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CWF Mid-Atlantic World Wide: Episode 21 Review

Time for something different! I've only watched CWF once, but I'm in the mood for a change of pace and this past week's episode looks like a solid hour of pro wres so here we are.

Lee Valiant is the ring to begin the show. His opponent Arik Royal is headed down when Aric Andrews attacked him and threw him off the stage into the ring post. The opening contest of the evening has been disrupted completely. Or so I thought. The security and trainees get Andrews to the back and the match gets underway.

1) Lee Valiant vs. Arik Royal
The story here was basic, but quite good. Valiant goes right after Royal who was beaten down pre-match to take advantage of him. Royal, the powerhouse, battles back and tortures Valiant much to the delight of the crowd. Valiant got one or two flurries here or there as he hit an spear from the apron back into the ring and a sliced bread on the floor which created some separation between himself & Royal. Royal is able to make it back in the ring at the last second before being counted out. Valiant charges him and gets caught in powerbomb position.. BUCKLE BOMB IN THE CORNER! It's followed up by a sick kick that floors Valiant! It somehow only gets Royal a two count so he sets up in the corner for a spear. Valiant pulls the ref in front of him to cover up and Royal nails him. It was a pretty awesome ref bump, but Lord, the eventual spear that he landed on Valiant after some shenanigans was even better. They did some late 90's WWF stuff with a new ref coming down after Valiant hit his finisher, the homewrecker, and got a nearfall. Valiant gets into it with the same security guy from earlier when he tries to bring a chair into the match. He eventually gets back in the ring and the awesome spear I mentioned earlier happens. It turns him inside out and Royal picks up the win. Nicely executed stuff here.

Match rating - **1/2

2) Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling (c) vs. Worst Case Scenario (Ethan Case & Elijah Evans IV) - CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Title Match

This is the second WCS match I've reviewed this year. I'd say they're a hidden gem on the Indies right now as Ethan Case even defeated Ricochet in PWX's big X16 tournament to win the entire thing. That tells you what he and his partner Eli Evans are all about. Case is also the reigning Ultra J champion in this match. Trevor Lee & Chet Sterling come out to a huge pop as they showcase their charisma by Chet yelling "Daddy's home!" and Trevor saying a few words to the camera about how over they are. What a vast change from the last time I checked out CWF as Trevor was pretty reviled by the fans in a match against Rich Swann that I saw from the NC promotion last summer. I guess he's changed his ways and/or won them over. None the less, he & Sterling are defending the tag belts in this first time tag match. Apparently, they've met multiple teams prior in singles contests and other multi-mans. The contest starts off with a bang as the champions charge the challengers. After a flurry of offense from both teams, things settle into a pace that favors Worst Case Scenario. Case & Evans work over Chet Sterling for several minutes. They do a number of great tag teases which builds up the heat for Trevor's eventual hot tag. Sterling is FINALLY able to create some separation and is able to make the tag.

Trevor comes in to another big pop and starts cleaning house. This marks the start of an awesome closing sequence. Both teams busted out all their goods. Lee & Sterling hit a beautiful neck breaker/german suplex combination which I've gif'd for your viewing pleasure above. Case ends up with a bloody mouth from what I'm guessing was caused by the elbows he & Trevor threw at each other here. Speaking of elbows, Case went for one and Trevor caught it which allowed him to lock in an armbar that was only broken up due to Evans pushing Case onto them in a last itch effort to save the match. WCS starts setting up to finish things off with the killshot, Evans has Sterling up in suplex position WHEN HE ROLLS DOWN INTO AN INSIDE CRADLE! 1..2..3! THE CHAMPIONS RETAIN! I popped hard for that finish. This was a solid tag contest with Trevor & Chet's fire and the finish being the best parts. I'd say this is worth a look.

Match rating - ***1/4
After the match, The All Stars come out to throw in their bid for a tag title shot. Lee & Sterling look on as The Kamikaze Kid enters the ring behind them, seemingly for support. As soon as they turn their backs, he attacks them and lays in the boot. He unmasks to reveal himself as Walter Eaton! Looks like we've got a new rivalry on our hands, boys!

Brad Stutts is ringside to ask some fans who they think will win the CWF Rumble coming up. He then gives the spotlight to a former CWF Rumble winner, Mitch Connor. He says he just wants someone who doesn't do pre-match or post-match attacks like have happened tonight. He wants the anti-thesis to that to win the rumble. This brings out Aric Andrews who says that he understands Mitch is seen as untouchable, but he should understand that he doesn't care! OOOH! RIGHT HAND TO THE FACE! Andrews rolls Mitch into the ring and slaps him in the face before lining him up for something. He's pumping up in the corner as Mitch makes his way to his feet. Before anything can happen, Evan Banks makes the save and runs off Andrews.

3) Marcellus King (c) vs. Lance Lude - Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Match
Lude won the CWF Rumble last year on the same night that this event took place. Various things including an injury, kept him from cashing in on the title match opportunity that he earned thanks to this victory. Here, he gets that moment and clearly isn't going to take it lightly as he dropkicks the belt into the face of King as soon as the bell rings. This is followed by a huge dive to the outside. Lude continues laying in the aerial assault to the champion. He lines him up for a hurricanrana from the outside into the ring, but gets caught. King lifts him up..POWER BOMB ON THE RING APRON! That was nasty! Marcellus King is able to gain control and takes time wearing down the challenger. Power moves and throws run rampant as King dismantles Lude. The champion gets cocky and grabs the beard of Lude while heading up to the top rope. It comes back to bite him as Lude hits a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle. Lude has one more flurry left in him, so it seems. He goes for a snap dragonrana, but doesn't get all of it. This very well could've cost him the contest because he only got a two count and soon after, King would toss him up and catch him with a brutal elbow. King hits Lude with another one and the ref starts counting him. Lude keeps getting up so King covers him and is able to get the three count to retain his title.

Match rating - **1/2

Next week's episode of CWF Worldwide has already been posted on their YouTube Channel, it features the 30 man CWF Rumble!

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