Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fantasy Booking: The WWE Title Picture & US Title Picture through WrestleMania 31

Fantasy Booking: Brock Lesnar, Cesaro, Curtis Axel through WrestleMania 31 + more.

Originally, this article started out as a piece on how to make Curtis Axel relevant again, but once I started writing, I found myself bringing some other names in and decided to expand this into a Fantasy Booking article. The focal point of the first half of this article is the WWE Title picture, Cesaro, & Curtis Axel, but once I get to the Royal Rumble I begin fantasy booking the Road to WrestleMania for every area of the WWE.

In this article, I book the debuts of five NXT stars on the main roster and I also push three young stars to superstardom. The five stars that debut are Sami Zayn, The Ascension, Kevin Steen, & Fergal Devitt. The three young stars that are made into superstars/main eventers by the end of this article are Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Cesaro. I tried to keep things as realistic as possible in this article. For instance, if I did this based on personal taste, I would have pushed Ambrose to the top instead of Reigns, but it's clear that WWE wants to go with Reigns so I came up with a way that I think he could be made into a star without being pushed too far too soon. So if you feel Reigns isn't ready to be a main eventer yet (like I do), don't be worried, I don't make him the focal point of things, but I do use him in a way that I think will help him grow into the main eventer he is destined to be.

Beyond making new top stars and debuting future ones, I also bring one guy who was once extremely popular back to being a top babyface and I also bring a former World Champion back into the WWE Title picture.

None the less, before I give away too many things that are included in this article. Let's get started!

Night of Champions PPV:
Cesaro defeats Sheamus to become the new United States Champion and Brock Lesnar defeats John Cena to retain the WWE Title.

The episode of Raw after Night of Champions
Sheamus gets his rematch for the US Title and loses which leads to a Fatal Four Way match to determine the new #1 Contender to Cesaro's United States Title. The match features Sheamus, Curtis Axel, Jack Swagger, and Bo Dallas. During the match, Sheamus is about to pin Curtis Axel after hitting him with a brogue kick when Brock Lesnar's music hits. Sheamus is immediately distracted as Lesnar & Heyman march towards the ring. Meanwhile, Curtis Axel rolls Sheamus up from behind to get the pin and the victory. Curtis Axel is the new #1 Contender to the United States Title! Lesnar and Heyman get in the ring while Axel is celebrating. Axel comes face to face with them and hugs Heyman. Lesnar and Heyman hold up Axel's hand and the celebration continues. Heyman grabs the mic and proclaims "Once a Paul Heyman guy, ALWAYS a Paul Heyman guy!" Heyman says that last year, he brought out Axel's full potential and led him to the IC Title, but then last fall when Ryback was brought into the fold - things fell apart. Heyman says that Ryback led Axel down a path of mediocrity, but Axel saw the light and begged for the opportunity to be under his guidance once again. Heyman then proclaims Curtis Axel as the next United States Champion! This brings out the US Champion, Cesaro. Cesaro steps in the ring and comes face to face with Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Cesaro says he can't believe the depths that Heyman will sink to. Cesaro begins talking about how many lies Heyman told him when he was under his wing earlier this year. Cesaro continues to bash Heyman when Lesnar steps in front of Heyman and comes face to face with Cesaro. Lesnar tells him to leave before things get ugly. Axel then says "Yeah, rookie. LEAVE!" Cesaro doesn't back down. Heyman tells Lesnar to finish him, but before he can, Sheamus crawls back into the ring to even the odds. Sheamus stands beside Cesaro and tries to get Lesnar & Axel to fight, but Heyman talks them out of it and they leave.

The next week on Raw, Sheamus comes out and says that he didn't appreciate Brock Lesnar costing him his shot at the US Title last week. Sheamus proceeds to call Lesnar out for a fight. Instead, he gets Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Heyman says that Sheamus isn't worthy of Lesnar's time because if they did fight, it would be a complete squash just like Lesnar's matches with Cena. Sheamus tries to coax Axel into the ring for a match. Axel acts as if he is going to enter the ring, but the starts laughing and backs away. Out of nowhere, Cesaro runs down the ramp and throws Axel into the ring. The match gets under way and this time, Axel manages to beat Sheamus cleanly, but he does so with a roll up once again. Axel and Heyman sneak away while taunting US Champ Cesaro at ringside.

