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Indy Power Rankings for the Week of May 5th

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of May 5th, 2014
  1. Uhaa Nation-“The One Man Nation” finally got the #1 spot! He’s been ranked countless times but he finally cashes in a #1 ranking this week after over a year. Last week he teamed with Akira Tozawa to defeat Masaaki Mochizuki and Dragon Kid on 4/28 and then lost to YAMATO & Cyber Kong on 4/29. He then teamed with Shingo Takagi & Akira Tozawa to defeat T-Hawk, Eita, and Flamita on 5/3 and then teamed with Ricochet and Akira Tozawa to defeat YAMATO, BxB Hulk, and Cyber Kong on 5/4. He has won 21 of his last 25 matches and has a very impressive 32-14 record in 2014. It truly is Uhaa’s time. Next up is EVOLVE and then it’s on to the UK for the big man. #10 in the online poll.
  1. Matt Cage-Not that he was chopped liver in 2013, but in 2014, he has been absolutely “Money” as the AAW Heritage Champion has had an impressive reign as champion. Over the weekend he managed to defeat CJ Esparza on 5/2 to retain the title and then he went to DREAMWAVE where he scored (arguably) a big upset, defeating Chris Hero on 5/3. He’s looking for his 3rd #1 ranking, but in order to achieve that, he’ll need to pick up a few more wins in the upcoming weeks and try to remain flawless.
  1. Matt Cross-“M-Dogg” has been on fire as of late. First he won the ECWA Super 8 and now he has added a little gold to his trophy case. He is the NEW (and 1st ever) Smash Wrestling Champion after defeating Johnny Gargano and then outlasting Takaaki Watanabe, Kevin Steen, Chris Hero, and Josh Alexander to win the gold on 5/4. With his vast array of aerial skill, he’s been teaching all of his opponents to fear the beard. #8 in the online poll.
  1. Ricochet-While he may not be the king of the Indy Power Rankings at the moment, he doesn’t appear to be leaving the Top 10 any time soon. The former (current for the voting period) Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Champion and DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion tagged with Shingto Takagi and defeated YAMATO & Cyber Kong on 4/28, then teamed with Masato Yoshino to defeat Jimmy Susumu & 504 on 4/29. He then teamed with Masato Yoshino again in a losing effort vs. YAMATO & Naruki Doi on 5/3, but bounced back with a win, teaming with Uhaa Nation and Akira Tozawa to defeat YAMATO, BxB Hulk, and Cyber Kong on 5/4. He is 23-3 in Japan in 2014 and is 30-8 in his last 38 matches, overall.
  1. Leah Von Dutch-What a weekend for LVD as she won 3 matches in a row on 5/3 to win the VOW Queen of the Ring Tournament as she defeated Renee Michelle, Jessie Kaye & Allysin Kay in a 3 Way, and Devyn Nicole in the Finals. She then defeated Jasmin and Ingrid in a Triple Threat Match for the CCW Ladies Championship to go 4-0 on the weekend. For a single weekend, she was absolutely unstoppable.
  1. Michael Elgin-Despite a loss to Nick Brubaker on 5/3 and Chris Hero on 5/4, the voters still viewed Elgin as “Unbreakable” after the AIW Absolute Champ defeated Jonathan Gresham at IWA Mid-South on 5/1 and teamed with Ethan Page to retain the AAW Tag Team Titles vs. Josh Alexander and Jake Crist on 5/2. He dropped a bit from last week, but he is still 6-2 the last 3 weeks.
  1. AJ Styles-It was a career victory for “The Phenomenal One” as he represented the BULLET CLUB well, defeating Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Title on 5/2. While some may debate whether New Japan is technically an indy, AJ’s independent wrestler status qualifies him for the Top 10 and he has been a pretty regular fixture here since he has left TNA. Time will tell if he can continue that success now that he has captured some gold. #9 in the online poll.
  1. Shane Hollister-“The Shug” has been absolutely awesome in 2014. Over the weekend the AAW/SCW Heavyweight Champion defeated Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Steen in a 3 Way to retain the AAW Heavyweight Title on 5/2, defeated Marek Brave & Stephen King to retain the SCW Heavyweight Title on 5/3 but lost in a Gauntlet at DREAMWAVE to Chris Castro. He has won 7 of his last 9 matches and his strength of competition has really helped him return to the Top 10 this week.
  1. Melvin Maximus-It was just a draw, but the non-win for the “Marvelous” OVW TV Champion really dropped him down the Top 10 in favor of some of the bigger names this week. He went to a double countout with Paredyse on 4/30 and then defeated Jay Best on 5/1. Despite, the lack of a win on 4/30, he is still 35-0-1 in his last 36 matches. Voters felt that his strength of competition has hindered him a bit and when he didn’t win, it hurt his standing. While his place in the Top 10 may be questionable, his dominance in 2014 has not been questionable at all.
  1. Johnny Miyagi-The IWE Maine Heavyweight Champion had a very good run over the weekend and voters definitely noticed. He went 3-0 with 2 successful title defenses and now he gets his first spot in the Top 10. There’s been a few close but no cigar moments for Miyagi as of late, but this was first time ranked. Congrats to him. #4 in the online poll.
Honorable Mention. Matt Hardy-NEW MCW Champion after 2 big wins in one night.
People’s Champion. Jock Samson-You can call him “The People’s Champ” or “The People’s Drunk” but the WAR Champion has earned this award by being #1 in the poll for 2 weeks straight.
Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
James Anthony-#2 in the online poll
Famous B
Russ Jones-#5 in the online poll
Rhett Giddins
Trent Barreta
Arik Royal
Mat Fitchett
Jeremy Wyatt-#6 in the online poll
Caleb Konley
Gary Jay
Manny Garcia
Scott Sexton-#7 in the online poll
Alex Mason
Sylar Graves
Ashton Christopher
Rob Araujo
Kellan Thomas
Leland Race
Brock Hall-#3 in the online poll
Mikey Webb
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