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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - October 3rd, 2002

WWE Smackdown
October 3rd, 2002

God I love Steph. Opening video pack hyping up tonight. Edge faces Angle, Benoit faces Mysterio, AND WWE TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT STARTS TONIGHTTTTTT. New titles baby. This rules. 

1) Eddie & Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry & Rikishi - Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match 
Eddie & Chavo together continue to be superb. This was short and sweet. Eddie & Chavo isolate Henry and work his leg and the tag rules so fucking well. So much sly rudo shit. Luring Rikishi in, just to use it to their advantage as Chavo smashes Henry’s leg with a chair and Eddie locks a sharpshooter and Henry submits. 

Match rating - **1/2

Torrie Wilson walks into the arena with her father. She wishes Billy & Chuck luck in the tag tournament before Dawn Marie walks up and introduces herself and awkwardly wishes her luck in the bikini contest later. 

Brock and Paul are watching tape of him beating down Taker last week. Paul says they are gonna be forced to giving Taker another match and it’ll have a stipulation. Matt Hardy walks up with his bullshit. He takes on Taker next. 

2) Matt Hardy vs. The Undertaker - Falls Count Anywhere Match 

So this was the most enjoyable thing out of this Hardy/Taker series. Taker throws Hardy around ringside. The fight goes into the crowd then backstage where Brock attacks Taker and SELLS TAKER’s DEFENSE SO WELL. But Brock gets the upper hand back and allows Hardy to pin Taker. Brock hits Taker with a propane tank post match. 

Match rating - **1/2

3) Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) (c) vs. Crash Holly - Cruserweight Championship Match

Noble wins with a roll up after Crash gets his stuff in and seemingly puts Noble on the rocks for a few minutes. Nothing special here, just routine Jamie Noble. 

Match rating - ** 

Angle is backstage and says he’s perfect and that’s why Benoit took the fall to Mysterio last week and he didn’t. Edge walks up and says Angles bald head tells him he’s not perfect. Angle says he has been waiting for this day and sucker punches Edge before he heads to the ring for their match. 

4) Kurt Angle vs. Edge

This was interesing. They worked this like an epic. Slow start with Angle taking over and working the ribs. It breaks down and Angle throws Edge into the ref. Another ref comes down for a three count out of a cradle pin. The refs disagree and the match is restarted and they go into an actual high impact finishing sequence which is good, Edge still sells the ribs and the false finishes are good. Benoit walks down during this. Angle tries to bring a chair. Benoit grabs it and Angle swings it at him, but hits the ropes and it bounces back into his face allowing Edge to hit the spear for the win.

Match rating - ***

Angle is pacing through the backstage area looking for Benoit. He goes into the locker room and finds him AND CHARGES. Pull apart with Cena and some other guys holding Angle and the Guerrero's holding back Benoit. Steph comes in screaaaming and says they are teaming up next week for the tag title tournament and she is gonna force them to get along. If they don't, they are suspended for the next year without pay LOL that is so extra but I love it. 

Heyman is gassing up Brock when Hardy walks up and talks about how he beat Taker again on his own. The whole delusional schtick. Hardy says if Taker can't go at No Mercy he'd be his replacement against Brock. Brock & Paul laugh him off. 

5) Rev. Devon Dudley & Farooq vs. Billy & Chuck

Thank god, Devon is with someone that isn't Batista. This pairing seems random at first, but this match actually has some fire behind it. Billy slanders Farooq for teaming with Devon and gets a mic to the face. This match keeps that pace and Devon & Farooq get the somewhat surprising win.

Match rating - **1/2

Torrie & Dawn Marie bikini contest is next. Dawn showed off her bikini to Torrie's dad beforehand and got a compliment so I guess this matter is getting.. personal? None the less, Torrie wins because it's up to the fans to vote this week and they love her. Dawn knocks her on her ass post-match.

Backstage, Steph announces to Lesnar and Heyman that the title match with Taker at No Mercy will be Hell In A Cell despite Undertaker's broken hand injury that resulted from their attack earlier.

6) Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio

This was super fun, just as you'd expect from these two. Power/grappling vs. speed. Benoit tries to break Mysterio down. Mysterio counters onto his feet out of a suplex and hits some offense, eventually leading to the 619. Benoit ducks the west coast pop. Angle comes down and basically costs Benoit the match by bouncing his neck off the ropes Smackdown vs. Raw video game style. Rey gets the win.

Match rating - ***1/4

Post-match, Angle and Benoit brawl to hype next week's tag match that they were forced into with the decree that they have to get along or be suspended. 

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