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WWE Smackdown Review - September 3rd, 2015

The New Day opens the show. YES! They have their #SaveTheTables signs out and are being awesome. The Dudley Boys interupt the trio and Bubba Ray destroys it on the mic like usual. As if things couldnt' get better, Prime Time Players make their way down and the long awaited Titus-Bubba exchange happens which leads to the first contest of the evening.

1) The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray & Devon) vs. The Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil & Darren Young)
Big E, Kofi, & Woods are on commentary for this which is great on it's own. The match itself was very enjoyable, though. They did an awesome staredown spot to lead into commercial and PTP looked right at home in there with Bubba & Devon. I actually liked this more than 3D/New Day from Raw. That match went a bit too long. This one could've stood having a few more minutes, but what we got in the time they were given was a lot of fun.

Match rating - **3/4

After ripping the commentary booth a new one, New Day marches around the ring while the Dudley's celebrate their victory. KOFI HITS THE RING FOR A CHEAP SHOT ON DEVON! The perfect chicken shit heel move! I loved it! Kofi scats away as Bubba & Devon stare them down.

2) Neville vs. Stardust

Neville is on his way to the ring when we're back from commerical. His pyro hits, he springs up, and THE ASCENSION ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! At first, I thought this may be a little story in relation to the NXT Tag Team Tournament since The Ascension is involved along with Neville who is teaming up with former Indy brethren Solomon Crowe (Sami Callihan). Instead, it appears as if WWE has paired The Ascension with Stardust and this actually went well. Neville made Konnor & Victor look like a million bucks. Selling and bumping like a mad man for them, especially on their finishing move with the uppercut/leg sweep combo. Stardust introduces us to his "new cohorts" and they pose as the segment ends. This is definitely interesting.

Cesaro is backstage with Jojo. He is soon confronted by Sheamus. The topic of discussion becomes Cesaro's failures. Sheamus says that Cesaro leads the WWE Universe on and gives false hope to the Cesaro section because he's good, really good, yet he can never win. I love where this is going. They face off NEXT!

3) Sheamus vs. Cesaro
This was hot from the get go after the interview and Sheamus continued building that by grabbing the mic to address the "You look stupid" chants which were inevitably invoked by Cesaro since he mentioned in his previous promo. Cesaro confronts Sheamus who is standing on the announce table and Lawler & company start to scramble. Cesaro chases Sheamus in the ring and hits a huge kick. Perfect start. Sheamus soon begins targeting the ribs of Cesaro which were injured by Kevin Owens on Raw. Simple, but good story that makes for a really interesting bout combined with the pre-match happenings. Sheamus drops Cesaro on the turnbuckle cables and just beats him in the ribs. Cesaro mounts his comeback after the commercial break and nails Sheamus with a RUNNING UPPERCUT FROM HELL on the outside that nearly sends him over the barricade. They go into a super good finishing run. Sheamus with a backbreaker into the cloverleaf, I think, it may have been a boston crab. Bottom line is he had him in a submission hold with the legs and put pressure on the back & ribs he had targeted. Cesaro rolls through and gets Sheamus in a pinning combo for a nearfall. Sheamus goes for another backbreaker, Cesaro reverses INTO A CROSSFACE WHAT THE FUCK?! Sheamus escapes by getting the ropes. Ref gets in between them in the corner a few seconds later and Sheamus side swipes Cesaro with a brogue kick for the win. Hope this leads to more between these two because its NEVER not entertaining.

Match rating - ***

Miz TV with Summer Rae, Lana, & Dolph Ziggler
This wasn't as horrible as I figured, but it was still pretty bad. I hate when WWE runs storylines like this. Just like I said in my Raw review, this has you know who written all over it. Lana & Summer brawl again after Summer spews more stuff about Dolph and her having something going on. I'm not word for wording anymore of this. I feel like I'm reviewing a mid afternoon soap opera. So, yeah.

4) Bo Dallas vs. R-Truth
I was so hoping that Truth was facing Big Kev when I saw him come to the ring. Instead, we get Bo which is okay only because they replayed his segment with Brock Lesnar from a few weeks back on Raw. Dallas wins in like, two minutes.

Match rating - *

5) Charlotte vs. Tamina
They did a good interview segment prior to this. I'm writing this as the match begins and I'm predicting that segment will surpass the quality of this match. Aaaaand, I was correct. Nothing special here. A few minutes worth of Tamina muscling around Charlotte before the Flair daughter made a comeback to pick up the win. This was pointless, but the match at SummerSlam with Nikki feels kind of special.

Match rating - **

6) Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs. The New Day
Super solid main event. It's essentially a low level dream match that I didn't even know that I wanted until it was announced. Ambrose & Reigns are beloved and New Day are the annoying heels. Perfect pairing. Beyond the character stuff, the match kept a good pace the entire time and the finish was AWESOME. Kofi springboards and SUPERMAN PUNCH IN MID-FUCKING-AIR! Game over. Well, so we thought. Xavier Woods breaks up the pin which calls for a DQ.

Match rating - ***

Ambrose & Reigns get on the mic after New Day is out of the picture and call out The Wyatt Family again. All they get is a pre-shot promo video which is what closes the show.

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