Thursday, October 1, 2015

WWE Smackdown Review - October 1st, 2015

Seth Rollins starts the show extremely pissed about the Kane incident from Raw. He calls out Kane and he doesn't come. After a few seconds, HE LIMPS OUT ON CRUTCHES! This split personality thing is so wonderful. Therefore, this segment was pretty funny to watch unfold, especially on Kane's end. Who would have thought a WWE Championship program in 2015 would be entertaining? Anyways, the main event for the night is announced. Rollins & New Day against The Dudley's & Kane, but ONLY if Corporate Kane is at ringside.

1) Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, & Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks, Naomi & Tamina

"OOOOH BABY MY FAVORITE PART OF THE NIGHT!" I'll let you guess who said that when this match began. On the other, more important hand, Sasha Banks is on television after a week or so away and that is something to be excited about. She starts off with a bang with a solid promo and stiff slap to Brie in return from the Bella sister threw of her own. Pretty awesome opening sequence to this match with some pretty stiff offense and great teamwork from Team BAD. The crowd seeming to be heavily into Sasha and her cohorts is just the icing on the cake. Nice pops for everything early on and it continues through the match because everyone here is pretty on point so they actually keep you interested. Naomi & Alicia Fox have a sweet exchange that leads to a stalemate and a hot tag for Sasha Banks. The closing sequence delivers in a great way to top off this already super fun match. A nearfall off Sasha's knee drop in the corner leads to a dramatic finish with Nikki going for her finisher, Tamina breaking it up, Sasha taking advantage and BANK STATEMENT BACK BREAKER INTO THE CROSSFACE! Brie crawls to try and break it up, but Naomi grabs her. TAMINA SUPERKICKS FOXY OUT OF HER SHOES! This forces Nikki to tap out. Good stuff here.

Match rating - ***

Backstage, The New Day get Seth Rollins into a good mood and they prance away singing a chant of his own.

Divas Champion Charlotte is getting interviewed by JoJo. Becky Lynch chimes in and the topic of discussion is Paige. She comes up and asks Becky to continue. Charlotte tells Paige that it's simple, she's either with them or against them. Paige walks off and comes face to face with Nattie. Things are getting heated.

Back in the arena - FEED ME MORE

2) Kevin Owens (c) vs. Ryback - Intercontinental Championship Match
Wake up boys, it's feeding time. I can't wait to watch Big Kev and The Big Guy beat the shit out of each other. Owens scurries out of the ring as soon as the bell ring. Ryback follows him and they fight a bit before he throws Owens back in the ring. The challenger gains a bit of an advantage before Kev tosses him into the ring post and nails him with a DDT for a nearfall as we go to commercial. Owens is still in control when we return. Senton, neckbreaker, the assault continues. What makes it great is that KO is doing his signature trash talking whilst doing so. It's nice to see him getting so much more comfortable in WWE. Owens wastes time mocking the Feed Me More chant and runs into a powerslam from Ryback which turns the tide. Shoulder blocks and MICHINOKU DRIVER FROM RYBACK! WHAT THE FUCK?! It only gets him a two count. Owens is getting up in the corner, Ryback approaches and gets chopped then STIFF SLAP TO RYBACK! DAMN! Ryback opens up on Kev in the corner, backs off and runs in and SUPERKICK FROM OWENS! That gets Owens a near fall. Owens goes for the pop up power bomb, but gets a spine buster instead. This is followed by a MEATHOOK! Ryback is unable to capitalize as Owens gets the ropes to stop him from hitting shellshock. The fight goes outside where a double clothesline floors both men. Ryback gets back in the ring at a count of eight and Kevin.. stops and gets himself counted out so he retains the title! This match got awesome near the end.

Match rating - ***

A post match breakdown sees Ryback get the upperhand and lay out the IC Champ with the shell shock.

STILL TO COME: Bray Wyatt addresses Roman Reigns

Hype for the upcoming MSG event takes up the next part of the show. I have no interest in Lesnar/Show so this is whatever. The video package is great as always. Atleast they're trying.

3) Neville & Lucha Dragons vs. Stardust & The Ascension
More trios action, yeahhhhhh! It's undoubtedly been King of Trios week in WWE TV and I'm not complaining. Neville, Kalisto, & Cara are a proficient team so here's to them keeping them together like this through the end of the year. Their opponents haven't had time to mesh, but on the surface, they blend together well too. This match exemplified all the things I said as Neville & Lucha Dragons looked AWESOME and fluent as you can ask for together. Unique combos and a standing shooting star press from Neville were the highlights on their side however Stardust and his boys looked better than they have yet here as Konnor hit a damn michinoku driver off the top rope on Neville which blew my mind. The Ascension had their most innovative offense set here that I've seen, as you can tell. Kalisto gets the hot tag and after some fast paced action, he pins one of the Ascension guys with his variation of the sliced bread. Fun match here. The action has been quite the delight tonight. Yes, I said that.

Match rating - **3/4

The "Bray Wyatt addresses Roman Reigns" segment happens. Wyatt, Harper, & Strowman are in the ring and before anything much is said, Roman Reigns comes down. They have a staredown and only four words are said - Hell In A Cell. I'd pay to see that! Wyatt screams "I hope you're willing to die!" as Reigns walks off.

The NXT All Star Panel featuring Triple H, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Seth Rollins, and others is airing again on the WWE Network after the show tonight.

4) Seth Rollins, Big E, & Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) vs. The Dudley Boyz & Kane
The Kane issue is addressed off the bat as the corporate version is sitting at ringside AND HE'S CLAPPING TO NEW DAY'S MUSIC OH MY GOD. Dudley's come out and Demon Kane no shows yet the match happens anyway. So, I guess this is technically a handicap match and The Dudley's don't seem to mind. This almost isn't even a match as it's more about the Rollins/Kane story. New Day gets their heat segment though which rules and Rollins joining in while Xavier plays the trumpet is the best. Rollins dives out of the ring and knocks down Corporate Kane which leads to him getting helped out. He turns around and smirks at Rollins at the top of the ramp which foreshadowed the inevitable. A minute or so later, pyro hits and Demon Kane comes out after Rollins who flees through the crowd. In the ring, The Dudleys hit the 3D on Xavier (I think), for the win. Post match, Kane chokeslams everyone, including his "partners", The Dudley Boys along with Big E & Kofi Kingston. Xavier is saved for last and he gets the tombstone piledriver in the center of the ring.

Match rating - **1/4


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