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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - February 6th, 2003

WWE Smackdown
February 6th, 2003 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WWE Champion: Kurt Angle (since 12/15/02)

WWE Tag Team Champions: Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo Guerrero) (since 11/17/02)

WWE Cruserweight Champion: Billy Kidman (since 11/17/02)

Commentary: Michael Cole & Tazz

THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THEME and video play. Cameras cut to the arena and there’s a god damn crane with a wooden box hanging from it in the arena. 

TONIGHT: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit, Hollywood Hogan appears plus Los Guerreros vs. Team Angle for the Tag Team Titles 

1) Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia)

What a fucking spotfest. This was so compact and so fun. Mysterio flew around, Noble bumped awesome for him. Noble shined on his own though with a fucking springboard powerbomb thing where he bounced Mysterio off the top rope before powerbombing him down for extra leverage. Mysterio wins when all is said and done though after the WEST COAST POP. And I can’t forgot to mention the 619 to Noble AND Nidia. 

Match rating - ***

The Rock is here via satellite to talk more about his upcoming match with Hulk Hogan coming up at No Way Out. After a bunch of banter, the bottom line from The Rock is that Hogan is good and all, but he's gonna kick his bald ass at the PPV. 

2) Rikishi vs. Nunzio

Squash for Rikishi. He dances around after the match like usual. Nunzio gets on the mic and asks if Rikishi is trying to embarass him? Nunzio says that his family doesn't tolerate that and that Rikishi is going to regret this. OKAY. 

Paul Heyman shows up and brings out The Undertaker to open this huge wooden box that is in the ring. It is apparently a gift from The Big Show to Taker. Taker opens the door... and it's Brother Love. He has a message for Taker on forgiving The Big Show. Taker ends up chokeslamming him and then hits him with a tombstone for good measure. 

3) Matt Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore) vs. Billy Kidman

This is short, but sweet as it's building to something really cool. Kidman gets another surprise victory over Hardy. Post-match, Hardy says he's gonna drop 10 pounds so he can qualify as a cruserweight and challenge Kidman for the Cruserweight Title, taking his most beloved possession in the process. Good sh*t. 

Backstage, Kurt Angle is hyping up Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas for their big tag team title match against Los Guerreros which is UP NEXT.

4) Los Guerreros (Eddie & Chavo Guerrero) (c) vs. Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) (w/ Paul Heyman) 

More good shit here. Just simple traditional heel/face tag work done to perfection. I really didn’t want it to end because the closing run was sick to top off all the build up early on. They run the story of Chavo trying to pin Benjamin, but Benjamin isn’t the legal men and Haas slides in and rolls up Chavo to win the tag team titles. This was great and I need a rematch ASAP. 

Match rating - ***1/2 

Hulk Hogan is here and YAWWWWWWWN. The Rock interrupts via satellite before Hogan can start talking because he takes forever to speak. Rock’s tofu gets finished so he has to leave, but not before telling Hogan to hurry up because everyone is getting bored. Rock is correct. Hogan does his shit and says Vince is afraid to face him and that he will beat The Rock’s Hollywood ass at No Way Out. 

Backstage, the roster is watching everything that just went down with Hogan & Rock. Sean O’Haire is finally here in the flesh after all the vignettes. He pulls Brian Kendrick aside and says he saw what he did last week and it took some balls. Sean convinces Brian to streak in an attempt to make a name for himself. Wow.. 

5) A-Train vs. Shannon Moore

Squash for A Train. Brian Kendrick runs out mid match and continuing his streaking as officials chase him. 

John Cena comes down and challenges Brock Lesnar to a match next week.

6) Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit 

This is standard Angle/Benoit to start, lots of matwork and holds. But man, this shit got turned when Angle busted out a BUCKLE BOMB ON CHRIS. Chris powers and inside out german suplexes Kurt. !!! At some point in this insane exchange, Kurt & Chris knocked heads so Benoit is bleeding from the eye which adds to the final seconds of this. It doesn’t go much longer as Angle hits the Angle Slam and gets the win. Another fitting badass addition to the rivalry between these two, Angle has a bloody mouth and Benoit has a bloody eye and they SHAKE FUCKING HANDS. This series man. 

Match rating - ***1/2

The good times don’t last as Benjamin & Haas attack Benoit from behind during the midst of this heartwarming moment. Edge makes the save for Benoit then BROCK LESNAR RUNS DOWN TO FULLY EVEN THE ODDS HELL ALMIGHTY. It’s Brock/Cena next week, but Brock/Angle awaits us at WrestleMania. Helluva show closer. 

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