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Fantasy Booking: SummerSlam 2014

It's rumored that WWE wants to make SummerSlam the best PPV that they can this year because it's around that time that everyone's WWE Network subscriptions will be expiring. This means that WWE will have to put forth the best product possible to make people want to renew their subscription for another six months.

With that in mind, I decided to come up with my own card for SummerSlam 2014. I personally believe that this SummerSlam has the potential to be one of the best yet. Especially if this ends up being the final card. Below you will find each match that I would book for the show accompanied by the story leading up to the match. Without further a due, let's get started.

Pre-Show Match: The Usos & Sami Zayn vs. Ryback, Curtis Axel, & Titus O'Neil
This match is set up basically so the United States Champion Sami Zayn and the Tag Team Champions Ryback & Curtis Axel can be featured on the show. Zayn won the US Title from Sheamus on RAW a week before Battleground (more info below under Cena/Sheamus match). As for Ryback & Axel, they defeated The Usos for the Tag Team Titles at Battleground. Titus O'Neil came into the picture when he began orchestrating attacks on Sami Zayn the weeks leading up to SummerSlam.

1) Bad News Barrett vs. Chris Jericho - Intercontinental Championship Match
With Jericho rumored to return to WWE soon, I think this would be a great match up for him as well as a solid way to start the show. Jericho has prasied Barrett as someone who should be World Champion so I'm sure he would love to work with him. This would continue to raise the prestige of the IC Title and would do wonders for Wade Barrett. There are several ways that this match could be set up, but the easiest way would be to have Chris Jericho come out on RAW and say he wants to be World Champion again. Out comes Bad News Barrett. Barrett says to Jericho "If you think you can come back and automatically get a World Title shot, I'm afraid I've got some bad news." This leads to Jericho discussing the prestige of the IC Title and how Barrett needs to learn some respect for the men who've held that belt before him because he obviously has no respect. Jericho challenges Barrett to a match at SummerSlam with the title on the line and Barrett accepts. Jericho vows to win so the people will have an IC Champion who truly represents the title well.

