Friday, June 13, 2014

What's Next for Curt Hawkins, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, & Brodus Clay?

I woke up yesterday morning and logged onto Twitter to find that WWE had released several talents earlier in the morning. I was shocked to learn that Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, and Curt Hawkins had been released. Those were the three that stood out to me as I'm an avid fan of all of them. The other names that stood out were Aksana, who was just on Raw this past Monday, and long time worker Teddy Long. Beyond those, Brodus Clay was released as well.

One thing that many of these wrestlers have in common is they were underutilized. Bourne, McIntyre, Hawkins, and Brodus Clay come to mind. And for that reason, I expect these guys to continue to have success in the wrestling business.

Evan Bourne is a veteran on the Indy scene, where he competed under the name Matt Sydal before signing to WWE. I'm sure with all of his connections in the world of independent wrestling, that he will have no trouble finding work.

Drew McIntyre has the "it" factor and I think anyone who has seen him compete prior to his embarassing run with 3MB will notice that. For that reason, I don't think McIntyre will be a free agent for long. Whether he decides to go to TNA or work the Indies, he has a big future ahead of him somewhere. I'm sure he will find a company that will take advantage of the amazing talent that he is. I'd also love to see McIntyre positioned as a top guy in Jeff Jarrett's new company. There are alot of options for the man who was once dubbed as the "Chosen One".

Curt Hawkins is someone who caught my interest when competed alongside Edge on Smackdown. Recently, I also learned that Hawkins was a big independent wrestling advocate and was friends with many indy workers. On top of that, he works incredibly hard and that showed as he has already been booked for several independent shows since being released. His future is the one that I'm most excited about. His story reminds me of Trent Baretta's. Trent got released from WWE and took to the Indy scene where he has became very popular. All Hawkins needs is that opportunity to show what he can do and the Independent Scene will give that to him.

Brodus Clay is someone that most people viewed as a joke while signed to WWE. Mainly because he was positioned as a playful dancing giant. What people don't know is that Brodus was an excellent monster heel down in NXT, but since he debuted on the main roster, that character was pushed to the side for a more "family friendly" persona. Clay then wasted away on the main roster which led to his release. I'm hopeful that another company such as TNA or Jarrett's GFW will pick him up and let him have a run as a monster heel, because he's very talented. Or he could even make a run on the Indies. There are several big guys such as Willie Mack who've found great success there so I'm sure there are going to be alot of opportunites for Clay since being released from WWE.

The whole point of this article was to show that aside from the fact that these guys are losing a job/pay day, this is also a good thing. For them and for wrestling fans. They are finally going to be able to venture into a new area of wrestling where they will most likely be used to the extent of their abilities. The possibilites and opportunites that await these talents are endless. I hope to see them competing soon in companies that will truly appreciate the fine talent that they have.

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