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Ruthless Aggression Project: WWE Smackdown Review - September 12th, 2002

WWE Smackdown
September 12th, 2002

Replay of the Brock/Taker sit down table debate thing from last week.

TONIGHT: Angle vs. Mysterio and Billy & Chuck get married 

1) Brock Lesnar vs. Hardcore Holly

This starts out fire as fuck. Holly wrestles this like a fight and there’s legit struggle to start. He double leg take down's Lesnar through the ropes to the floor and lays in punches. This is good shit then Brock breaks Holly’s mf neck and it feels like they had to cut a little out and end this jawn. Brock wins with an F5. 

Match rating - **1/2 

2) Edge & John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero 
They send Cena out with Edge to avoid that awkward ass entrance lol. But this seemed even more awkward as Edge is prime and has his entire schtick more than down at this point and Cena is still wandering and finding himself. Anyway, Chavo and Eddie as a team rules. This was only 5 or 6 minutes, but was solid. Guerrero's win, but don't get the last laugh...

Match rating - **1/2

After the match, Eddie tries to make Edge take a stinkface/kiss Chavo's ass. But Edge reverses and shoves Eddie into Chavo's ass.

Eddie and Chavo are arguing about what happened. The Undertaker pops out of his locker room. Matt Hardy walks up and starts congratulating him on Sara's pregnancy. Hardy is being a punisher look usual and Taker gets mad and shoves him to the ground. Same basic bit as last week with Hardy saying Taker needs a mattitude adjustment. Waiting for the squash that I'm sure is coming. 

3) Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio

This was so gooooood. Angle tried to wear Rey down with holds and chokes. Rey kept fighting out and doing crazy flippy shit. Several near falls down the stretch with a great crowd. Rey seems to have the advantage and goes to the top rope, but Kurt catches him wITH AN ANGLE SLAM FROM THE TOP ROPE. FUCK. And that was alllll she wrote. 

Match rating - ***1/4

A limo arrives and apparently it's someone for the wedding later.

4) Chris Benoit vs. Rikishi

This doesn't last long before Kurt Angle runs down and causes a DQ. Rikishi ends up hitting the stinkface on Benoit which Kurt loves as he got hit with it last week and Chris made fun of him. 

Chris storms into Stephanie's office. He wants Angle at Unforgiven and Steph makes his wish come true. Matt Hardy wants Undertaker, and she gives him the match later tonight. 

It's wedding time. Admittedly forgot to review this show from this point onward and just realized it weeks later so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. Billy & Chuck have their wedding, but it turns out Eric Bischoff is the officiator. He rips off his make up/mask and stuff and Jamal & Rosey come down and crash the party. The roster runs down to save Steph after she eats a slam.

5) Nidia vs. Torrie Wilson

Torrie wins with a neckbreaker at 1:40. 

6) The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy

This is all about what happens at the end of the match as Brock Lesnar lays hands on Undertaker's pregnant wife and says "life's a bitch". This feud got personal super quick. Lesnar and Paul were ringside for the 'match' and went backstage after being thrown out. Heyman starts trying to "reason" with Sara, asking how Taker will support her after being beaten so badly by Brock. This leads to Taker running in and attacking Paul, Brock comes in with a chairshot and does the "life is a bitch" bit with his hand on Sara's stomach. Wow.

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