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WWE Payback 2014 Preview & Predictions

WWE Payback 2014 Predictions

1) Big E vs. Rusev
After weeks of competing in squash matches, Rusev finally has some credible competition. Some have criticized me for not jumping on the Rusev bandwagon, but my reason for not joining in on it is simple - Rusev hasn't proven himself on the main roster yet. Give him a credible opponent and I'll gladly give him an opportunity to win me over. This is that time. Not only is this match an opportunity for Rusev to win me over, I think it's a time that Rusev could win a lot of the WWE Universe over. Big E is an exceptional wrestler and I expect him to bring the best out of Rusev. I'm actually excited for this match since I've heard so much about Rusev. Beyond that, it's always exciting seeing two young talents get showcased on a PPV. Predicting this match is pretty difficult. I'm thinking they may have this feud run for another month so I think that Big E should go over here. But that's what I think SHOULD happen. Will WWE have Big E win? I don't think so. Rusev wins here.

Who I think will win - Rusev - continues his dominant streak

Who I think should win - Big E - continues the feud; Rusev wants revenge for being dethroned

2) Wade Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam - Intercontinental Championship Match
Van Dam's return has been a success thus far as he has been putting people over since coming back. I think the trend continues here in the form of Bad News Barrett. This has potential to be a very good match and I think this will be big for
Barrett's career. Hopefully Van Dam can muster up a solid performance to make Barrett look good.

Who I think will win - Bad News Barrett

3) Sheamus vs. Cesaro - United States Championship
Although I'm not normally a fan of short title reigns - Sheamus should drop the US Title to Cesaro here. Cesaro's hot streak before WrestleMania stalled out a bit after aligning with Heyman, but it picked up again on Raw this week. WWE needs to take advantage of it now and put the US Title on Cesaro. I personally think this match could steal the show. Sheamus' in ring work is better than ever and Cesaro is a fantastic worker. Their stiff striking styles should work well together to produce a quality match that builds the prestige of the US Title.

Who I think will win - Cesaro

4) Paige vs. Alicia Fox - Divas Championship Match
As a fan of Paige, some of you may expect me to be completely in her favor going into this match, but in all honesty - Alicia Fox deserves to win the Divas Title here. Paige is a phenomenal wrestler, but Alicia Fox has a character that the Divas Division as a whole would benefit from. One thing the division has been lacking for years has been interesting stories and characters. With Alicia's recent character development into somewhat of an insane girl, she needs to be the Divas Champion. I would like to see this feud continue into Money In The Bank however. Maybe have Alicia win by cheap circumstances here to keep the feud going. I'd love to see some promos between Fox and Paige coming out of this match. It could really turn the Divas Divison around. This feud combined with AJ Lee returning soon and the charismatic Emma could make the Divas a key part of WWE.

Who I think will win - Alicia Fox

5) John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt - Last Man Standing Match
I had become bored with this feud after Extreme Rules until this past week's Raw when The Wyatt Family turned it up a notch with a phenomenal segment. Credit to Cena too for stringing together a solid promo to counter Bray's actions. I'm looking forward to this match as the storytelling in this feud continues to be it's strong point. I think the stipulation will play into their favor and in return produce the best match in their series. Most people think Cena will win because SuperCena always wins in these type matches, but I truly feel the time has come for change and Bray will defeat Cena. Atleast that's what SHOULD happen. Bray needs to be booked as unstoppable monster and this is the first step in that process.

Who I think will win - Bray Wyatt

6) The Shield vs. Evolution - No Holds Barred Elimination Match
After stealing the show at Extreme Rules, it's time for the highly anticipated rematch. I expect this to be even better than their previous match especially with the No Holds Barred and Elimination stipulations. Fully expecting Roman Reigns to be the final man on his team in atleast a 2 on 1 situation in which he will muscle out a victory for The Shield. This one WILL steal the show and prove it's worthy of being the main event.

Who I think will win - The Shield

And as for the Daniel Bryan title situation, there are many scenarios that have crossed my mind as to what they'll do. I don't think Daniel Bryan is going to be stripped of the title. That's one thing I think is set in stone. How will they avoid it and what will take place on Sunday? Not sure. One thing I've though about is a possible AJ Lee return to stop Stephanie from firing Brie. It's an odd idea, but you know AJ would get a massive pop in Chicago. Having the future wife of CM Punk lay a pipebomb on Stephanie in Punk's hometown would be the way to go here. She could say she doesn't like Brie, but the Authority has gone too far. Maybe even mention Punk in the promo and call Stephanie "power hungry" just like HHH. It would garner a reaction and possibly get the crowd's mind off Punk so they don't chant his name throughout the entire show. An AJ Lee/Stephanie McMahon confrontation when Steph tries to fire Brie because Bryan wouldn't surrender the belts is the best way to go here in my opinion. It's controversial and fresh.

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