Sunday, October 25, 2015

WWE Hell In A Cell 2015 Predictions


1) Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, & Neville vs. Rusev, Sheamus, & Wade Barrett
These three on the pre-show, lol. In what world are we living? They tore it up with this same line up on Raw which saw Barrett sneak a victory over Ziggler. I have a sneaking suspicion that this match might not live up to their Raw battle due to possible time constraints. However, if they're given time to work, this could be the perfect kick off to the PPV. Either way, the baby faces will get their win back and return to wondering in the darkness with no direction.

Who I think will win - Ziggler/Cesaro/Neville

Main Show:

2) The New Day (c) vs. The Dudley Boys - WWE Tag Team Title Match
I was hyped on the prospect of this feud, but for some reason it feels like it has began to drag due to average booking. I would have loved to see more segments/promos between the two teams. None the less, we're here at their third (I think) meeting and I'm actually having a hard time picking a winner. Something tells me WWE wants The Dudleys to have one more reign as champs for the pure nostalgia while the other part of me doesn't want New Day to lose their steam. Then again, The Dudley's winning means New Day will likely get to dethrone them and become three time champs. But do we really want more New Day/Dudley matches for the next month or so? If it's building towards a TLC match at the TLC PPV, then yes. Yes, I do. So, Dudleys win the titles here, have a nostalgic run as champs one last time, then we get what I'm guessing will be a triple threat TLC match possibly also involving The Usos if they're cleared. In that match, New Day regains the titles by beating The Dudleys in their own match. It's the greatest rub that can also be seen as a sly victory because New Day still won't have a pin over the legendary duo. What to do between HIAC and TLC? I say throw out a six man tag for Survivor Series. New Day vs. Bubba, Devon & Spike? You betcha!

Who I think will win - The Dudley Boys

3) Charlotte (c) vs. Nikki Bella - WWE Divas Title Match

The Divas Revolution is still going along at a snail's pace. Sasha, Naomi & Tamina have been delivering the most consistent performances out of anyone and they aren't involved here so my interest is minimal. With the way things have been going though, I'm kind of expecting some odd booking. Paige is clearly in the midst of gaining an edge to her character and I'm hoping it doesn't lead to her interfering and costing Charlotte the title here. That's certainly a possibility though. Despite that, I'm going with Charlotte to retain.

Who I think will win - Charlotte

4) Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt - Hell In A Cell Match
Say what you will about the way these two have been booked. Say what you will about Ambrose, Harper, and company being snubbed from the PPV. Say what you will about this being uninteresting. This match WILL deliver regardless and in my opinion, could be the match of the night. Their first big meeting on Raw a month or so ago was awesome. Everything during the match and after it sold me completely on the rivalry. Reigns is constantly having something to prove which leads him to star making performances and I think this will be one of those. The match will be fantastic, I just hope it's not done in a too predictable manner because we all know Reigns is gonna win here. Therefore, what they need to accomplish is to make us believe it can go either way and I have faith that Wyatt & Reigns can do just that.

Who I think will win - Roman Reigns

5) Seth Rollins (c) vs. Kane - WWE Championship Match
Rollins wins. That's all I have to say, honestly. His pretty lackluster reign continues and Kane goes.. somewhere.

Who I think will win - Seth Rollins

6) Kevin Owens (c) vs. Ryback - Intercontinental Championship Match
KO & Ryback are more than capable of having a good match, but this is likely going to be in the shittiest spot on the card. It's going to be a cool down match and the crowd will probably be pretty flat so this won't be anything memorable. Big Kev retains, undoubtedly.

Who I think will win - Kevin Owens

7) John Cena vs. ?????? - United States Championship Open Challenge
I went into detail on this subject in a column earlier this week because the question is essentially not just who will answer the challenge. It's also who will dethrone John Cena as the US Champ with his upcoming sabbatical on the horizon? In my mind, there are two top choices under our current circumstances. I wrote about one in the article from last week. That one being Samoa Joe. He hasn't done much of note aside from winning the Dusty tag tourney in NXT and his debut needs to be saved for a PPV. This is the perfect time and perfect opponent, in my opinion. Two men who began on the same trail only to take COMPLETELY different paths are now back on the same path and clash for the US Title. It's an all out fight and after a ton of back & forth, Joe destroys Cena which writes him off for a month or two and sets up for the almighty Cena comeback to stop the Samoan monster. That's one option. The other option is Daniel Bryan. It's an option that is completely up in question due to rumors of him being cleared by doctors and not by WWE. I hope DB returns for this match only if it's safe for him and if it is, boy, what a moment this will be. Some people on the net are giving Bryan a hard time for his injuries which are beyond his control and it really irritates me. You LOVED him before his hard ships and now you turn on him when he's basically laying his livelihood on the line for you? UNBELIEVABLE. None the less, Bryan & Joe are my two top picks with a dark horse choice in the form of Sami Zayn who I'm not sure is even cleared to compete yet or not. However, if Zayn is ready, imagine him getting his win back over Cena and going into a title vs title feud with Kevin Owens. Just savor on that for a moment!

Who I think will answer the open challenge - Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan or Sami Zayn


8) Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - Hell In A Cell Match
Lesnar & Taker took their game up a notch at SummerSlam after their lackluster in-ring performance at Mania last year. Despite me not having a ton of interest in it, they were able to bring me into the feud with the brawl and ultimately, the match once it got started. Despite that, I'm still concered how this third meeting will go. Taker hasn't competed this regularly in years and I certainly hope they aren't putting too much on him. A cell match with Brock Lesnar isn't the most nice, easy match to work. I just hope he stays safe. Now, with that out of the way, onto the winner. Sigh. I have a BAD feeling that Taker takes this one and that is NOT what needs to happen. Brock doesn't need another loss. Of course, there's no shame in losing to Taker and he DID break the streak so Taker is due for getting his win back, but I just see Brock as the guy who runs through people and losing to an old, semi washed up Taker isn't a good visual, in my humble opinion. I think WWE is going to go the old Deadman route, regardless, though. So, Taker gets vengeance here in the Cell whether I like it or not.

Who I think will win - The Undertaker

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