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TNA Impact Review - June 19th, 2014

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - June 19th, 2014 - A New Champion is Crowned ; Tommy Dreamer confronts Dixie Carter
The show opens up with MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley. He calls Eric Young to the ring and we get an impromptu World Title match between Young and Kenny King.

1) Eric Young vs. Kenny King - TNA World Championship Match
This was a fun match and very interesting considering this was the opening match of the show. Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards came down to back up EY since MVP and Lashley were at ringside for King. This match only lasted around 10 minutes, but was a fun encounter. Young retains the title.

After the match, a huge brawl breaks out between MVP's crew and EY & his back up (Joe, Aries, & The Wolves). That was hype! The craziness continues as security backs off EY & company while MVP proceeds to fire Earl Hebner. MVP cuts a phenomenal promo that honestly caught me off guard. I knew he was decent on the mic, but this angry heel boss promo took it to another level. Several matches were announced here as well including another World Title match and a Tag Team Title match. The first 30 minutes of the show are complete at this point and it was chaos! A World Title match, a brawl, and a firing - wow!

2) Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards vs. Austin Aries & Samoa Joe vs. Willow & Abyss - TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
I didn't get too hyped up about this because of TNA's track record with TV matches being very short, but they proved me wrong here. Great action packed triple threat tag team title match that went about 15 minutes or so. Tons of action from all three teams. One of my favorite exchanges saw Richards & Edwards send Joe to the outside and go for a dive, but Aries & Joe slide back in the ring and execute a pair of dives of their own onto The Wolves! Aries & Joe worked very well together here, they even did dueling submission holds on Willow & Abyss at the same time. There was also a good exchange between Joe and Abyss that saw Joe somehow do his signature scoop slam on the monster. The most insane spot of the match was Hardy falling backwards off the top turnbuckle to Joe, Aries, & The Wolves on the outside of the ring. In the end, The Wolves retain after an impressive backbreaker combination. Great match!

Next up was the confrontation between Tommy Dreamer and Dixie Carter. This is what intrigued me about this episode of Impact the most and it delivered. Dreamer cut an intense, yet heartful promo about the current TNA product. He said some of the stuff Dixie let happen on TNA in the past few months made him be ashamed to be a pro wrestler. In the end, it looked like Dixie had turned over a new leaf as she hugged Dreamer, but then she kneed him in the crotch! EC3 ran out and beat down Dreamer to end the segment. Very good segment, I'm interested to see where it goes from here.

3) Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards vs. Magnus & Bram - TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
MVP forced The Wolves to defend their championships twice in one night which was fine by me. I could watch The Wolves wrestle all night. This match showcased The Wolves impressive teamwork more so than the previous tag match of the night. Although this bout ends in DQ after Magnus & Bram beat the Wolves with chairs, it was still an entertaining bout. Willow & Abyss make the save and run off Magnus & Bram. Speaking of Magnus & Bram, I'm loving their newly formed team. Bram really caught my eye from the time he debuted and a story like this is just what Magnus needs coming off his lackluster title reign. Good stuff.

Gail Kim came out at this point in the show to introduce the returning Taryn Terrell! It's great to see her back and see these two in the same ring again. After thanking Gail and the fans, Taryn asked Gail for another match which would serve as a tiebreaker from their two classic matches last year. Before Gail could answer, The Beautiful came out and a brawl ended up starting in which Taryn & Gail came out on top. Good segment. The Knockout's Division is getting interesting again. There is alot of depth in the division currently, on top of these four, you've got Madison Rayne & Brittany who are outstanding in their own right. Excited to see where this story goes. Possible Beautiful People/Kim & Taryn match? I'd be cool with that, but I really hope we get to see another Gail/Taryn match in the future.

Backstage segment between Kurt Angle and MVP happened here. Was quite entertaining as Angle punched Kenny King and dared Lashley to do something before being forced to leave the arena. Speaking of leaving the arena, the main event is next and MVP made everyone backstage leave - wrestlers, camera men, interviewers, everyone.

4) Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley - TNA World Championship Match
Young has developed a knack for making matches that no one thought would be good turn out to be highly entertaining. That was the case here. While this wasn't a classic by any means, it was a good match for the World Title. EY hit a huge piledriver on Lashley, but before Brian Hebner could count to three, Kenny King pulled him out of the ring. Kenny then held Eric on the apron for Lashley to hit him, but Young moved and Lashley hit King! Then Lashley hit a massive spear out of nowhere that turned Young inside out! Wow, Young sold that so well. 1 .. 2.. 3.. - NEW CHAMPION!

After the match is over, the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley celebrates then begins beating down Young again. Kenny King places a chair on Eric Young's arm and starts stomping it, but here comes Bobby Roode! Roode makes the save and runs off Lashley, King & MVP! Great way to close the show!

Overall thoughts: What a show! TNA really surprised me here. They haven't had many good episodes of Impact at all this year, but this show was overall very entertaining. The triple threat tag match was the best match of the night, but the main event was solid as well. As for the outcome, Lashley as champion has potential. Plus booking Roode to return at the end was a great decision. The bottom line is TNA gave me and everyone a reason to tune in next week. That's something they haven't done in a LONG time. Especially for myself. This is the most interested I've been in TNA in a while. There are many interesting storylines going on and alot of exciting things planned for the future (Destination X, Hardy Boys return). Let's hope they can keep it up!

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