The final episode of Raw before the Hell In A Cell PPV
Paul Heyman comes to the ring with Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel. Heyman says tonight he came to address his client's participation at the Hell In A Cell PPV. Heyman says that Axel will be challenging Cesaro for the US Title, but Lesnar is without an opponent. Heyman says it's clear that everyone is afraid to face him so he won't be competing at Hell In A Cell. Heyman continues boasting about Lesnar when Sheamus comes running through the crowd and attacks Lesnar from behind! Axel pulls Sheamus off of Lesnar however and the numbers game becomes too much for Sheamus. This brings out Cesaro who goes to work on both Lesnar and Axel. Sheamus & Cesaro clean house and Lesnar, Axel, & Heyman retreat. Sheamus says he wants a match with Lesnar at Hell In A Cell for the WWE Title. Lesnar accepts and the match is set!

Hell In A Cell PPV
Cesaro defeats Curtis Axel via DQ after the ref caught Heyman trying to interfere. Cesaro retains the US Title. Meanwhile, Brock Lesnar defeats Sheamus to retain the WWE Title.

The Raw after Hell In A Cell
Since the Cesaro/Axel match ended in DQ at the PPV last night, Axel gets his rematch tonight in a No Disqualification Match! Cesaro and Axel battle for the US Title using various weapons, but neither man can pin the other. It's a star making performance for Axel, but he can't find a way to pin Cesaro. Axel goes outside to get advice from Heyman which allows Cesaro to recover and hit Axel with a chair. Cesaro sets up a table and positions it near the corner. Cesaro takes Axel up to the top rope and hits him with a neutralizer through the table! Cesaro covers Axel - 1..2... HEYMAN PULLS CESARO OFF OF AXEL! Cesaro goes to the outside and grabs Heyman by his jacket when Brock Lesnar's music hits! Lesnar comes down and clashes with Cesaro! Lesnar gains the advantage and hits an F5 on Cesaro onto the announce table then throws him back into the ring. Curtis Axel covers Cesaro - 1..2..3 - Curtis Axel is the new United States Champion!

The next week on Raw, Heyman comes out to boast about Axel's championship victory and he is soon interrupted by John Cena. Cena says the way Heyman is doing things isn't right and he's tired of it. Cena brings up the fact that Cesaro and Sheamus have been taken out by Brock Lesnar and says him running roughshod over WWE has gone on long enough. Heyman mocks Cena because of the fact that Lesnar beat him so bad at two PPV's in a row and asks Cena if he wants another asskicking. Cena says he doesn't want another ass kicking, but he does want a fight. Axel steps up into Cena's face and Cena shoves him down. Triple H comes out and says if Cena wants to fight Axel, he'll get the chance in the main event tonight. It will be John Cena, Dean Ambrose, & Roman Reigns vs. Curtis Axel, Seth Rollins, & Randy Orton. During the match, the ref gets knocked down and Heyman takes it upon himself to grab a chair from Kane who is sitting at ringside per orders of Triple H. Heyman gets on the ring apron and goes to hit Cena with the chair while he has Axel up for the AA, but before Heyman can hit Cena, Sheamus runs down to the ring and pulls Heyman off the apron and grabs him by the throat, but before he can do anything - Brock Lesnar's music hits! Lesnar comes down and immediately begins brawling with Sheamus! Axel joins in on the beatdown. Cena tries to help Cesaro, but Rollins dives out of the ring onto him. A huge brawl breaks out between all nine men around the ring. At one point, Lesnar has Sheamus up on his shoudlers and is about to F5 him off the announce table when out comes Cesaro! Cesaro knocks Lesnar off the announce table which leads Heyman to tell Lesnar to bail out. Heyman gets Lesnar and Axel and they begin backing away from the ring. Rollins, Kane, and Orton do the same as Ambrose, Reigns, and Cena got the advantage. As the heels make their way up the entrance ramp, Triple H's music hits and he says he thinks that he sees the main event of Survivor Series right in front of him. Triple H announces that the main event of the Survivor Series PPV will be: Sheamus, Cesaro, John Cena, Roman Reigns, & Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar, Curtis Axel, Seth Rollins, Kane, & Randy Orton.

