Monday, November 17, 2014

ROH TV Review - November 16th, 2014 - Lethal/ACH II

The big draw going into this week's show is the highly anticipated rematch between Jay Lethal and ACH for the TV Title. Their 30 minute time limit draw was a MOTY candidate. Now, the question is, can they top it? Let's find out!

1) Roderick Strong, BJ Whitmer, & Adam Page vs. Caprice Coleman, Tadarius Thomas, & Will Ferrara
The Decade has been having problems lately so I was interested to see how things would turn out in this match. Once again, Adam Page jumped the gun by trying to bring a chair into the ring which in turn pissed Roderick Strong off. This led to some miscommunication between the two that ended up costing them the match. That aside, this was a very fun opening six man tag with alot of action.

Match rating - ***

After the match, the tension boils and Adam Page comes to blows with Roderick Strong before Page & Whitmer retreat. A match ends up getting made between Page & Roddy for Final Battle which is something I'm really looking forward to. Placing all this young talent like Page & Alexander against Roderick is a great decision.

2) Jay Lethal vs. ACH - ROH TV Title Match
This match got the entire final 30 minutes of this week's show and it was certainly well deserved after their last match. The action was pretty back and forth early on however things soon turned into Lethal's favor when ACH took a nasty fall outside of the ring and slammed his head on the announce table. Refs tried to take ACH out however he ran back into the ring to continue the match. Lethal is one of the best in-ring storytellers in ROH and he showcased that here in this match. ACH along with the commentators sold the head/neck injury perfectly which made for a huge big time feel when ACH fought back and gave Lethal a run for his money near the end. However, ACH wasn't able to overcome Lethal and was pinned after a Lethal Injection followed by a brutal DDT. As a whole, this match was great. Was it better than their previous encounter? I don't think so. This match told more of a story however I don't think it was the MOTY candidate that their 30 minute time limit draw was. That's not a damper on this match though because it was a fantastic and definitely worth a watch. Great main event!

Match rating - ***3/4

Overall thoughts: The stuff with The Decade was expected, but was still entertaining to see unfold. The real reason you should watch this show however is to see the Lethal/ACH match. As I mentioned before, in my opinion it wasn't on the level of their first match although it came extremely close. Regardless, if you enjoyed their 30 minute time limit draw, you will like this match so I recommend checking out this week's episode of ROH TV. Good show!

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