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TNA Impact Wrestling Review - August 12th, 2015

I haven't watched an episode of Impact Wrestling since the initial hype of Jarrett & GFW invading began. Whenever that was. I honestly don't even rememeber. I didn't leave that episode extremely disappointed however I wasn't excited either. It just felt like ah, it's gonna a pretty average thing. After a month or two away, it turns out I haven't missed much aside from last week where Aries & Spud and EC3 & Matt Hardy had two great singles contests. Thankfully, they showed highlights from them on tonight's show.

I'm mainly tuning in tonight to see Trevor Lee. This is his first time getting national TV exposure and it's in a match that essentially a dream contest as he is opposing The Wolves alongside Brian Myers. The entire line up tonight looks decent though. It's "TNA vs GFW" and it's now.

Jeff Jarrett starts things off and talks about the premise of tonight's show. He's soon interrupted by Eric Young! OH BOY! EY has really been one of the high points of TNA in the past two years. From his world title reign to the heel turn, he's delivered. He goes nuts yelling at Jarrett here which I found great. Jarrett fires back and places EY in the King of the Mountain match later in the night. Jarrett goes to leave and EY attacks him which leads to the GFW talent hitting the ring to make the save. Sonjay Dutt, Trevor Lee, Brian Myers, Chris Mortzedky (Masters), & PJ Black are those men. EY retreats and TNA talent, surprisingly considering his character, come out to back him up and a huge brawl breaks out before we go to commercial.

1) Awesome Kong vs. Lei'D Tapa
Kong is great. I've never had any real opinion on Tapa so I didn't know about this one. It turned out to be pretty fun. I got interested in it then they went to the outside and I saw where this was going. DQ finish. Bummer. Fun while it lasted, let's hope they're building to something bigger.

Match rating - **1/4

2) Bobby Lashley vs. Jesse Godderz

Godderz said this was a huge match for him on Twitter so I was interested to see how he would deliver. Well, he did fairly well. Lashley has had the best run of his career since returning to TNA so he was solid as usual. It was a decent match then the finish was kind of awkward so eh.

Match rating - **1/4

Bobby Roode has something to say as he's in the ring with a mic. He basically is pissed with not being booked tonight. Rockstar Spud comes out and they discuss how he put Aries out of TNA last week. Things get heated and Roode ends up brutally attacking Spud. Ace stuff all around here. Spud's the perfect character and Roode has always been awesome. I can't wait for the eventual match between the two although this was mainly to enhance Roode more than anything else.

EC3 is out to the ring and he cuts a really good promo. Matt Hardy comes out to confront him about wanting another title shot. EC3 teases giving him one only to say no. Much like the previous Roode/Spud segment, it gets heated. EC3 & Hardy are in each other's faces when Tyrus nails Hardy from the side. Hardy gets beat down and EC3 screams "THE CLOSEST YOU'LL GET TO THIS TITLE IS WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SEE THE LOGO IMPLANTED ON YOUR FORHEAD" before hitting him with the title. THAT WAS GREAT! EC3's title reign is definitely living up to the hype, build, & expectation.

3) The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Trevor Lee & Brian Myers
Here we go! The entire reason that I tuned in. Wolves show their tag team expertise early on with quick tags. Lee gets the mushroom stomp in during the opening minutes which I marked for. After a dive from Davey & Eddie, Lee & Myers earn control of the match for a bit. They build towards the Davey hot tag and go into the action packed closing sequence. Nice match here that was a satisfactory contest considering the circumstances. They didn't put everything they had out there, but I'd say it was just enough to make an impression and leave people wanting to see them mix it up again.

Match rating - **3/4

4) Tigre Uno vs. Sonjay Dutt
On paper, I'm figuring this will be fun. Then, the story of this match per the commentators becomes Dutt not being able to hang with a talent like Uno from TNA. WhAt? Dutt's only been in TNA "once or twice" according to Josh Matthews so here we are. Ignore the commentary and this was a fun exhibition. No nearfalls or real story though.

Match rating - **

5) Bobby Lashley vs. PJ Black vs. Eric Young vs. Chris Mordetzky vs. Robbie E - King of the Mountain Title Match
King of the Mountain is admittingly an odd stip that people have mixed opinions. I'm neither for it or against it. I just watch and see what happens. The opening moments sees nearly everyone get a pin which makes them eligible to hang the title. They do a few good spots like EY piledriving Robbie E on the steps and Robbie breaking up the masterlock on Lashley with a crossbody off the top of the pod. Black and Mordetzky are on top of the ladder when Lashley comes in and looks awesome knocking them off the ladder and hitting a big spear on Mordetzky. The momentum continues when EY is on the ladder and Lashley jumps off the top rope to spear him off the ladder. PJ Black is on the ladder and hits a 450 splash off of it onto Lashley which allows him to grab the belt and hang it, thus winning. This had it's moments which I mentioned although it never really picked up any momentum so this is one of those things that isn't worth going out of your way to see, but I don't regret watching it either.

Match rating - **3/4


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