for Rusev who will likely be losing here. Beyond that, it would continue to skyrocket the prestige of the US Title as fans would see two guys beating the living hell out of each other solely for the sake of holding that belt. Let's hope this delivers in one way or another.

Who I think will win - John Cena

5) Roman Reigns vs. The Big Show - Last Man Standing Match
Many are sick of this match up and "feud", but I can't deny that I've somewhat enjoyed the segments between them in recent weeks. Whether you want to admit or not, this is probably the best route WWE could have went after Mania with Roman. Put him with the giant veteran who gets a ton of heat and "please retire" chants. It makes it hard for anyone to boo Reigns since he's facing such an overplayed character and with WWE trying to get back on track with Roman as a babyface, I don't think there was a better way to go. With that being said, I honestly think this match will be enjoyable. The stipulation sometimes doesn't turn out wellthough and with the ruckus Chicago crowd, I fear this could end up being a dud. So once again, it's sink or swim for Roman Reigns in the delivery/match perception aspect. As far as wins & losses go, he has it made. Reigns over Show.

Who I think will win - Roman Reigns

6) Nikki Bella vs. Naomi - Divas Championship Match
I'm excited that Naomi is finally getting a title shot here. I just worry that this match won't be good based off how awkward it's been when these two have met in tags on Raw in recent weeks. They just don't work together at all. I think the problem is Nikki not being used to working Naomi's fast paced style. I mean, after all, not many Divas in WWE throw hurricanranas. I hope these two got together and worked out the kinks in the days leading up to this bout so it can reach it's full potential because as individuals, Nikki and Naomi are both great athletes. Since the story has been Naomi never holding a Divas Title, I see her picking up the win here in cheap fashion and heading into a feud with Paige over the belt since she put her out with an injury.

Who I think will win - Naomi

7) Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper - Chicago Street Fight
This is the match I'm picking as the showstealer. These two had many brawls in CZW and the matches they've had in WWE thus far have shown even more promise. If Ambrose & Harper deliver on the insane level that I expect them to, this match will tear the house DOWN. Expect tons of spots and just an out of control fight with an extremely hot Chicago crowd. Not much else I can say, I'm PUMPED for this. The outcome is simple, in my opinion, Ambrose hasn't won a big match since last year, he needs this victory and he will get this victory.

Who I think will win - Dean Ambrose

8) Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton - Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship
It's Seth Rollins' first title defense and I couldn't be more excited. The best undercard match at WrestleMania was arguably between these two. The RKO spot was insane and the two have amazing chemistry. The Steel Cage stipulation here just adds for even more possibilities, especially for Rollins. With Orton's RKO banned, it will be interesting to see what he turns to to put him away. If I'm WWE, I book Rollins with the clean win here with some small interference at the most. The last thing I would do is start yet another random feud by having Bray Wyatt interfere and target Randy Orton. I was high on Bray at this time last year, but as time has went on, I've began to care less & less about what he's doing. Whether it's because it's all so repetitive or because there's never any legit reasoning as to why he targets someone, I can only imagine what a casual fan thinks of him if I, a hardcore fan, is uninterested. I'm sure all the big losses haven't helped his reputation either. So, the bottom line is that Seth Rollins picks up the win here in some form or fashion. I'm almost sure it will be a cheap victory, I just hope it doesn't involve Bray because then he will be completely played out in my eyes unless this Orton feud is mindblowing, which it has the potential to be so who knows.

Who I think will win - Seth Rollins

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