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BJW: Twin Towers vs. Strong BJ - 5/28/15 Review

Twin Towers (Shuji Ishikawa & Kohei Sato) (c) vs. Strong BJ (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) - BJW Tag Team Title Match - 5/28/15

The champions, Ishikawa & Sato, make their entrance.

These two teams have reportedly been having an awesome series of contests so I'm stoked to finally get the chance to see one for myself. As you read above, the Big Japan Tag Team Titles are on the line and they are being fought for by four mammoths. I mean that in the best possible way because everyone in this match is a complete beast. Okabayashi & Ishikawa exemplify this in the opening sequence as they trade shoulder blocks with neither man budging until Okabayashi finally got the upperhand. Sekimoto is tagged in next followed by Sato who is undoubtedly the smallest man in this match.

Sekimoto uses his strength & size to grasp Sato in a headlock which he tries to fight out off in an intense struggle, but Sekimoto keeps it locked in before Sato rolls out and tries lock him in a cross armbreaker. BUT DEAR LORD, SEKIMOTO POWERS OUT AND LIFTS UP SATO. Sato gets out his grasp and kicks him in the leg which becomes his target for the next few moments. Sekimoto gets to the ropes then powers Sato into his corner where Okabyashi is tagged in. He's clearly thinking he has the upperhand as he throws chops & strikes at Sato. On the surface, Okabayashi would appear to be right then SATO THROWS AN ELBOW THAT SENDS OKABAYASHI TO THE MAT. Ishikawa gets tagged in and starts somewhat toying with Okabyashi and oh no, he fucked up. Okabayashi unleashes a fury of chops that backs Ishikawa into Strong BJ's corner. Sekimoto comes back in to go at it with Ishikawa then he hits a sensational dive and this leads to things sort of breaking down.

All four men are battling on the outside at this point. Sekimoto gets body slammed on the floor and as things settle back into the ring, he becomes isolated by Twin Towers. They work him over until Sekimoto is able to get some separation after hitting Sato with a suplex. Okabyashi with the hot tag! Twin Towers go to double team him, but he reverses, DOUBLE SUPLEX! Okabayashi ends up getting worked over for a minute though and gets his own power comeback spot. Sekimoto gets tagged in and starts laying it into Ishikawa. From this point, things got really hectic and I'm not going to try to call all of it because my words & explanation won't do it justice. It's one of those things that you need to see for yourself.

Everything early on was stiff, but in this final 10 minutes or so, it became even more than stiff. They absolutely murdered each other with every little shot. So much so that Sato AND Okabayashi had lacerations on their foreheads from the brutality they had endured and continued to give out. Headbutts, chops, elbows, vicious lariats, suplexes, back drop drivers.

This was strong style ladies and gentleman. What makes it epic is that it's EVERYTHING you'd expect from the men involved because they have the look. When you see guys like Okabayashi, Ishikawa, & Sekimoto, you expect absolute destruction and that's exactly what you get here. It feels so real and you will get lost in the moment.

After throwing bombs of all different sort for like 10 minutes, Okabayashi & Sato seemingly go into desperation mode trading shots in the center of the ring. Unbeknowst to me, the time limit is close to expiring. They trade strikes and LARIATOOOOO! Sato is on his head for the 1..2..KICK OUT! Okabayashi repeatedly tries pinning him to no avail as the time limit expires.

Sato delivers an earth-shattering falcon arrow to Okabayashi off the top rope.

This was 30 minutes of brutality and one of the best tag matches of the year. High recommendation from me.

Match rating - ****3/4


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