Monday, October 26, 2015

ROH TV Review - Episode 214

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are at ringside to start the show. This will come into major play as the show goes on. I guess Corino's fluster last week made him need a week off.

1) Donovan Dijak vs. Moose
What even?!? This was bonkers. As I posted on Twitter when watching this, I want to know what these two were on because this was absolutely insane for a big man match. Dijak & Moose seemed to attempt to one up each other with every acrobatic manuever they could deliver. You had a chokeslam on the ring apron, a spring board moonsault to the floor, a step up spinning flip kick off the top rope, and so much more. HOT, action packed opener in which Moose picks up the W with a spear.

Match rating - **3/4

2) Cedric Alexander (w/ Veda Scott) vs. Dalton Castle
Dalton's entrance just doesn't seem right without the BOYS. Cedric is here with Veda and that speaks for itself if ya feel me. This was a bunch of fun, if I'm not mistaken, Castle & Cedric faced off a month or so ago on ROH TV in a lit match. This wasn't quite on that level, but it was fine for what it was. Castle wins.

Match rating - **1/2

Veda gets on the mic post match and goes off on Nigel about Cedric's leg injury. She says she's going to see Ring of Honor in the court room. Kevin Kelly is losing his shit and Nigel is stone faced.

THE DOUBLE CHAMP Jay Lethal has entered the building! He strolls down to the ring and boasts himself as the best wrestler in the world. Before he can continue, RODDY STRONG'S MUSIC HITS BAH GAWD! ROD DOG IS HERE! There's a weird chemistry between Roderick & Jay that has developed in recent months and I love it. The verbal exchange here turns intense quite quickly and results in Nigel announcing that Roddy doesn't get a World Title shot however he gets a TV Title shot in the future. Good stuff.

INSIDE ROH with the gorgeous Mandy Leon recaps the ACH/Sydal series which I enjoyed considering I've unfortunately missed all their matches. They look amazing so I need to make time for this. I'm so behind on graps!

Adam Cole with a pre-taped promo plugging his new shirt, get it today!


3) The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Matt Taven, & Michael Bennett) (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. ReDragon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) and Michael Elgin
This match was set up last week and IT KICKS OFF IN HOT FASHION AS THE BABYFACES CHARGE THE RING. The opening sequence is insane and great. I love the new ReDragon up & over into dive over the turnbuckle spot. I just saw it when re-watching NJPW stuff and it looks like they've decided to keep it since their match against The Bucks in August. O'Reilly follows it up just as he did at the G1 Finals show with a triangle choke in the ropes on Taven AND BIG MIKE DIVES OVER HIM ONTO THE REST OF THE KINGDOM! That boy is wild! ReDragon & Elgin get their shit in for a few moments after this. Powerbomb into cross armbreaker, stalling suplex by Elgin, etcetera. Kingdom eventually gets control by isolating Fish who makes separation via suplex into the buckles on Cole. Taven runs in and drop kicks Kyle off the apron, but Fish STILL GETS THE HOT TAG TO BIG MIKEEEE! He cleans house and gets into a forearm exchange with Bennett. Bicycle kick from Elgin, superkick from Bennett, FIGHTING SPIRTI, lariat to Bennett! Taven is in for a superkick, misses, LARIAT TO TAVEN! Meanwhile, Kyle is working that apron and TAG TO O'REILLY! Double ropkick on the tag champs and COLE RUNS IN TO ATTACK FROM BEHIND! He turns for the BAY BAY taunt and Kyle jumps on his back for a choke. Bennett breaks it up while FISH SPEARS COLE INTO THE BARRICADE ON THE FLOOR! ReDragon laces Taven with a ton of stuff then double team Bennett as well which obviously wows the crowd. The Kingdom get a chance to do a few team maneuevers before a buckle bomb followed by CHASING THE DRAGON gets Elgin & ReDragon the win. Pretty solid six man here.

Match rating - ***1/4

Cole sours the sweet moment for the babyfaces and nails them with title belts. O'Reilly is PISSED as Cole flees. O'Reilly gets on the mic with a furious promo calling Cole a sick son of a bitch. He looks directly at Nigel saying he saw what Cole did to him and he wants his revenge match tonight. Nigel obviously can't do that. BUT he can add Kyle to next week's main event so it's gonna be ADAM COLE VS AJ STYLES VS KYLE O'REILLY AND I'M GONNA DIE FROM MARKING OUT.

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