2) Dean Ambrose & Goldust vs. Randy Orton & Cody Rhodes
Recently, Cody Rhodes has been saying that his brother Goldust needs a better partner than him thus pretty much breaking up the duo. I think the next step in this story should be that Goldust and Cody both decide to pursure singles careers, but plan to support each other every step of the way. Therefore Cody accompanies Goldust to ringside and vice versa. In the weeks leading up to the Money In The Bank PPV, Goldust qualifies for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, but Cody Rhodes doesn't. This leaves Cody distressed. Cody tells Goldust that he's going home to think things over. Cody leaves and isn't seen during the week leading up to Money In The Bank. The time comes for the Money in the Bank PPV and the other participants in the match are Seth Rollins, Alberto Del Rio, John Cena, Roman Reigns, & Sheamus. During the match, Goldust and Seth Rollins are up on the ladder. The crowd is clearly behind Goldust as the WWE Universe has despised Rollins since he turned on Ambrose & Reigns. Goldust knocks Rollins off the Ladder stopping him from winning the match like Triple H promised he would! Goldust grabs the briefcase when out of nowhere Cody Rhodes hits the ring and nails Goldust in the back with a chair knocking him off the ladder. Rhodes beats Goldust with the chair repeatedly then goes over to Rollins and helps him up. Rollins begins climbing the ladder while Rhodes fends off other competitors from stopping him. Rhodes nails all the other opponents with chair shots as Rollins climbs the Ladder and retrieves the briefcase! Triple H who is at ringside gets into the ring and celebrates with Rollins then shakes hands with Rhodes! Cody Rhodes is in Evolution! The following week on RAW, Goldust asks for an explanation from Cody, but gets all four members of Evolution instead. Orton, Triple H, Rollins, & Rhodes hit the ring and Triple H tells Goldust that he made Rhodes offer that he couldn't refuse. A shot straight to the top. Just like he offered Rollins. Goldust wants an explanation directly from Cody so Hunter hands him the mic. Cody says "It's simple why I turned on you Goldust, I want to be a champion and I know I can be a champion. That's the difference between you and me, I was born to be a champion and you were born to be a joke, which is just what you've been your whole career - A JOKE. To the WWE Universe, to the WWE roster, and to our family. You're nothing, but a joke!" Goldust slaps his brother Cody which results in a beatdown by Evolution on Goldust. Ambrose & Reigns hit the ring to fight off Evolution. A match is made for later on pitting Ambrose, Reigns, & Goldust vs. Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, & Cody Rhodes. During the match, Rhodes & Goldust go after each other again and fight to the backstage area. This results in a No Holds Barred Match being made between the two at the Battleground PPV. At Battleground, Cody and Goldust beat the hell out of each other and in the end Goldust is about to emerge victorious, but Randy Orton walks to ringside to distract Goldust. Orton is successful as Cody rolls up Goldust from behind for a sneaky victory. The next night on RAW, Orton comes out with Cody Rhodes. Orton brags about how Cody beat his brother so badly last night. Orton acknowledges the history between himself and Cody and says that he & Cody always worked well together. Orton says while Triple H is focusing on mentoring Rollins, he will be putting his focus into mentoring Cody Rhodes to become the champion that he's had the potential to be for many years. This brings out Goldust who tells Orton that he's not gonna let him ruin his brother. Goldust continues to run down Orton and Evolution. This gets Orton pissed so he tells Goldust to come down to the ring so he can beat his ass. Goldust laugh and says he's not stupid. He says he knows how Evolution works - if the odds are in their favor, they want to fight. Goldust says that's fine because he has a protege/partner of his own. Goldust says that since Cody wasn't a good partner and couldn't find him a good one, he found one of his own. Goldust says his partner and someone who also wants revenge on Evolution. While Goldust is talking, Dean Ambrose makes his way through the crowd and comes up behind Orton and Rhodes. Ambrose jumps on Orton's back while Goldust jumps onto Cody. Ambrose & Goldust come out on top as Orton and Rhodes run off. Ambrose gets on the mic and challenges Rhodes & Orton to a tag match at SummerSlam! Orton talks it over with Cody and says they accept and that they will enjoy every second of dismembering Ambrose and Goldust! So, the match is set.