Survivor Series PPV:
In the match, Cena first eliminates Kane. Cesaro eliminates Curtis Axel. Brock Lesnar eliminates Sheamus. Roman Reigns eliminates Randy Orton. Seth Rollins eliminates Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Cesaro eliminates Seth Rollins. Brock Lesnar eliminates John Cena. This leaves Cesaro and Lesnar as the final two men in the match. Lesnar turns around from pinning Cena and Cesaro hits him with repeated uppercuts that stagger Lesnar. Lesnar falls back into the ropes from the uppercuts and Cesaro then positions him for the neutralizer and hits it! Cesaro is going to pin Lesnar! 1..2... - PAUL HEYMAN PULLS THE REF OUT OF THE RING! The commentators are enraged because Cesaro was one second away from being the first person to pin Lesnar in over a year! Heyman's distraction allows Lesnar to recover and hit Cesaro with an F5 for the victory.

After Survivor Series:
After nearly pinning Lesnar at Survivor Series, the crowd is fully behind Cesaro and the commentators are as well. Everyone thinks he deserves a title shot, but Paul Heyman nor Triple H thinks he has what it takes. Triple H forces Cesaro to face a new opponent each week and if he wins, he will get a shot at Lesnar's title. The first week, Cesaro faces Seth Rollins and wins. The next week, Cesaro faces Kane and wins. Then 2 weeks before TLC, Triple H forces Cesaro to face his friend, John Cena. In the main event of Raw, John Cena and Cesaro go at it for nearly 30 minutes fighting for a shot at the WWE Title. In the end, it takes two neutralizers to put Cena away and Cesaro picks up the victory.

The final episode of Raw before TLC:
Most everyone expects Cesaro to be named the #1 Contender including himself as he comes to the ring and asks Triple H if he's proved himself yet. Hunter says he's been impressive, but unfortunately Brock Lesnar won't be defending his title at TLC and there's just one more man that Cesaro must beat in order to earn a title shot at the Royal Rumble PPV and that man is Randy Orton. Cesaro will face Randy Orton in a TLC Match at to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

As for Curtis Axel, he will defend his US Title against Sheamus since Sheamus never got his rematch from when he lost the title originally.

Curtis Axel defeated Sheamus with a roll up to retain the US Title.

In the main event match between Cesaro and Orton, Cesaro was on the ladder about to retrieve the #1 Contender's contract when Seth Rollins ran down and springboarded off the top rope and dropkicked Cesaro off the ladder, sending him crashing through a table. This allows Randy Orton to climb the ladder and retrieve the contract thus becoming the #1 Contender to Brock Lesnar's WWE Championship.

Build towards the Royal Rumble PPV:
Since being screwed out of becoming the #1 Contender by Seth Rollins, Cesaro becomes embroiled in a feud with him. This leads to a match being made between the two at the Royal Rumble PPV. Cesaro will also be in the Royal Rumble match and vows to win and get the match with Brock Lesnar that everyone wants to see so he can give him the beating that he deserves.

As for Brock Lesnar, he will be defending his title against the new #1 Contender, Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble PPV.

When he defeated Sheamus at TLC without any help, Curtis Axel claims that he solidified himself as one of the greatest US Champions of all time. Heyman says that he will be giving an open challenge at the Royal Rumble to any one who thinks they are worthy of challenging him.

Royal Rumble 2015:
In the opening match of the evening, Seth Rollins defeats Cesaro after hitting him with the briefcase while the ref's back was turned.

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman hit the ring for Axel's US Title open challenge. The open challenge is accepted by NXT star Sami Zayn! Axel and Zayn go back and forth for 15 minutes, but Axel can't manage to put him in away. This leads Axel to go to extreme measures to retain his title. Zayn goes for a dive on the outside, but Axel moves and grabs a steel chair and hits him over the back with it. The ref calls for the bell. Axel rolls Zayn into the ring and grabs a microphone. Heyman and Axel get in the ring and Heyman grabs Zayn and holds him up. Axel gets the mic and starts yelling at Zayn "Who do you think you are to challenge me for my title? I'm the greatest US Champion of all time and you're just a little rookie!" Axel slaps Zayn then tells Heyman to let him go. Axel hits Zayn in the stomach with the chair then hits him over the back which brings Zayn to his knees. Axel continues yelling insults at him into the microphone "You're just a worthless jabroni, just like Cesaro, and just like my old partner Ryback. That's who you remind me of. That piece of crap couldn't hang with me and you can't either! Go back to NXT!" Zayn yells "NO!" at Axel so Axel says he will beat Zayn back to NXT. Axel goes nuts hitting Zayn over the back with the steel chair then Heyman orders him to hit him in the head with it. Axel backs away and waits for Zayn to get to his feet. Just as Axel is about to strike him with the chair, RYBACK'S MUSIC HITS! Ryback stomps to the ring and grabs the mic and says "I don't like bullies." Ryback then nails Axel with a belly to belly slam. Ryback gets a "Feed Me More" chant started and then nails Axel with the meathook clothesline! Ryback is back and more over than ever!

