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TNA Impact Wrestling Review - September 3rd, 2014

TNA Impact Review - September 3rd, 2014

TNA has been on a roll as of late producing solid shows. In fact, Impact was better than WWE Raw last week. With that being said, the question going into this show for me was whether or not TNA would be consisent and deliver a good show for the second week in a row. I live tweeted this week's episode of Impact on the Twitter account I made for this blog a few weeks ago, @ThePWTruth. Be sure to follow that account to keep up with everything going on with this blog. I might end up live tweeting Impact each week on that account, but we'll see. None the less, let's get into this week's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling.

Bobby Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King open the show. MVP cuts a promo on Lashley being the toughest guy in the city when he's interrupted by Samoa Joe! Shit just got real! I've been a mark for Joe for years now so I was hyped to see what he had to say. From the get go, he got in the face of Lashley and laid out a challenge. Kenny King started running his mouth and recieved a right jab for his troubles. Lashley and MVP then attack Joe. It turns into a three on one assault before security comes out to pull them off of him. Lashley says he accepts Joe's challenge and we've got a Champion vs. Champion match set up for later in the night! Hype opening segment!

1) Gail Kim (c) vs. Taryn Terrell - Knockouts Championship Match
Here we have the fourth match between these two women. The first two were epic and the last one was ruined by The Beautiful People so I was interested to see what would happen here. Kim and Taryn had the same chemistry they've always had here and created a very entertaining match that garnered "Better Than Divas" and "This is Awesome" chants. These two redefine women's wrestling every time they face off as they always do something out of the ordinary. In this match, they did a spot where Gail Kim hit a neckbreaker on Taryn on the steel steps! That was sweet! This bout only lasted 10 minutes, if that, but it was still a highly entertaining match with alot of action. Not as memorable as their first two encounters last year, but definitely a good way to get this show going and display the great women's divison in TNA.

After the match, Indepedent Wrestling star Jessica Havok made her debut! She is known simply as "Havok" and she attacked both Kim and Terrell. Just as I say the Knockout's Divsion is great, TNA adds another fantastic talent to the roster. Can't wait to see what Havok brings to TNA. Maybe a three way at BFG? Kim/Terrell/Havok for the KO's Title? That's something I'd wanna see!

EC3 came out next and cut a promo on being pissed off with people. It was a great segment that reminded me of why I think EC3 is the future of TNA. The fans began chanting "CM Punk" and EC3's response was "Yes, I'd love to beat him too." Just quality stuff from EC3 like always. Rhino runs down and chases EC3 & Spud away. Rhino/Spud is scheduled for later in the night.

2) Gunner & Samuel Shaw vs. Magnus & Bram
This match features two of my favorite young stars in TNA, Bram & Samuel Shaw. With that being said, I was pretty interested in this bout. This was a solid tag team match that kept me entertained. Tension continues to build between Shaw & Gunner. Bram & Magnus emerge looking strong.

3) Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young - #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Title
Earlier in the year, Roode and EY had an outstanding match on Impact so I was excited to see them clash again. These two have always had good chemistry and that shined through here as we got some fantastic exchanges between the two as well as a close series of near falls. This wasn't as good as their previous encounter, but it was still a good TV match. Roode picks up the victory to become the #1 Contender!

4) Low Ki vs. Homicide vs. Manik vs. Zema Ion vs. Tigre Uno vs. Crazy Steve - #1 Contender's Match for the X Division Title
Another fun X division showcase here. Pretty similar to what we've been getting the past few weeks from the multi-man X Division matches. They're entertaining, but they're going to get redundant after a while so I hope TNA begins giving these matches more time in the future. None the less, this was an enjoyable match that was won by Homicide. I was hoping for a Manik victory, but I can't complain about the fact that we're gonna see Homicide and Samoa Joe hook up again soon.

After the match, James Storm and Sanada came out and beat up Manik before dragging him away. Very interesting stuff. Hopefully something is in store for Manik. I'm a big fan of his work in PWG under his real name, TJ Perkins, so I hope TNA decides to utilize him properly, he's a great talent.

Austin Aries calls out Sanada and James Storm when we get back from commercial. They come out and Storm reveals that he's planning to convert Manik just like he did Sanada! Now, THAT is interesting. Aries brings out former ECW/WWE star Tajiri, who is making his TNA debut, to take out Storm & Sanada! I popped for Tajiri running out because I've been looking at alot of his ECW work recently so it's gonna be cool seeing him compete with some young stars in the X Divsion. I'm loving the Storm/Sanada story much more than I thought I would. Can't wait to see what happens next with Manik joining their stable.

5) Rhino vs. Spud
Just a little comedy/squash match here. Spud plays his character perfectly even though I don't like him and he took his beating like a man here. EC3 leaves without even attempting to help Spud after Rhino defeated him.

6) TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley vs. TNA X Divsion Champion Samoa Joe
These guys got just under 10 minutes to work with so we didn't get an outstanding match, but it was good for what it was. The action was fast paced for the most part and although this was pretty short for a main event it was still enjoyable. Lashley picks up the win with a spear. Big victory for him.

Overall thoughts: For the second week in a row, TNA produced a better show than WWE. Some may argue that the overall product has been better for a month now and it's a solid argument to make. TNA continues to improve and I'm more interested in it now than I've been all year. Lots of intriguing stories going on, particularly the Storm/Sanada/Aries thing. Good show this week, if you missed it, I'd recommend checking it out.


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