3) John Cena vs. Sheamus - Falls Count Anywhere Match
At Money in The Bank, both Sheamus and Cena are in the MITB Ladder Match. During the bout Sheamus had his hands on the briefcase, but Cena knocked him off the ladder. That's where this rivalry begins. The next night on Raw, Sheamus and Cena are placed in a tag team match together. Sheamus acts reluctant to team with Cena because he's pissed about Cena costing him the match at Money in the Bank. Cena convinces him to team with him and the match is set. During the match, Sheamus brogue kicks Cena out of nowhere and leaves him to be pinned. The next week on Raw, Cena comes out and wants an explanation from Sheamus. The United States Champion Sheamus hits the ring and says it's simple, they're even now. Cena cost him the MITB match so Sheamus says he feels it was only right that he cost Cena a match. Cena argues that it was a loss for Sheamus as well and he needs to grow up. Sheamus tells Cena to just stay out of his way and they won't have any problems. Sheamus then pushes Cena to the ground and walks off. Cena looks confused as to what has gotten into Sheamus. The next week on RAW, Sheamus has an open challenge with his US Title on the line. Sami Zayn accepts the open challenge and makes his Raw debut. Zayn is obviously overpowered, but manages to hold his own against the Irishmen. Zayn gains the upperhand which frustrates Sheamus so he "accidentally" knocks the ref down. This allows Sheamus to hit a low blow on Zayn then go outside to get a chair. Sheamus comes back in the ring and John Cena is there. AA ON SHEAMUS! Zayn gets up and Cena tells him to pin Sheamus. Zayn hits his finisher on Sheamus and covers him 1..2..3.. SAMI ZAYN IS THE NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION! Cena holds up Zayn's hand and celebrates with him in the right now. Cena then says the people now have a REAL United States Champion! The next week on Raw (final show before Battleground), Sheamus comes to the ring and says he wants Cena to come out there right now and explain himself. Cena never comes which pisses Sheamus off so he starts throwing stuff at ringside. Cena eventually comes and tells Sheamus to calm down. Sheamus tells Cena to shut up because he doesn't want to talk. He wants to fight, but not tonight - at Battleground. Cena accepts Sheamus' challenge for a match at Battleground, but says he's in the mood to get things started right now. Cena jumps on Sheamus and a brawl ensues. Referees come out to separate them. At Battleground, Cena and Sheamus face off in a competitive match. So competitive that Sheamus has to cheat to get the victory. Sheamus sneaks away with the win by using dirty tactics and Cena is left in the ring pissed and talking with the ref. The next night on Raw, Sheamus says last night he took care of John Cena and brags about his victory. This brings out US Champion Sami Zayn who says Sheamus is a coward for how he defeated Cena. Sheamus then delivers a brogue kick to Zayn and begins assaulting him. Sheamus ties Zayn up to the ropes and starts beating him with a kendo stick. John Cena hits the ring! Sheamus and Cena brawl around the ringside area and into the crowd. The fight heads to the backstage area where referees and security try to separate them, but can't get control so several members of the roster have to break them up. The next week on Raw, Cena comes to the ring and calls Sheamus out. Sheamus comes out and begins getting questioned by Cena. Cena asks Sheamus what happened to him? Cena says that he was gonna let the cheating victory at Battleground go because this rivalry between them his been blown way out of proportion. Cena also says he was going to apologize for screwing Sheamus out of the US Title, but when he saw Sheamus bullying Sami Zayn last week, he couldn't take it anymore. Cena interrogates Sheamus about his recent actions and says he's been acting like a complete ass. Sheamus tells Cena that this is about way more than just losing his US Title. Sheamus says that Cena thinks he is something special. Sheamus says that Cena always plays the tough guy, but the truth is that he couldn't hang in a brutal fight with a fighting irishmen like himself. Sheamus says he's tired of seeing Cena put on an act every week and he wants to end him. A match ends up being set up between the two at SummerSlam, but because of their brawl last week that raged through the arena, it will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