Brock Lesnar defeats Randy Orton to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

In the Royal Rumble match, Daniel Bryan makes his surprise return as the #1 entrant in the Rumble! Before the match gets going, Bryan says it's good to be back and vows to win the whole match and go back to the main event of WrestleMania. Bryan makes it to the final five along with Cesaro, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and the 30th entrant - John Cena. Bryan gets into a struggle with Seth Rollins and Rollins goes to throw him over the top rope, but Bryan somehow manages to hang on and pull himself back up to the apron. Just as he gets to the apron, John Cena is running the ropes preparing to hit Rollins with a clothesline and when he hits the ropes, his momentum knocks Bryan off the apron to the floor. John Cena just unintentionally eliminated Daniel Bryan! Cena being the nice guy that he is, looks over the floor to the outside as if he's sorry about what he did as the crowd floods him with boos. While Cena is staring outside and Bryan trying to explain himself, Cesaro comes up from behind and throws him out of the match! The crowd pops huge for Cesaro eliminating the guy that ruined Bryan's shot at winning. This leaves Cesaro, Rollins and Reigns as the final three men. Cesaro goes to throw Rollins out, but he hangs onto the top rope and stands on the ring apron. Reigns comes running to knock him off, but Rollins ducks and sends Reigns to the floor. Cesaro and Rollins are the final two. How ironic considering that they faced off earlier in the night and Rollins cheated to win. After a short exchange, Cesaro throws Rollins over the top rope to win the Royal Rumble!

Before going on to the next part of this article, I'd like to explain why I booked the Royal Rumble the way I did. First things first, I had Cena unintentionally eliminate Bryan to begin reiginiting their feud from last summer in which Bryan said he hated him because he hogged the spotlight. This showcased that as Cena couldn't even give Bryan his chance to shine and because Cena once again had the upperhand since he was the 30th entrant. The other reason I had Bryan eliminated like this is to give Cesaro the rub of eliminating the guy (Cena) that the fans now hate because he eliminated their favorite, Daniel Bryan. I personally think that's the only way to give someone else the victory at the Rumble if Bryan is invovled. He's so popular that everyone else will get booed (as was showcased last year). Booking it like this, sets up a major feud for Bryan and keeps Cesaro from getting booed when he wins. Cesaro and Rollins being the last two is perfect because it marks the end of their rivalry that began at TLC. Rollins screwed Cesaro at TLC, then Rollins beat Cesaro by cheating, and now in the Royal Rumble, Cesaro gets the ultimate piece of payback by eliminating Rollins to win the match. Perfect story, in my opinion.

Build Towards Elimination Chamber:
After being eliminated from the Royal Rumble by John Cena, Daniel Bryan is infuriated and asks Cena to come out so they can talk about things. Cena assures Bryan that it was an accident. Bryan is still defiant and says he thinks that Cena has it out for him because he wants to be as popular as he is right now. Cena says that's not the case and reassures Bryan of that. Bryan shakes Cena's hand and they make amends.

Speaking of Bryan and Cena, they both will be involved in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship. Brock Lesnar will defend his title against Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Kane, and Dean Ambrose.

