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WWE Monday Night Raw Review - September 14th, 2015


A huge announcement was teased on Twitter from The Authority and it appears as if it's true as they come out to open the show. Most thought it would be a WrestleMania announcement, some hoped for a brand extension, but it turned out to be that of Sting wrestling on Raw for the first time ever later tonight. He will be facing... Big Show.. Alright. WCW THROWBACK NIGHT BOYS. Anyway, they talk about the Divas Title match and then introduce New Day for the tag title match. Stephanie starts dancing with New Day which is great then TRIPLE H STARTS DANCING WITH THEM AS WELL. Phenomenal stuff right there.

1) The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods) vs. Prime Time Players (Titus O'Neil & Darren Young) - WWE Tag Team Title Match
Something involving New Day never fails to be amazing so this was a super fun match. Woods still had the trumpet and the trashtalking down which exentuated everything Big E & Kofi did. Darren ends up getting isolated and taking a weird running kick to the back of the head on the apron. Titus gets the HOT TAG and it's still the best one in wrestling right now. He takes out Big E and starts rowling up the crowd. It rules so much. Outside, Kofi hits Darren with the trouble in paradise. Xavier gets on the apron with the trumpet and Titus rips a piece of it off! It costs him though and New Day hits their finisher for the win. This wasn't some epic tag match or anything, but it was your typical fun tag.

Match rating - ***

2) Paige vs. Sasha Banks
The third edition of this match and it's shorter than the first two. Despite that, I'd say I enjoyed it more than those previous meetings. It continued the trend of their series being underwhelming, though. There were a few good spots near the end such as a huge german suplex and Paige missing the running flip off the apron before Sasha forced her to tap out.

Match rating - **1/4

MizTV with The Wyatt Family
This got interesting as soon as Miz told The Wyatt's to make themselves at home and Harper & Strowman threw the chairs out of the ring. Wyatt cuts a little promo before Roman Reigns' music hits and he & Ambrose come out through the crowd. Ambrose throws Miz out of the ring and lets Reigns handle the talking duties. Reigns says they have a third partner and he & Ambrose stare down The Wyatt Family to end the segment. WHO IS THE THIRD MAN? My, what a cliffhanger.

3) John Cena vs. Sheamus
Typically, I'd be dreading this. When it was first announced, my automatic reaction was "meh" then seconds later, I was like "Wait, this could be really good" and that's exactly what it turned out to be. Sheamus is much better than when he & Cena first clashed and although Cena has been the man for awhile, he's been more on point this year than possibly ever before. This made for a match that is definitely one of the best these two men have had with one another. It was hard-hitting, filled with counters, and quite dramatic at times, especially near the end. They traded submissions for false finishes, Cena somehow got Sheamus up on his shoudlers sitting up right and hit that face buster thing, and my favorite moment of all came with Sheamus going for a Brogue Kick only for Cena to nail him with a clothesline. Plus, I almost forgot to mention Cena using Sheamus' own chest beating thing on himself which was awesome. Especially since Sheamus sold it for the rest of the match by not hitting his own chest when he was setting up for the Brogue. In the end, Cena wins a hard fought contest by forcing Sheamus to tap.

Match rating - ***1/2

Intercontinental Champion Ryback is out in the ring with a mic in hand. They replay Kevin Owens screwing him out of a match with Rollins on Smackdown last week which leads to the subject of Ryback's promo. Owens ends up interrupting him and they have a great exchange on the mic. The crowd wasn't extremely receptive, but I think these two will be able to win them over. I, once again, thought Ryback proved himself to be underrated on the mic here. Owens targeting one of my favorite promos of Ryback from when he returned, by discussing the book he said helped change his life with a very nice touch as well. Owens & Ryback face off at Night of Champions with the IC Title on the line!

4) Neville & Lucha Dragons vs. Stardust & The Ascension
Stardust & Ascension come out followed by Neville, Kalisto, & Cara. The babyfaces charge the ring and Neville goes under to thesz press Stardust and start laying in punches while the Dragons armdrag The Ascension to the floor. Neville continues pounding Stardust and The Lucha Dragons DIVE ONTO THE ASCENSION AND BRIDGE IT INTO A DOUBLE ARMDRAG ON THE FLOOR! Neville is next as Kalisto & Sin Cara hold open the ropes for him to dive, but The Ascension pull Stardust away and Neville's music hits? What the fuck? I thought this was supposed to be a match. Well, it was an amazing teaser, at least.

5) Nikki Bella (c) vs. Charlotte - Divas Championship Match
It's the much built up Divas Title match in which Charlotte is the last person with the chance to stop Nikki Bella from breaking AJ Lee's record as the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. I really hoped this would deliver and before we discuss, the outcome, I have to say that it certainly did. It was easily one of the best matches since the "Divas Revolution" began which says something about how WWE has been booking the thing. You put two women in there with a good story and they will deliver. Nikki targeted the arm of Charlotte here and they kept going back to it in pretty tremendous fashion. There were a number of cool sequences & exchanges. Both women were on the top of their game in this back and forth contest. Then, the bullshit began with Alicia Fox diving on the apron. Nikki & Brie switched, ref doesn't notice, Charlotte rolls up Brie and SHE'S WON BAH GAWD. Actually not, Stephanie McMahon comes out to half way reverse the decision. Charlotte wins via DQ, but not the title. She's crying which is an amazing visual. The Bellas are getting super heat. Stephanie then announces the rematch for Night of Champions. Looking back, this wasn't a bad decision at all. In the moment, I, along with others were completely outraged, but that's how we were supposed to react. It's shotty due to the Divas Division being known for stuff like this howevr I think WWE has their best interest in mind by saving the big blow off for Night of Champions. The match will now have more aggression and could easily surpass this contest if Nikki & Charlotte build off what they did here.

Match rating - ***

6) Cesaro vs. Rusev
I'm excited for this due to their past matches and Cole ecstatically touts the line - "THIS COULD BE A CLASSIC!" which got me even more pumped. Why'd you do that, Cole? This was indeed good while it lasted however it turned into a storyline enhancer as Dolph Ziggler came down and tried to give Summer a gift. Rusev is distracted so Cesaro rolls him up. Ziggler nails Rusev with a superkick after the match. Summer helps "Ru Ru" up and sneakily takes the gift. This story is getting weird.

Match rating - **1/2

7) John Cena & Sting vs. Seth Rollins & The Big Show (w/ Triple H)
This starts off as the advertised Sting/Show match then turns into a tag when Rollins runs down out of nowhere to attack Sting. Cena makes the save and this tag match is made. Cena gets isolated for a good 6-8 minutes here. Rollins & Show work him over and taunt Sting. Cena eventually makes the tag and Sting comes in to do stuff. Cena helps out then Sting hits the scorpion deathdrop or whatever followed by the deathlock which Rollins taps out to almost immediately. The crowd popped HUGE for those moves. Cool moment here seeing Cena & Sting team up. Rollins looks vulnerable heading into Night of Champions.

Match rating - **3/4

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