4) Roman Reigns vs. Triple H
This is a match that has reportedly been planned for some time. It's no secret that WWE wants to do this match at SummerSlam so it's probably no shock to anyone that I included this. So I'll just include how I would build towards it. Going into Money In The Bank, Reigns wants revenge on not only Triple H, but also Rollins for turning on him. When Rollins qualifies for the MITB Ladder Match, Reigns sets out to do the same and achieves his goal. During the match, Cody Rhodes helps Seth Rollins win as you read above by first assaulting his brother Goldust along with everyone else in the match, particularly Roman Reigns who Triple H (at ringside) told him target while Rollins climbed the ladder and got the briefcase. Reigns comes out on Raw the next night and says that he never thought that he would see Seth Rollins turn into who he is today. A traitor, a cheater, and an undeserving winner of the Money In The Bank briefcase. Ambrose gets on the mic and runs down Rollins before calling him out. Rollins comes out alongside Triple H, Orton, and Rhodes. Rollins says that Ambrose & Reigns are just jealous of his success, but the truth is this is just the start of his rise to the top. Rollins says that everyone always thought he was the weak link of The Shield, but look at him now. Reigns says that he and the fans want justice and challenges Rollins to a match at Battleground so he can give him the punishment that he deserves. Rollins starts talking it over with Triple H before nailing Reigns with the MITB briefcase. Ambrose goes after Rollins, but gets an RKO from Orton. Rollins stands over Reigns and says "You want a match at Battleground big guy? You got it and just to sweeten the deal, I'll even put my Money in the Bank briefcase on the line." The match is set. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns face off in a Ladder Match for the MITB briefcase. The story going into the match is not only the rivalry between Rollins & Reign since Rollins turned, but also Reigns trying to take away Rollins chance of becoming champion and Evolution taking over WWE. Ambrose is at ringside to support Reigns while Triple H is at ringside for Rollins. The match gets going and in the end, Triple H is the difference maker. Reigns is on the ladder about to get the briefcase when Triple H hits him with the sledgehammer knocking him off the ladder. Ambrose runs in and jumps on Triple H, but Randy Orton hits the ring and RKO's Ambrose. This brings out Goldust who lost earlier in the night because of Orton. Goldust starts beating on Orton, but Cody Rhodes hits the ring and nails Goldust with the disaster kick. Rollins is back to his feet at this point and climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase for the victory. After the match, Rollins celebrates with Orton and Rhodes while Triple H taunts Roman Reigns who is on the floor recovering. Reigns is on his knees trying to get up and Triple H keeps talking crap to him when out of nowhere ROMAN REIGNS SPEARS TRIPLE H THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Reigns stays on Hunter and delivers multiple blows to head before Rollins, Orton, and Rhodes call security to pull Reigns off of Triple H. Ambrose tries to get Reigns to calm down as he rushes to the back. Renee Young catches Reigns for an interview immediately Reigns says that Triple H was the cause of this whole thing and he's gonna get what's coming to him. Believe that. This plants seed for the long awaited showdown between Reigns and Triple H. Over the next few weeks, Reigns tries to coax Triple H into facing him at SummerSlam. Reigns says he did the wrong thing by targeting Rollins because Triple H is the one to blame. Reigns says Triple H brainwashed Rollins into thinking his way was the right way. Reigns finally talks Triple H into the match at SummerSlam.

5) The Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Solomon Crowe, & Corey Graves - Hell In A Cell Match
The night after Money In The Bank, Kane comes out after suffering an embarassing defeat once again at the hands of Daniel Bryan. Kane goes crazy saying he wants another match with Bryan and that he will break him in half. Just as Kane is talking, The Wyatt Family's music hits. They appear in the ring. Bray asks Kane what happened to him. Bray says that Kane used to be the devil's favorite demon, he used to be a monster, and now he's just a big guy who picks on people like Daniel Bryan who are much smaller than him. Bray says he and the people have seen enough of him beating on Daniel Bryan. Bray says he wants to see the monster that Kane used to be. Bray says he wants Kane to bring back the monster that's hiding inside of him. Bray says that beyond wanting to see the old Kane back, he wants to be the #1 Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship so he challenges Kane to a match which Kane excepts - the winner will face Daniel Bryan at Battleground for the WWE Title. Kane and Bray Wyatt face off and Bray Wyatt is victorious so he gets the WWE Title shot. At Battleground, Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt go back and forth for nearly 20 minutes until Kane hits the ring and wreaks havoc. Kane beats both Bryan and Wyatt with chairs. Kane then chokeslams Daniel Bryan through an announce table. After this, Kane turns his attention to Bray Wyatt. Kane gets a table from under the ring and lights it on fire. Kane picks up Bray for a chokeslam through the table, but Luke Harper and Erick Rowan hit the ring to make the save. Harper and Rowan double chokeslam Kane through the flaming table! Bray Wyatt gets on the mic and crawls over to Kane and asks him "Is this what you wanted? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? I wanted to help you and you decide to destroy me? NO ONE DESTROYS ME KANE! I AM BRAY WYATT, THE EATER OF WORLDS! AND I--" Bray's mic cuts off. The lights in the building start flashing on and off. The titantron screen starts screeching and getting fuzzy. The commentators are going in and out. The lights quit flashing then shut off. They stay off for awhile then come back on. In the ring, Bray Wyatt is layed out on a set of steel steps while Harper & Rowan are tied up to the ring ropes. Solomon Crowe and Corey Graves are standing in front of Bray Wyatt who is laying on the steel steps. Kane then sits up and makes it to his feet. Kane stares at Crowe and Graves before nodding to them. Crowe & Graves go to the outside and get another table. They set it up in the ring and light the table on fire. Crowe & Graves pick up Bray Wyatt and hands him to Kane. Kane yells "YOU WANT THE OLD ME, BRAY? YOU WANNA PLAY, BRAY? LET'S PLAY!" Crowe and Graves antagonize Harper & Rowan and make them watch Kane chokeslam Bray Wyatt through the flaming table. Kane, Crowe, and Graves then do Kane's pose together and slam their hands down as fire shoots up from the turnbuckles. Kane's old theme music plays as he walks out of the arena with Crowe & Graves. The next night on RAW, Kane comes to the ring with Solomon Crowe & Corey Graves. Kane says that Bray brought out a dark side of him that's been sleeping for years and now he has to pay for it. Kane then says the problem was there is 3 members of The Wyatt Family and only one of him so he had to enlist some help. Kane said he went down to NXT and found some people that are almost as twisted as himself. Kane then introduces Solomon Crowe and Corey Graves to the WWE Universe and says that they will help him take out Bray Wyatt and his family. Kane then challenges Bray to a match to settle it all. And since Bray wants "old Kane", Kane says he will give him "old Kane" by making their match a Hell In A Cell Match! Bray Wyatt accepts the challenge and the battle is set for SummerSlam - The Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Solomon Crowe, & Corey Graves in a Hell In A Cell Match. This storyline will make Bray Wyatt a babyface which is something WWE has said they want to do by the end of the year. So beyond this keeping Bray relevant, it also accomplishes something that WWE wants to do (turning Bray face) and it also debuts two new characters to the WWE Universe, Solomon Crowe & Corey Graves.