As for Cesaro, he will be teaming up with Ryback & Sami Zayn to take on Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman's newest guys, Kevin Steen and Fergal Devitt. This bout was set up when Heyman and Axel called out Ryback to confront him about his actions at the Royal Rumble. Ryback says that Heyman & Axel are bullies who need to be put in their place. Ryback talks about how they made him out to be a joke while he was gone, but now that he's back they won't say a word to his face. Ryback then says that he is actually friends with Sami Zayn and wouldn't dare let anyone hurt him like that. Ryback brings Sami Zayn to the ring and touts him as the future of WWE, but before he can finish putting him over, Paul Heyman cuts him off and starts making fun of Zayn saying that he will never be anything because if he remembers correctly all he's ever done is come CLOSE to beating Cesaro, the man who can't even beat Curtis Axel, much less Brock Lesnar. Heyman says if Zayn can't even beat him what makes him think that he will EVER win a championship title or even have any success in WWE. This brings out Cesaro who takes up for Zayn and says he's more talented than Curtis Axel will ever be. Cesaro continues by saying that he would suggest Heyman and Axel leave the ring because right now they're surrounded by people who dislike them so unless they want to fight, they should leave. Heyman starts laughing into the microphone. Heyman says "Outnumbered, huh? We'll see how long that lasts." Heyman goes on to say that he's been scouting for new Paul Heyman guys to complete his takeover of WWE and that he has his eyes on two young men. Heyman says "Next week, I will debut my two newest clients and if you guys want a fight, then that's what you're gonna get because one of my newest clients.. he LOVES TO FIGHT!" The next week on Raw, Heyman comes to the ring with Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar. They are here to introduce the newest Paul Heyman guys, Kevin Steen and Fergal Devitt from NXT! Heyman introduces Devitt first then goes to introduce Steen, but says that Steen can talk for himself. Steen is wearing a shirt that simply reads "FIGHT". Steen says "I'll keep this short and sweet, My name is Kevin Steen and I like to fight and hurt people. That being said, I heard that there were two losers talking crap to Paul Heyman last week, so why don't they come on down here and show me what they're all about." This brings out Cesaro, Ryback, and Sami Zayn. Steen goes back and forth with them on the mic before attempting to leave the ring to go fight them, but Heyman holds him back. Heyman tries to get Cesaro, Zayn, and Ryback to come to the ring, but they won't because they are outnumbered since Lesnar is there. This leads them to challenge Axel, Steen, and Devitt to a six man tag match at Elimination Chamber. Heyman accepts and vows that everyone will see the wrath of the newest Paul Heyman guys unleashed on the jabronis at Elimination Chamber.

Over the past few months, the IC Title picture has been pretty crazy. Dolph Ziggler retained it at Night of Champions, but soon became embroiled in a feud over it with Bray Wyatt. Wyatt won the title at Hell In A Cell, but lost it at the TLC PPV in a Ladder Match with Dolph Ziggler. Since regaining the title, Ziggler has defended it successfully, but a new challenge awaits him at Elimination Chamber as he faces off with one of the best Intercontinental Champions in WWE history, Christian! Christian returned from injury with vengeance and was owed an IC Title shot because he won a #1 Contender's Match before he got hurt. At Elimination Chamber, he gets that title shot!

The Usos lost the tag team titles to Goldust & Stardust at Night of Champions, but they managed to regain them in a TLC Match at the TLC PPV. Since then, the NXT standout team, The Ascension debuted and earned themselves a title shot which they will get at Elimination Chamber.

Natalya won the Divas Championship in early January and has since been emphasing a more pure style of wrestling in the Divas Division. At Elimination Chamber, she defends her title against AJ Lee.

After getting thrown out of the Royal Rumble by Cesaro, Seth Rollins is growing tired of being under Triple H's wing. Rollins goes as far as to challenge Triple H to a match at Elimination Chamber, but Hunter declines and makes Orton face Rollins at the PPV.

Elimination Chamber PPV Card:
  • Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Christian - Intercontinental Championship Match
  • Kevin Steen, Fergal Devitt, & Curtis Axel vs. Ryback & Sami Zayn
  • The Usos (c) vs. The Ascension - WWE Tag Team Title Match
  • Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane - Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
  • Backstage, Brock Lesnar attacks Cesaro before his match which makes him unable to compete so Ryback and Sami Zayn will have to take on Kevin Steen, Curtis Axel, and Fergal Devitt by themselves. The numbers game is too much for them and The Paul Heyman guys pick up the victory.

    Christian defeats Dolph Ziggler via a roll up and illegal use of the ropes for leverage to become the new IC Champion.

    The Ascension defeats The Usos to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

    Seth Rollins defeats Randy Orton.

