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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - September 26th, 2002

San Diego, California 
September 26th, 2002 

Commentators - Michael Cole & Tazz

Replay of Rikishi disguised as the lesbian woman at Unforgiven and booting Bischoff before delivering the longest stink face of all time. 

1) Rikishi vs. Chavo Guerrero 

I was dreading this on paper but it turned out pretty painless. Chavo tried to do a stink face of his own and got embarrassed as Rikishi countered and Chavo couldn’t even get his pants up until minutes later. Chavo resorts to using the camera again like last week but Rikishi boots him and the camera and gets the win and some payback. 

Match rating - **1/4 

Torrie Wilson is getting ready backstage for the upcoming bikini contest.

Later tonight - Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero in a No DQ Match !!
Tazz hosts a bikini contest between Nidia and Torrie Wilson. Nidia basically embarrasses herself with a terrible dance routine and drops her gum and puts it back IN HER MOUTH. Torrie is Torrie. Billy & Chuck are the judges which kinda doesn’t make sense but whatever. Torrie wins. Billy & Chuck celebrate with her, but Jamie Noble comes out pissed. He’s got Tajiri with him and challenges Billy & Chuck to a match for being so mean to Nidia. 

2) Jamie Noble & Tajiri (w/Nidia) vs. Billy & Chuck (w/ Torrie Wilson) 

Noble & Tajiri somehow get the upper hand early and work over Billy and his leg which is a logical strategy. Chuck ends up getting the hot tag to clear house and the baby faces win. Torrie & Nidia brawl post match, but it ends with Torrie spanking Nidia. 

Match rating - **1/2 

Funaki reluctantly interviews Brock Lesnar backstage. He asks him if he’s gonna give Undertaker a rematch and Brock says he will answer it publicly in the ring.

Steph is at her god damn desk on the phone when big Kurt Angle walks in wanting a rematch with Benoit. YES please. Well, we don’t get it but we get something that could be even better - Benoit vs. Angle vs. MYSTERIO tonight. 

Funaki comes out for the Brock stuff. He makes the mistake of bringing the chair Taker hit Brock with on Sunday and Brock beats the shit out of him.

Dawn Marie backstage tells Torrie she should have a bikini contest with someone who has something to offer next time like her.

3) Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero - No DQ Match

Another insanely good match between these two. What a fucking series. They start off brawling, but don't go crazy with the DQ stip. Ladders get introduced and we get a number of jaw dropping spots that still make me mark out to this day. This is one match from 2002 that I have seen and it definitely holds up. Eddie was a class act and really knew how to deliver something out of the ordinary as this actually felt like a grudge match and not a spotfest. Eddie even shows some color for the finish with Edge hitting the Edgecution on him off a ladder for the win. Awesome match.

Match rating - ****

Vintage No Mercy commercial airs which shows kids dressing up as different wrestlers to go trick or treating and ends with Kane chokeslamming a dude who won't give them candy. NO MERCY is October 20th!

Badass backstage interview with Chris Benoit hyping the triple threat match later.

Matt Hardy is showing Shannon Moore clips of his match with The Hurricane last week. Hardy says he beat him so bad he had to jump ship to Raw. Hardy says he made Taker run from him at Unforgiven and will again tonight, Moore questions him and Hardy says he will show him tonight. Brock also overheard him say Taker running had nothing to do with him so I'm sure that's a tease for a match next week or something.

Clips from the WrestleMania XIX announcement press conference and god damn it ruled. Mania in Seattle on March 30th. Taker vows to be 11-0, Kane says the freaks will reign at Mania, Jericho screeches, and a bunch more good stuff. 

4) The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy

Taker destroys Hardy. Thank god. Notable stuff happens post-match.

Before ref's hand is even down for 2, Brock is running down. Soon as the bell rings he's attacking Taker and lays it on thick. Taker bleeds profusely as Brock stands and watches before leaving. Back from commercial, they show footage of Taker staggering and struggling to get to his feet and refusing help in the back. 

5) Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio

This is another match I remembered/have already seen. I remember in like 2005, I got the Rey Mysterio "619" DVD and this match was on it so this was a nice flashback. Benoit & Angle basically keep throwing Rey out so they can go at it, but he keeps flying back in. Eventually their laser vision focus on each other costs them and Rey gets the win. Lots of batshit crazy stuff from Mysterio in this. Huge upset victory for him in a fun ass spotfest. 

Match rating - ***1/2

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