6) Cesaro vs. Brock Lesnar
This feud begins after Money in The Bank when Cesaro suffers a loss to Bad News Barrett. The next night on Raw, Cesaro tells Heyman that he doesn't need him anymore. Cesaro says he was doing fine before and since they've aligned, he's lost every title opportunity he's gotten. Cesaro says he's tired of trying to take the cheap way out and wants to go back to doing things the right way. Cesaro thanks Heyman for his services, shakes his hand, and walks off. To back up Cesaro's claim, he wins a #1 Contenders tournament for yet another shot at Bad News Barrett's IC Title. So at Battleground, Cesaro faces off with Barrett once again. Cesaro hits the neutralizer and goes for the pin -1...2.. Paul Heyman pulls the ref out of the ring! Cesaro chases Heyman into the ring and puts him in position for the swing, but before he can start swinging him, Brock Lesnar's music hits! Lesnar comes to the ring and nails Cesaro with an F5 allowing Barrett to cover Cesaro for the victory. Lesnar helps Heyman to his feet and puts his arm around him as they leave the ring. Lesnar screwing Cesaro out of the IC Title sets up a match between the two beasts at SummerSlam. This will effectively turn Cesaro face and will also be a huge boost to his career.

7) Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan - WWE Championship Match
After everything that went down during the main event of SummerSlam, Seth Rollins ran to the ring and dove over the top rope cutting a flip onto Daniel Bryan who had just made his way to his feet after being put through the announce table by Kane (see the above Wyatt Family match for more detail if you didn't read it). Triple H and Randy Orton head to the ring with a referee. Hunter starts telling the time keeper to ring the bell as Rollins is cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Triple H rolls Bryan into the ring as the bell sounds. Rollins hits the Peace of Mind on an already beaten Daniel Bryan and pins him to become the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion! Triple H, Randy Orton, and Cody Rhodes celebrate with Seth Rollins to close the show. Since Bryan lost the title, the build up to a match with Rollins is simple. Daniel Bryan gets his rematch at SummerSlam.

So, there you have it. How I would book this year's SummerSlam event. I think this card would truly be best for business. It features alot of intriguing stories that will make viewers want to renew their WWE Network subscription (which is WWE's goal during this time of the year) plus I think these stories would boost ratings.

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