Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What to Expect from Pro Wrestling Truth in the Remainder of 2014

What to Expect from Pro Wrestling Truth in the Remainder of 2014

Hello everybody! There's been alot of stuff going on lately and there's also some exciting stuff coming up so I figured I'd write out a blog to keep you all updated.

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has read this blog since I started it back in January because a few weeks ago, it eclipsed 10,000 views. It's completely mindblowing for a guy like me. I never expected this blog to take off like it has so it means alot to know that so many people like reading my thoughts and analysis on pro wrestling. Thank you!

After seeing how many views I've garnered in the past 8 months, I decided to make a Twitter to help promote the site and keep people updated with everything that is posted here. So if you like Pro Wrestling Truth, please follow us on Twitter @ThePWTruth!

Now that I've covered some things that have happened in the past, let's look ahead to the future. There are alot of new segments coming to the blog, the first being a "Match of the Week" article. Each week, I will select a particular match and take a look back at it. This will give you, the reader of this blog, something new to check out on a weekly basis. The match picks will come from various companies such as WWE, ROH, TNA, PWG, CZW, and New Japan.

The next thing I would like to discuss is our year end awards/lists. Last year, the first ever Pro Wrestling Truth year end awards were released and they can be found here. This year, I want to make things even bigger.

As of now, I'm planning to release single awards in an article aptly titled "The 2014 Pro Wrestling Truth Awards". I will have awards for the following categories:

Overall Wrestler of The Year (WWE, TNA, Indies, New Japan)

WWE Superstar of the Year

TNA Wrestler of The Year

New Japan Wrestler of the Year

Indepedent Wrestler of The Year

Match of the Year Overall (WWE/TNA/Indies/New Japan)

WWE PPV Match of the Year

WWE TV Match of the Year

TNA Match of the Year

Breakout Star of the Year

Tag Team of the Year

Female Wrestler of The Year

I may add a few more select categories, but as of now those are the only ones set in stone. That isn't the only thing I'm planning to do as far as year end "Best of's" go though. I'm looking to create an array of Top 10 Lists including "Top 10 Matches of the Year" for multiple companies such as WWE, TNA, PWG, ROH, New Japan, and possibly others as well. I will have a separate list for each individual company. This is a big task, but with help from some friends on Twitter, I think I'll be able to make it happen. If possible, I may add some lists for other companies as well.

On top of lists featuring the best matches of the year from a variety of companies, I also plan to release a Top 10 List for the Best Wrestlers in each of the following companies: WWE, TNA, PWG and ROH. I also plan to make a Top 10 list ranking the Top 10 Indepedent Wrestlers of the year along with a Top 10 Tag Teams of the Year list and Top 10 Female Wrestlers of the Year list.

So, needless to say, there's alot to be excited about if you enjoy reading the insight and analysis that Pro Wrestling Truth provides. I hope for the viewership on this blog to continue to grow so be sure to spread the word about it and tell your friends to follow @ThePWTruth on Twitter! It's been a good year so far, let's hope it continues in the coming months with all the things we have coming up!

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