    In the Elimination Chamber Match, Brock Lesnar is the last man out of the pods and he comes in and begins cleaning house. Ambrose has already been eliminated by Kane after The Wyatt Family made an appearance and beat him down. Soon after that, Reigns eliminated Kane. This left Reigns, Cena, Bryan and Lesnar as the final four men. Lesnar cleans house on all three men and instructs Heyman to hand him a chair. Lesnar goes to hit Cena with the chair, but he ducks and kicks Lesnar in the mid section. Cena goes to hit Lesnar with the chair, but misses and hits Daniel Bryan! Cena is devastated because he just made amends with Bryan after eliminating him at the Rumble. Just as Cena is checking on Bryan, Reigns delivers a spear to him out of nowhere. Meanwhile, Lesnar covers Bryan for the three count to eliminate him while Reigns eliminates Cena. Lesnar and Reigns are the final two men and they have a 10 minute hard fought exchange, but in the end, Brock Lesnar pins him to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Cesaro hobbles to the ring and nails Lesnar in the back with a chair much to the delight of the WWE Universe. Cesaro hits Lesnar with a neutralizer on the chair and stands over him with the WWE Title in hand and says "YOUR RUN IS OVER AT WRESTLEMANIA!" Cesaro begins leaving the ring when Seth Rollins' music hits. He begins walking down the ramp with Triple H beside him. Rollins seems uneasy about cashing in his briefcase, but Triple H talks him into it. Rollins cashes in and hits Lesnar with the curb stomp, but Lesnar kicks out at 2! Triple H throws Rollins a chair and he places it under Lesnar's head and goes for another curbstomp, but Lesnar moves and picks him up and nails him with an F5 on the chair to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

    Build Towards WrestleMania:
    The main event for WrestleMania was set in stone after Brock Lesnar retained his title in the Elimination Chamber Match. Over the past six months, Cesaro and Brock Lesnar have had issues and it will all come to a head in the form of a WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania 31. Will the Swiss Superman be able to stop the man who broke the streak? It's going to be one epic clash when these two warriors step into the ring to do battle.

    After failing in an attempt to cash in his briefcase, Seth Rollins comes out on Raw and says he's done with Triple H. Rollins says Hunter has done nothing, but use him and he's got nothing out of their partnership. Triple H comes out and tells Rollins that he will be nothing without him because he made him who he is today. Hunter says that tonight Rollins will face Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere Match and Orton will put him out indefinitely. This brings out Randy Orton. Orton surprises everyone by saying that he is sick of doing Triple H's dirty work and that he's done with it. Triple H says if Orton & Rollins want to turn on him, atleast he still has Kane. Triple H turns to Kane and says "Isn't that right?" Kane tries to look away and Hunter yells "Isn't that right, Kane?!" Kane responds by saying that he is done playing Triple H's games and that his time in The Authority is over. The crowd explodes as all three members of The Authority have turned on Triple H. Triple H leaves infuriated. The next week, Triple H makes a six man tag match between The Wyatt Family and Seth Rollins, Kane, and Randy Orton. The former Authority members win and Triple H comes out during their celebration. Triple H says "You all want to turn on me? That's fine. Because just like I always said, there's always a Plan B." The newly crowned WWE Tag Team Champions The Ascension come to the ring. Triple H & The Ascension storm the ring and take out Kane, Orton, and Rollins. Hunter saves Rollins for last and pedigrees him through a table. These actions lead to two matches being made for WrestleMania. The first is a WWE Tag Team Championship Match between The Ascension and Randy Orton & Kane. The second is a match between Triple H and Seth Rollins.

    At Elimination Chamber, Christian won the Intercontinental Title from Dolph Ziggler in a cheap way. Christian becomes cocky and says no one on the roster is deserving of the IC Title especially not Ziggler. This brings out a returning Bad News Barrett who has some bad news for Christian. That bad news is that he's cashing in his rematch clause for the title he never lost at WrestleMania. Dolph Ziggler also has a rematch from when he lost the title so a triple threat match is made for WrestleMania.

    Roman Reigns came up short at both the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, this has left him repressed about how his career is going. It's three weeks before WrestleMania and he doesn't have a match so he comes out and issues an open challenge since Triple H won't give him another chance to prove himself. Out comes The Rock! The Rock says he sees alot of potential in Roman and he's going to give him the chance to prove everyone wrong by facing him at WrestleMania! Reigns accept the challenge and vows to win the biggest match of his career and prove all the naysayers wrong.

    After losing two consecutive matches thanks to John Cena, Daniel Bryan is extremely pissed and goes back to saying that Cena is jealous of him. Cena says that Bryan is becoming a big headed jerk and needs to take it down a notch. Bryan says that statement proves that Cena has a problem with him. Their problems lead to a match being made between the two at WrestleMania. Giving Bryan this attitude of being better than Cena doesn't turn him heel, but it gives him a new edge to his character which I think would be nice. On the Indies, Bryan was confident, but the fans still cheered him because he was the best. I'd like to see that incorporated into Bryan's WWE character. This would also bring a different dynamic into this chapter of the Bryan/Cena feud instead of it being the same Bryan the underdog vs. Cena the big dog like it was last time.

