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Ruthless Aggression Era Project: WWE Smackdown Review - December 19th, 2002

WWE Smackdown
December 19th, 2002
Tampa, Florida 

Replays of Angle winning the World Title from Big Show at Armageddon. 

The new WWE Champion Kurt Angle opens the show. He immediately calls Brock Lesnar to the 
ring to thank him for the help at Armageddon in fending off Heyman. Angle then offers Brock the dream match everyone wants to see - Angle vs Lesnar for the WWE Title!!! It’s cool seeing how this feud series started having only seen their individual big matches. Angle says he can have his title shot next week because tonight he has a scheduled match against Chris Benoit. 

Big Show threatens Paul Heyman to fix what happened at Armageddon and literally his him by the face pushed up against the lockers. Damn I bet Paul is regretting ever aligning with Big Show. It made zero sense on any front anyway. 

1) Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chavo Guerrero) vs. Billy Kidman 
Awesome sub 5 minute match. Like literally soooo fucking fun. Eddie goes apeshit and hits a huge sit out powerbomb on Kidman for the win to spice things up from his normal formula. Chavo had some extended interference here so I’m expecting the story between him & Kidman to continue off this.

Match rating - **1/2

Matt Hardy is in Stephanie’s office with a black eye. Steph is concerned. Matt says his “MF’ers” (Mattitude Followers) swarmed him wanting autographs and he got a black eye. Matt has a match against Brock tonight and is... excited to get revenge on Brock for throwing him through a wall weeks ago. 

2) John Cena (w/ B2) vs. Chuck Palumbo 

Sorta problematic Cena rap promo to start. Cena & Palumbo have a harmless little match. Cena wins with a roll through pinning combo. Cheap win for the heel(s). Rikishi attacks Cena & B2 post match for a huge pop.

Match rating - **

Next, they spend another whole ass five minutes recapping the Torrie/Dawn bullshit. Followed by a Torrie Wilson sit down interview. Torrie says her father broke her heart and he’s the only person she’s disappointed in, not herself. 

Her father, Al, and Dawn Marie are out to the ring next

3) Brock Lesnar vs. Shannon Moore (w/ Matt Hardy) 

This was supposed to Brock vs. Matt, but Matt got “something in his good eye” on the way to the ring soooo Shannon replaced him and bumped around like an idiot and made this possibly the greatest Brock squash of the year dear lord. Post match, Brock gets his hands on Matt anyways.

Kurt Angle hits the ring again next and he reveals that he hired Paul Heyman as his manager before Armageddon... what? This whole thing just gotta hella confusing and sorta dumb. Heyman comes out and talks about their plan they’ve had orchestrated since before Armageddon. Big Show comes out pissed thinking he’s being dropped like Paul dropped Brock, but Paul says he isn’t dropping him and that the three of them are a team and have an insane amount of leverage. Paul then makes Angle vs Show for the title for next week since he’s postponing the Angle/Lesnar match. This all is kinda dumb, but everyone involved is so entertaining that it’s enjoyable. Herman’s two clients fight over the title next week because either way it’s a win for the group and helps them keep the title from Lesnar. 

5) Nunzio & Jamie Noble (w/ Nidia) vs. Bill Demott & Crash 

No love for Bill Demott in this house, chief. He did deliver an insane beating to Nunzio & Noble here though. He & Crash win as a result. Demott beats up Crash after the match. 

Match rating - **

6) Edge vs. A-Train

Okay so rematch here from quite the little conte at at Armageddon. And man idk if Edge has just become that great of a face in peril at this point or if Albert is just that good of a power house or both because this was so good. Edge fights from underneath all match and the crowd is into it. Albert is great on top, but Edge nails him with a spear to win when all is said and done. 

Match rating - **3/4

7) Kurt Angle (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Chris Benoit 

STRONG match and segment to close the show. Angle & Benoit are always good together, but this felt like it was building to an awesome match until the DQ finish came. But it made sense and ruled so I can’t complain. Show attacks Benoit, then 

Match rating - ***

BROCK RUNS IN TO A HUGE POP AND THROWS SHOW WITH A BELLY TO BELLY. THEN ONE FOR ANGLE. THEN HE GEABS PAUL HEYMAN !!! He gets Heyman up for an F5, but it’s broken up and Angle & Show double team Lesnar. Heyman taunts Brock with the WWE Title and says he will never hold it again and that he hates his “stinkin guts”. Great show closing angle I’m really stoked on all of this coming out of this episode. 

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