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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Raw Review - September 23rd, 2002

WWE Raw 
September 23rd, 2002

The fallout from Unforgiven

1) Trish Stratus (c) vs. Victoria vs. Molly Holly - Women’s Championship Match 

Okay no cap this was good! Fast paced, crisp opener for the ladies and they threw everything out there. Stratus retains despite taking some rough bumps in this one. 

Match rating - **3/4 

Backstage, Booker & Goldust air a replay of Rikishi giving Bischoff the stink face last night to some of the locker room. Rico catches them and says he’s gonna tell the GM.

Rico finds Eric and gets chewed out before he tells Bischoff about Booker & Goldust.

Bischoff goes to the ring and calls out Booker only to get more jokes. So he cues Jamal & Rosey. Huge breakdown that sees Rico & Goldust also get involved. 

2) Jeff Hardy vs. The Big Show 
Prolonged squash. Show wins with the choke slam. Poor Jeff :( 

Match rating - *1/2

A look back at the Chris Nowinski/Tommy Dreamer bullshit. We come back from commercial and Dreamer shows up to Nowinski’s classroom and beats his ass. 

Jim Ross comes out to introduce Raw’s newest and I guess last signing since Vince “froze contracts” so no more trading at random between brands. It’s RANDY ORTON.

3) Randy Orton vs. Stevie Richards

Seeing Richards have the upper hand on Orton for more than 30 seconds was so weird considering how big of a star Orton became. But yeah, Richards controlled this for several minutes. Orton hit a huge crossbody and stuff and gets the win.

Match rating - *3/4 

The Union Underground performs the Raw theme song “across the nation” while Jazz, Stacy Keibler and other divas dance. 

Ric Flair is out to explain his actions. He said he wants to end his career like he started so he will be limousine ridin with the World Champion Triple H and show him how to be the man. Rob Van Dam shows up pissed as Flair cost him last night. Triple H runs down the ramp and attacks RVD before he can get to the ring. It turns into a 2 on 1 and Bubba Ray runs down to make the save for Van Dam.

RVD & Bubba Ray are fed up backstage. Bischoff makes a match for them against H & Flair later. 

4) Goldust vs. Chris Jericho

Goldust was on point in this. Jericho was meh. So yeah this wasn’t much to write home about aside from Goldust’s flurries. Jericho taps him out after a 6-7 minutes or so. 

Match rating - **

5) Kane & The Hurricane vs. Christian & Lance Storm 

What the hell!? Hurricane has jumped from Smackdown to Raw now apparently. Didn’t realize this was a title match until Kane and ..Cane win and what the hell. What a random pairing to go with and on their first night teaming together they knock off a long standing heel stable. Vintage WWE. Hurricane & Kane are new tag champs. 

Match rating - **1/4

Post match interview, Kane makes out with Terri and says he chose Hurricane as his partner bc he’s a freak just like him. God damn. 

UnAmericans are re-grouping in their locker room. Regal says they will come back stronger than ever and tells Coach to piss off. 

6) Booker T vs. Rico
Booker made this quick and painless thank god. Jamal & Rosey attack Book post match with a *in JR voice* FLAP JACK. Goldust runs down and god damn these four gonna fight all damn night long. JR’s call of all this is hilarious. Goldust pins Rico in the corner and JR says “I think he’s about to be neutered” as Goldy kicks him in the groin. Jamal & Rosey get the upper hand when all is said and done tho. 

7) Triple H & Ric Flair vs. Rob Van Dam & Bubba Ray Dudley 

Aye aye aye. This was pretty dull. Flair gets a cheap victory rolling up Bubba using his tights. The most exciting thing was the absurd post match with Bubba trying to powerbomb H through a table and missing. Van Dam does a crazy leg drop on H through the table to finish it off. I gotta go.... 

What a lackluster post PPV show.

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