    Over the past 9 months, Dean Ambrose has become one of the most popular superstars on the roster and that is why Bray Wyatt attacked him at Elimination Chamber. Wyatt says that Ambrose used to be on the dark side, but now he's become soft and just another one of the Universe's heroes. Wyatt says that he noticed this and set out to end Dean Ambrose before he became too big for his own shoes. Ambrose says that Wyatt is second guessing himself because he is still the same sick, twisted guy he was when he was in The Shield and Wyatt is going to see that side of him at WrestleMania! Ambrose and Wyatt will clash at the biggest event of the year!

    Ryback targeted his former partner Curtis Axel from the moment he returned at the Royal Rumble which immediately made him popular. At WrestleMania, Ryback will finally get his chance to get payback on Axel for not being there for him while he was injured. Curtis Axel will put his United States Championship on the line against Ryback in a match that is not only about the title, it's also a personal matter.

    As for Ryback's new friend Sami Zayn, he's still being bullied by Paul Heyman's newest guys, Kevin Steen & Fergal Devitt. With Ryback embroiled in a feud with Curtis Axel over the US Title, Sami Zayn has been left to fend for himself against Kevin Steen & Fergal Devitt. Enter Sheamus. Steen & Devitt began beating down Zayn in the ring on Raw for the second week in a row when Sheamus ran down to make the save and challenge the two to a match at WrestleMania so Zayn can get his revenge on Steen & Devitt for bullying him the past few weeks. Heyman accepts the match for his new clients and vows that the Paul Heyman guys will conquer WrestleMania. Heyman says Steen & Devitt will end Zayn & Sheamus, Axel will finish Ryback, and Lesnar will solidify his legacy as the greatest WWE Champion of all time and the new phenom of WrestleMania.

    WrestleMania 31 Card:
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Cesaro - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
  • John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan
  • The Rock vs. Roman Reigns
  • Triple H vs. Seth Rollins
  • Randy Orton & Kane vs. The Ascension - WWE Tag Team Championship Match
  • Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt
  • Christian (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett - Intercontinental Championship Match
  • Curtis Axel vs. Ryback - United States Championship Match
  • Sami Zayn & Sheamus vs. Kevin Steen & Fergal Devitt
  • WrestleMania 31 Outcome:
    Sami Zayn & Sheamus defeat Kevin Steen & Fergal Devitt (w/ Paul Heyman)

    Ryback defeats Curtis Axel (w/ Paul Heyman) to become the new United States Champion and get revenge on his former partner.

    Bad News Barrett defeats Christian & Dolph Ziggler to become the new IC Champion and solidify himself as one of the best Intercontinental Champions of all time.

    Bray Wyatt defeats Dean Ambrose so the feud between the two will continue.

    The Ascension defeats Randy Orton & Kane to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

    Seth Rollins defeats Triple H and gets revenge on him for the past few months of leading him down the wrong career path. Rollins becomes one of the most popular stars on the roster for standing up to and defeating Triple H.

    Roman Reigns defeats The Rock and proves to everyone that he can be a top star.

    Daniel Bryan defeats John Cena and proves that he is a better wrestler than Cena and that he is truly on his level.

    Cesaro dethrones the dominant Brock Lesnar to become the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion and solidifies himself as a top superstar.

    Final thoughts: I honestly think that this is the best way to book things over the next few months. I didn't give full storylines for The Shield members, Cena, etc until around WrestleMania season because the focal point of this article was the WWE Title picture, the US Title picture, Cesaro and Paul Heyman's clients. But as you can see by reading through this article, five new stars were introduced into important storylines (The Ascension, Zayn, Steen, Devitt), three former stars made their way back up the roster (Sheamus, Axel, & Ryback) and three new top main event stars were created (Cesaro, Roman Reigns, & Seth Rollins). I'm not claiming to know everything about the professional wrestling business, but I really believe this would be the best route for WWE to take. None the less, this is just pure fantasy booking and all for fun. So, I hope you enjoyed this article and be sure to tweet me your feedback @EthanPWT or @ThePWTruth on Twitter!

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